I saw this at a Barnes and Noble….on one of the days I wrote about judging. Coincidence? FYI…if anyone wants to get me a gift….there you go…
As I now live my life by random quotes scattered around my apartment…peppermint oil in the diffuser this week
Lemon, cucumber, mint and ginger
I love brunch more than any other meal. Croque Madame is at top of the list for favorite foods
This is a bistro in my neighborhood. With tables in the street, I almost felt like I was in Paris having a leisurely meal.
This weeks flowers…

46 thoughts on “Highlights 7/19

      1. I have an entire bag of essential oils. πŸ™ˆ
        I can’t live without my peppermint, lavender and lemon oils. They’re so versatile and useful in so many ways. 😌
        Oh, and I can’t forget tea tree for its germ fighting properties.
        Enjoy. πŸ™ƒ

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  1. I’m not so sure about the mint and ginger but cucumber and lemon sound great. Love those quotes. I may have to write them in my planner. Now I want eggs for breakfast. Love the color of those flowers. Great highlights. Thanks for sharing them.

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  2. One of the few plus sides to lockdown is dining tables in the street the consequence to hygiene! As you know I am addicted to peppermint infused ‘tea’, your lemon cucumber mint and ginger drink I guess is served chilled?

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      1. The first time we ate in the middle of a street it was bizarre. A month later it’s normal. It’s the minds ability to adapt to anything….whether adapting means you like it or not….

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  3. I just discovered Haruki Murakami this summer. Kafka on the Shore is filled with those little jewels of wisdom, like this post. “Happiness is a perspective, not a pursuit.” I always try to remember this on my sad days.

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