Let’s see…

I am grateful for roof decks, the one on my building as well as others. Roof decks have allowed me to spend socially distant outside time with my friends and neighbors, and has allowed my daughter the opportunity to hang out with friends. We all need to be able to talk to others during these challenging times…

23 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday July 18

  1. Love your gratitude posts! Do you mind if I steal it? 🙂 Like I heard again this week on the radio, imitation is one of the best forms of flattery 😉 DM

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  2. I’ve always envied New York roof decks. I’ve never been on one, but seen them in so many movies. If you know of one where members of the public can go (eventually) like a bar, is love to hear about it…

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  3. The look like good areas for meeting and watching the locals. I always enjoyed when I worked with Barry Farber and visited the Apthorpe Building in Manhattan. I always felt so protected and safe when the gates closed. Although everyone seemed to watch the courtyard when I met a date or a friend there! I miss a front porch in Florida but we have a back porch. Not keen on the neighbor watching me though. LOL.

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