Ok- I know I made some brains hurt earlier in the week, so I went easier on you the latter part…Alas…next week is fry your brain week, so come to my posts with the intents to be….confused….

But for today…Friday faves….join in any way you like!!

  1. Favorite Baseball Team: NY Mets (who I just want to say are undefeated on July 17…)
  2. Favorite Thing About School: When my daughter is actually at school
  3. Favorite Shoes: My black suede puma sneakers…if sneakers are not shoes, then my knee high black boots….if neither boots nor sneakers are shoes then my black ballet flats
  4. Favorite way to communicate: email/text (I hate talking on the phone)
  5. Favorite Asian Dish: Anyone that knows me knows that I love all Asian food except sushi. So favorite dish is tough…but I will say the meal I most crave from my favorite Chinese place. Han Dynasty (when you look at their website it reads handy nasty) is what they call Dry Pepper Style chicken and Dan Dan noodles…
  6. Favorite Scary Movie: I don’t love the genre- but I’ll go with Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein, followed up by the original Frankenstein
  7. Favorite Disco Song: I Will Survive
  8. Favorite Place to go with Family: hmmmm- As I’ve seen too much of family lately I’d like to say no where…but…I do love our family vacations, so I’ll say anywhere we are discovering for the first time
  9. Favorite Reptile: Geico Gecko
  10. Favorite Funny Movie: The Producers (the original version with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder- loved Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane on stage but their cinematic version just did not cut it) Some Like it Hot a very close second

24 thoughts on “Friday Favorites July 17

  1. 1. Baseball…well sports again, so no fav. My brothers is the Cincinnati Reds and I did get drug to some of those games as a kid. I read a book and ate hotdogs!!!!
    2. School…I loved dress up day as a kid. We wore uniforms and occasionally had a day where we could where what we wanted. Well, no shorts, jeans, low cut shirts, short dresses or skirts…etc.
    3. Shoes…My Merrill hiking boots. I love these because if they are on, I am hiking!
    4. Communicate…in person, second choice is on phone.
    5. Asian Dish…I don’t care much for Asian but I do like a Korean BBQ taco!
    6. Scary Movie…I haven’t watched one in a long time, but I used to like the old black and white ones of Dracula.
    7. Disco Song…I will survive is mine too. Kind of my theme song.
    8. Place with Family….I have always liked family vacations, although the kids are all grown now and don’t have time. Hopefully we will eventually take grandkids…..first grandkid is on the way Aug 24!!!!
    9. Reptile….I like the big dinosaur with the tiny hands. Cant think of his classification now.
    10. Favorite funny movie….hmm that is tough. I liked “Just Go With It”

    Thanks for these! I do enjoy your Friday Favorites. Love seeing what you and others write!!

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    1. I love to hear people’s random likes and dislikes! It’s stuff that we never think to ask, but is really so fun!! Korean bbq awesome. Old black and white scary movies are awesome! Grandchild!! Yay!!!

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  2. • Favorite Baseball Team: Can’t do this as I am not a sports fan. But I do like figure skating and ice dancing. Does that count as a sport?
    • Favorite Thing About School: Aw, those times are so long in the past and my kids are all adults now. I guess I will say the social aspects as that is what stands out most in my memories, though I really did love learning too.
    • Favorite Shoes: Sketchers – any sketchers!
    • Favorite way to communicate: Through the written language in whatever form it may take.
    • Favorite Asian Dish: Chicken fried anything
    • Favorite Scary Movie: Like you, I am not a fan of this genre. I absolutely hate the feeling of fear. So, I will take a pass.
    • Favorite Disco Song: She works hard for the money
    • Favorite Place to go with Family: Anywhere there’s water, but preferably ocean beaches near small towns
    • Favorite Reptile: Iguana
    • Favorite Funny Movie: Thirteen going on thirty

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  3. How ABOUT those Mets?!!

    Let’s hope they have a season and Jacob DeGrom pitches them into October. I’m a Yankees fan but I’ve always had a soft spot in my baseball heart for the Mets. My grandfather was a Mets fan and we’d go to the old Shea Stadium to take in games. He didn’t speak English and I wasn’t fluent in Spanish, but all that mattered was a ball game.

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  4. Love the way you say ‘join in any way you like!’

    6. Favourite scary movie: Without question William Friedkin’s The Exorcist, I watched the re-release on a large screened movie theatre and it scared the living **** out of me! A brilliant movie yet being the atheist that I am, I had trouble believing the devil incarnate exists and the reported Catholic church’s actual exorcisms ever worked…………. still lol on the positive side I remember leaving Oxford’s cinema scared witless and having my beliefs challenged, no bad thing!

    10. Favourite funny movie: Continuing my thoughts of Christian religion, you’ve just reminded me I haven’t watch Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ in ages and the funniest film ever made bar none, each carefully crafted scene pokes fun at all organised religion and again questions my belief set?…………. lol all very opiniated musings I know 😀 .

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