Pedicure…2020 style
Haircut…I’m so not good at this selfie thing
You can’t really tell, but she’s using a tape measure to measure distance between tables
Pina Colada Day
My daughter took this picture…somewhere in the west village…

47 thoughts on “Highlights….July 12

  1. These moments brought to you by sanity, calmness, peacefulness and serenity. That you for reminding us that there is still an ‘out there’ out there.

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  2. Love the advice from July 6. So true and it’s how I try to live. Cute hairdo. I’ve never had a pedicure and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t start now. Love that shot your daughter took. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  3. Your daughter took a great picture of the empty streets and a beautiful sunset. Thanks for sharing your photos. Sometimes they tell so much without words especially the lady measuring the distance between the tables.

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  4. Haircuts, I have to admit, aren’t really my thing. However, yours is looking good – it must be nice to get out for one and pamper yourself after lockdown. I’m sure I’d enjoy one if I had hair. 🙂

    That is a wonderful shot of the sun shining down the street.

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    1. Yes I did. I’m taking baby steps to trying to get back to normal. There’s actually some sort of syndrome where people will be afraid to get back to “normal”. The cases of ptsd and agoraphobia are going to be huge. I’m going to take calculated risks. Wear a mask, wash my hands a billion times, but live as much as possible

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      1. My salon had plastic between client and technician, plastic between chairs and they alternated chairs. Temperature taken. Plastic baggies in pedi sink. Gloves. Had to give our names and numbers for tracing checks. It was well managed. But…I get it…


  5. YAY for you! A new ‘do!
    Strange to say, but this post felt peaceful…I’m glad for that as I’m thinking it reflects a peace you might be feeling within yourself right now.
    And that’s a good thing.
    ps- margarita day is way passed, darn, missed it!

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  6. I’m getting my first haircut since February 24th tomorrow. My hair gal lives about a half mile away so she is coming to my house and we’ll do the dead in my back yard. Although my husband keeps saying how much he likes my longer locks, I’m so excited to have an inch (or two, or three) removed. Maybe I’ll be brave and try a selfie too… except I’m never happy with the way they turn out.

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    1. Never happy with selfies either…not like I take many! My hair grows like a weed and I hadn’t had it cut since February. I’d taken to wearing it totally pulled back in a pony tail

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