Back in 1978 or 1979, I attended my first concert. Charlie Daniels Band. “Devil Went Down to Georgia” still makes me sing along and smile…

Charlie passed this week, so I am grateful for the memories he provided me.


19 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday July 11

  1. I think it is funny that we mark certain parts of our life by music. I remember what music played at my proms, when I met my husband, what we played as our first dance etc. Music is the constant and a thread that holds it all together.

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  2. I liked “Drinkin’ My Baby Good-bye” and “Long Haired Country Boy”. Truthfully, there wasn’t a song I didn’t like. But of course “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” will always be #1.

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  3. That is actually one of the songs my daughter is performing to. When I heard he passed it was so incredibly eerie how may pieces of this performance now fit what’s going on in the world when all the song choices were made way back in December.

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