Welcome to Friday favorites, where I try to remember that Friday is indeed different than the other days of the week….Copy to your own post, put your answers in the comments, have fun with my answers! Remember, technically the weekend begins today…

  1. Favorite Basketball Team- Villanova Wildcats, though I will give a little YAY to the Georgetown Hoyas
  2. Favorite Teacher- In sixth grade I had an amazing teacher Mr. Hill. I still remember things he talked about in history. He was tough and no nonsense, and I totally appreciated this
  3. Favorite Make up I Can’t Live Without- eye liner
  4. Favorite Website- hmmm….the website I go to most often would have to be Barnes and Noble. I don’t know if I have a real favorite. I’m assuming apps are  different than websites
  5. Favorite Kind of Sushi- I’m not a fan of fish in general, raw or otherwide, but I do like the cucumber avocado roll…
  6. Favorite Cartoon- Josie and the Pussycats
  7. Favorite Boy Band- The Beatles (sorry- four guys and music….and one of their songs was simply she loves you yeah yeah yeah)
  8. Favorite Beach-Bora Bora was the most amazing place ever, and though I don’t remember the beach, I’d say any beach there
  9.  Natural Disaster- Ok- I got this list from pairedlife.com, and I’ve just answered all the questions no matter how silly I thought they were. But this is just stupid… because really- is any natural disaster good or a favorite….
  10. Favorite Hockey Team- NY Islanders

32 thoughts on “Friday Favorites July 10

  1. Favorite Basketball Team- Golden State Warriors, because I hope coach Steve Kerr will run for president one day. No joke. He’s brilliant.
    Favorite Teacher- French teacher Mr. Mustillo. Very European and courtly, extremely difficult, people were afraid of him because he was so strict and expected so much
    Favorite Make up I Can’t Live Without- Store-brand lip balm, 99 cents.
    Favorite Website- NYT.com
    Favorite Kind of Sushi- Don’t eat it much. Can’t really name any of them. Maybe crab roll?
    Favorite Cartoon- Rocky and Bullwinkle.
    Favorite Boy Band- The Stones back when they were a boy band
    Favorite Beach-Seal Beach, California
    Natural Disaster- ha! My hair qualifies as a natural disaster in this COVID era
    Favorite Hockey Team- NY Rangers

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  2. Favorite Basketball Team: Can I change it to football? I don’t have a BB team. Football…KC Chiefs.
    Favorite Make up: Mascara
    Favorite Teacher: My high school graphics arts teacher, Mr. Bradshaw. We’re now friends on FB!
    Favorite Website: I seem to hit Kohls.com a lot.
    Favorite Kind of Sushi: Not a fan.
    Favorite Cartoon: Anything with Sylvester the cat (Loony Tunes)
    Favorite Boy Band: The Beatles. I was in luuuv with Paul as a tween!
    Favorite Beach: Anything on St. Thomas or St. John, US Virgin Islands.
    Natural Disaster: I’m with you….this is just stupid… because really- is any natural disaster good or a favorite….
    Favorite Hockey Team: Not a fan of hockey.
    Thanks for the Friday fun! Hope you have a spectacular weekend. xoxox

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  3. *Favorite Basketball team….Not into sports so no clue
    *Favorite Teacher…Sister Mary Ann in 4th-6th grade. She was fun, energetic and shared the same birthday as me.
    *Makeup-foundation, seems my skin isn’t. as even toned as it once was, although my summer tan is helping!
    *Favorite Website….Stitch Fix….and I wonder why I can’t slim down my closet!
    *Favorite Sushi…I don’t do seafood.
    *Favorite Cartoon…Scooby Doo
    *Favorite Boy Band….that’s tough. Probably the Beatles
    *Favorite Beach… Balos in Crete
    *Natural Disaster…Well it certainly is not pandemics.
    *Hockey Team…yeah, the sports no clue answer again!!

    You have a great weekend!! I am adding a favorite to the list…favorite way to spend the evening…with my kids! Having a social distancing backyard cookout tonight with my youngest daughter and her girlfriend. Haven’t done much of anything with them since the Covid so I haven’t been this excited in months!!!!!!

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  4. Favorite Basketball Team- NOPE! The sound of the shoes squeaking on the floor makes me hate basketball.
    Favorite Teacher- Elizabeth McCullough
    Favorite Make up I Can’t Live Without- mascara
    Favorite Website- computer usage: youtube phone app usage: Instagram
    Favorite Kind of Sushi- I don’t eat sushi
    Favorite Cartoon- MLP:FiM
    Favorite Boy Band- Vampire Weekend (technically there are no girls in this band)
    Favorite Beach-Barbados, the Caribbean side
    Natural Disaster- Um…?
    Favorite Hockey Team- C! A! P! S! Caps Caps Caps!

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  5. Favorite Basketball Team – Well baseball is really my game but I’ll say the Golden State Warriors cos they’re the home team.
    Favorite Teacher – Had a history teacher in college who was terrific. Used a lot of special effects and at that time it was unusual.
    Favorite Make up I Can’t Live Without – I don’t wear makeup.
    Favorite Website – Any of the scrapbook-related ones.
    Favorite Kind of Sushi – I like Philadelphia roll or California roll.
    Favorite Cartoon – TV or newspaper? I watch some Family Guy and like Pearls Before Swine in the paper.
    Favorite Boy Band – BACKSTREET BOYS
    Favorite Beach – I’ve only been to the ones on the West Coast so those.
    Natural Disaster – Really?
    Favorite Hockey Team – Gonna say the Sharks because, again, baseball is my favorite but last year I actually went to a couple of hockey games because our daughter became a fan.

    Happy Friday to you, LA. Thanks for sharing some more about yourself.

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  6. Harlem Globetrotters
    Mrs Kotran my 7-8 grade hot Spanish Teacher
    Hum only wore twice in drag, none really 😁
    All kinds of 🍣 (Technically Sushi is the type of rice paired with raw or cooked fish or vegetables or potatoes)
    Classic Bugs Bunny from the 1940’s
    New Edition
    Rehoboth Delaware & Cape May NJ

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  7. This is a bit tricky for a man in the UK.

    Favourite Basketball Team- Harlem Globetrotters.
    Favourite Teacher- History teacher called Cyril Long – a real character who died last year.
    Favourite Make up I Can’t Live Without- I can live without all types of make-up.
    Favourite Website- http://www.dnw.co.uk What can I say? My favourite auctioneer. I’m a geek.
    Favourite Kind of Sushi- I have no favourite sushi. I am not sophisticated enough to eat raw fish.
    Favourite Cartoon- Top Cat.
    Favourite Boy Band- Didn’t realise the Beatles were a boy band, but they will have to do as the others in the top 30 I just looked up are all pouting and appalling.
    Favourite Beach- I’m going to say Durban to make myself look well-travelled and exotic. In truth I prefer the West Bay at Llandudno.
    Favourite Natural Disaster- We had an earthquake in Nottingham a few years ago which rattled our ornaments and made us all go out onto the street to talk to each other. Not much of a disaster as they go, but quite good fun.
    Favourite Hockey Team- Windsor Swastikas. I first came across them when researching the story of Britain’s Ice Hockey Olympic Bronze in 1924. I’ve been saving this snippet for a day like this…

    The WP spell-checker offered to change all the ‘favorites’ to ‘favourites’. It seemed rude to refuse. 🙂

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