About three weeks ago I did a three day cleanse.

A lot if apples, celery and cucumber- a little beets, carrots and tomato…

It was Ok

I never felt hungry, but I never felt satisfied either, which for someone who likes food and has been starved of every pleasurable thing in life was probably the hardest part. The thing I missed the most though was not food- it was tea. Specifically caffeinated tea…

But I survived the three days.

And you know what? I actually felt better physically.

But it was hard mentally…

It becomes a chicken/egg scenario- while it might be ideal to feel better mentally and physically concurrently- what if that doesn’t seem possible?

My mind has been in overdrive since mid March- there has only been crazy running around in there- like a bunch of mice on speed are maze running through my cerebrum, distorting my reasoning and emotions. I don’t know when I will get the trap to catch those damn mice…

Physically, I’m not so great either. I can’t exercise the way I like to. We lack public restroom facilities in NYC during the best of times, so small bladder and long walks didn’t really mesh. I was eating junk to comfort myself. This is a deadly combination.

So mind- gone (temporarily I hope)

physical form- gone (temporary?)

What’s a girl to do?

I don’t know. (FYI- I’m tattooing that on my arm today because guess what- tattoo parlors open in NYC today, and I’m visiting any store that is open and I don’t know has become the catch phrase on 2020)

So- I’ve resolved to do virtual buddy walks with Claudette- 20 minutes a day.

I’m doing a modified cleanse on Mondays. I can handle one day a week.

I’m eating really carefully on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Big thumbs up to cucumber and lemon water…

I am not giving up tea. ( I mean really- how much can I take away…)

I am just trying to get by one day at a time…


61 thoughts on “Cleanssssssse

  1. I should probably do this. Exercise is ok for me but my lockdown diet has been appalling. So pretty much the same as my usual diet. I’m not sure I could do three days. I’m not sure I could do one day. I don’t suppose it counts if you only do it for an hour?

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      1. I totally get it….one of my friends did a celery juice cleanse….celery juice…..for two days…..if that doesn’t scare you, nothing will…

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  2. You could also tattoo “One day at a time.” My mind was in overdrive last night and I awoke to my cup of coffee and I splurged with a little peanut butter on an English muffin. Half of my keto carbs are now gone but I needed the carbs this Monday morning. I might take out the bike later and I will think of you doing the virtual spin.

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  3. Look, this bladder thing is affecting me too. I hate it, that I can’t go on an extended walk before waiting a certain amount of time after coffee or water (or tea)…sigh. But 20 min is a start. It works. AND, we can do it multiple times a day if we so desire. The point is, the 20 min per day is a good START.

    I did mine today. My app didn’t track my steps (I forgot to activate something) but it logged the time. I was 3 seconds short of the 20 min and I did it before the brutal heat pressed down on me, so it was pleasant…sort of. Knowing there are two others doing this with me helps. My friend in Europe logged her video and I started my thingy to post later, with photos.

    So, welcome! We can do this. Laying off the carbs, eating fresh and whole, and walking. Go for it. I’ll be there with you!

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    1. The twenty minutes will be ok. I can get that without bathroom. I meant more like taking a 5 mile walk is just not doable now…we’ll maybe now cause I can duck into a store….but twenty minutes….I’m doing it when I put my laundry in the dryer later

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  4. Stay the course. You’re doing great, especially under these stressful circumstances. We can only do what we can with what we have which isn’t all that much considering the circumstances. Thinking of you. Proud of you with the cleanse! And no, don’t give up your tea. You’ve got to have something that you enjoy to offset all the rest.

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  5. A cleanse. Maybe I could do that for a day. I already try intermittent fasting from 7 pm to noonish. I only average about 3100 steps a day walking the dog though so I could probably use some more exercise. I’ve been doing planks for a minute at night. It’s so hard trying to do stuff you don’t like to do! Kudos to you!

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  6. I’ve increased my steps to 16,000 a day but still can’t get the corona pounds off! It’s actually ticking me off. Love cucumber lemon water, I add ginger too! I suppose I’m going to start having to give up even more foods I love…so unfair. I blame it all on menopause and hypothyroidism!! I have not tried a cleanse, I just don’t think it would be for me but I will have to look into it!! Glad more is opening in New York for you!!

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  7. Oh my gosh I so feel ya! I think it’s a struggle for most of us. Having zero control leaves me with a lot of anxiety some days – thankfully not all the time. The numbers here started creeping up again after a few weeks of holding steady. The “opening up of the economy” has me running a bit scared again. And I am back to work and not sure how well that will go. Thankfully the library is not open to the public just yet. That will likely happen next month, but it makes me nervous with hubby’s health being what it is. I simply cannot bring that horrid disease home to him.

    I wish you the best of luck with your plans, And if you figure out how to catch those mice please let me know. I don’t have mice but I think a nest of hamsters are running a muck in my brain. A mouse trap should work well for hamsters too. Right?

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  8. One day, the one you’re inside of. There is no cliche to that old saying when you’re taking things that way. And the best part of it is when you do buy in, missing a day doesn’t equal defeat. Because you know you’re getting back after it the next.

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  9. I have an underlying health condition (not a ‘biggy’), the point being I stopped drinking coffee (I was a coffee addict) and I felt so much better for quitting, in fact I haven’t drunk a cup in 9 months and eat very little chocolate. The difference quite amazed me!

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  10. I’ve never tried to change my eating habits since that time I went on a low carb, high protein diet. I lasted for about six months and lost about 20 pounds. Since then, I’ve gained a gazillion pounds.That was what? Thirty years ago-ish? So more power to you for doing whatever you can to make yourself feel better and become healthier. The weirdest thing, though? Since the outbreak, I’ve lost 10 pounds without doing anything special. I still drink cokes and eat what I want. The only difference is that we eat at home now. Hell, by the end of the year, with the way things are going, I might even lose 20 lbs. Have you tried club soda with a few splashes of red wine vinegar? Dr. Oz recommended it on his show and I’ve developed a taste for it. It still doesn’t do what coke does for me, though! Ha! Mona

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  11. Yes, social distancing from the pantry and frig has become a problem. I joke about the Quarantine Fifteen, but, it’s fast becoming a reality. I’m a stress eater and am well aware of it. It’s too hot to walk unless I do it at 6am….and that’s not happening. So, I don’t know is my mantra too. I do like hot tea with honey and refuse to give that up….along with wine. Can a girl live on tea and wine? 🙃 I look forward to the day we exit the Twilight Zone. xoxox

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  12. Convenient bathrooms are such a must at our age. Cucumber, lime and mint with tonic — 😋. I get the mint from my yard. Self-control and discipline? Oh lord, I think the chipmunks ran off with those years ago. Cheers to you for making it through a 3 day cleanse!👍

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  13. I’m impressed that you did a three day cleanse. These are difficult times, of course– so good on you for seeing it through. I think we all have started down the primrose path to bad heath habits, but at least you’re aware of yours. I’m trying to live in denial about mine.

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