Today we celebrate Friday favorites…feel free to play along!

  1. Favorite road to travel on: The road less travelled
  2.  Favorite Animal at the Zoo: Monkeys- they crack me up
  3. Favorite Toy as a Child: stuffed cat
  4. Favorite Hair Color: brown
  5. Favorite Holiday: Christmas (but in December- not July- celebrating it too early or too often takes the specialness away)
  6. Favorite Dish at Olive Garden; I’ve only been to Olive Garden once- alas no favorite dish
  7. Favorite TV Sitcom: Frasier
  8. Favorite Style of Dance: Ballet
  9. Favorite Way to Travel: with one suitcase and a tote
  10. Favorite Type of Bear: Panda

30 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 7/3

  1. Favorite Road…Whatever takes me on vacation!
    Zoo Animals..I agree with Monkeys
    Fave Toy..Raggedy Ann
    Hair Color.. Brown
    Holiday.. Fourth of July, I love fireworks
    Olive Garden Food…breadsticks & salad
    Fave Sitcom…the one with Sheldon
    Fave dance… Swing dancing
    Fave way to travel… All ways
    Fave Bear.. Koala

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      1. Me too, I want to be the woman with one pocketbook ready to travel new roads instead of fretting about 3 hats, 3 shoes, etc. A simple black pair, black shirt, black sneakers because they go with the flow and are easy to keep clean. Make up of course!

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  2. Zoo animal is tigers . . . color is orange, favorite toy was a Dapper Dan, holiday is Thanksgiving, sitcom is/was Cheers and favorite bear? The one that I watch on YouTube and do not come across on a hike . . .

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  3. Fun answers. I’m stealing some of yours. 💜
    Favorite road to travel on: The road less travelled
    Favorite Animal at the Zoo: Big cats
    Favorite Toy as a Child: I really can’t remember!
    Favorite Hair Color: blonde-ish
    Favorite Holiday: Christmas (but in December- not July
    Favorite Dish at Olive Garden: salad and breadsticks
    Favorite Style of Dance: All types…except square dancing!
    Favorite Way to Travel: Any way that gets me to the beach.
    Favorite Type of Bear: Panda

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