One of my favorite museums  stores is Sephora. I love a good meander though the aisles looking at the all the make up and the products. I also love sitting at my vanity in the morning- yes- I have a vanity with a little stool, and I both begin and end my day here. I may not have a closet, but I cling to this one little thing…I schedule in my planner three spa nights a week where I masque, exfoliate, moisturize and chill out to whatever music suits my mood.

This is my idea of self care.

So last week I saw that Sephora had reopened.  They have a team outside the store- they tell you Sephora shopping law about touching (not allowed) sampling (only allowed via a Sephora employee who will make sure what you use is pristine) and that for a limited time, it’s 10% off…

I walked in and breathed a sigh of relief. For that one moment on Friday all was right with the world. Sephora still exists…

10% off! Every employee in the store made sure we remembered that…

Did I need anything?

I mean really- I hadn’t worn much make up in months…I buy much of my skincare via drugstore brands…


I realized that I really needed my Orgasm…you know, the universally flattering blush color made by Nars which I have been wearing for more than twenty years…

My daughter and I walked the aisles until we spotted the Nars section…and there it was…the little black package…

As my delighted fingers went to pick up the package, a sudden realization came to me…

Do I really need blush now?

Do we need foundation?



Luminator (I think that’s the thing JLo wears)?


With the advent of wearing masks, do women need these items anymore?

I looked at my daughter- “Will I actually put on blush knowing I have to wear a mask?”

“You?” she laughed. “Of course you will. You put on make up just because. You just like wearing it.”

“But really- no one will see it anymore. Unless I’m going out to dinner, and will it rub off on the mask and then I’ll have to reapply…”

“Well” my daughter continued “a lot of girls are putting make up on their masks… they outline lips and add bronzer and whatever…it’s a thing in some places…”


She shrugged and looked at beauty blenders.

I did end up buying the blush, because I was out of it and… 10% off.

But it doesn’t mean I didn’t wonder about the fate of make up worn below your nose. If dramatic eyes will be the new fashion wave because that’s what people will see.

Botox? Will people who have never plunged start to fill in those pesky forehead lines because now they will be highlighted? (when I posted my mask  pic the other day, I did wonder for a minute how noticeable my 56 year old forehead would appear- so I can’t imagine I’m the only one)

Will BIG hair make a comeback?

Or will cosmetics fall by the wayside? Will people just toss on a mask and be done with it?


To make up, or not to make up…

That is today’s question…

74 thoughts on “I’m Blushing

    1. I’m just not sure. People will end up meeting in groups. There’s still zoom and FaceTime. In certain ways I wonder if it becomes more popular because some people don’t photograph well….I don’t know (which is going to be my new motto)

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  1. If I wasn’t working I would toss the makeup altogether. As it is now, the only thing I put on is a teeny bit of mascara and my eyebrows. Anything else will rub off onto my mask, which is disposable, but why waste money on covering up mask wrinkles with makeup. It also gets so freakishly hot inside the many layers of PPE I have to wear when testing in Covid rooms that stuff just runs off my face.
    Truth is, I was never very into makeup anyway so why bother.

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    1. If you were never into it, it’s an easy call. But in general I wonder how our habits will change. How we will adapt to this. I’ve seen a lot of people wearing full face shields lately, so I guess that’s a way to go…though I would feel like a goldfish at the carnival


      1. Perhaps those enforcing cultural norms that endorse and encourage outward displays of “beauty” (especially associated with women) will have a revelation and realize that physical adornment and beautification should be an individual choice not a proscriptive norm to satisfy gender stereotypes… 🙂 Now that would be an amazing habitual change!

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      2. Realistically, I don’t think that’s going to happen. With “influencing” being an actual vocation that kids want to be, I think it gets even harder. Then the other side of the coin is is it right to judge someone because they want to enhance their appearance? There’s al, sorts of things in play. Are we more attracted to people who are more attractive? Attractive being the operative word. But it’s universal. Women want an attractive mate….look at shows like Queer Eye which basically aims to overhaul men. Then it comes into individuality. We use tools to set ourselves apart and make us unique. Every choice we make is a statement about who we are, whether it be haircut, or clothing, or house or mode of transportation. People judge every aspect of us. We judge for wearing make up, or not wearing it. It’s the whole compare and contrast thing….we are a society who makes ourselves feel better by saying to ourselves…I wish I had X like my neighbor, or, lucky I don’t have Y like my neighbor. It’s sort of how we survive. I don’t like it. I don’t think it’s a way to live. But are we hard wired that way?

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      3. I’m off to work, but from the sociological perspective (!) no, we are not “wired” biologically to be this way. We have been taught to believe we need to be this way 🙂

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      4. Ok. We are continuing this. Well, then it’s parenting. But trust me, there not line aspect of me either physical or otherwise that’s not judged by others. My choice of living arrangement, my city, my views in things….every single person who meets me is going to judge me in one way or another. My opinion on this subject will be judged by someone somewhere. Even if it’s conditioned response, it’s not going anywhere. Think…right now…what are you judging me on? Once we start forming opinions, likes and dislikes….is it possible not to judge anyone ever? The first time I remember judging someone I was about three. The boy in my apartment complex used to try to steal my jacks every day. I didn’t like him because he was mean. He had a birthmark on his face. I came to see birthmarks as bad. Was it a judgement based on one thing? Sure. Does it matter? I don’t know.


  2. When/if I go out, I make up my eyes but that’s it so the blush wouldn’t have been a big deal to me. But 10% off is a great deal so good for you! As for the forehead lines…I didn’t notice yours in the photo, but I notice mine now even more. I’m thinking of cutting bangs…lol!

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    1. I had bangs for awhile (natures Botox) but I got bored. With a mask it might cover the whole face…which in my case isn’t necessarily a bad idea


  3. LA,
    I think you’re right. The parts of the face you can see with mask on, I think that’s what will be highlighted…at least for the time being. I think I saw a mask with the lips, etc. drawn on. It was…strange. Also, glad you got your orgasm. We all need that once in a while. Ha! 🙂 Mona

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  4. I wear make-up because I like to even if I am not leaving the house. It makes me feel better when I look in the mirror and it gives me a sense of normalcy. I don’t wear it everyday but when I do it is for me not for others.

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  5. The only makeup I ever really wore was eye makeup, but I can’t anymore because it triggers a flare up of some issues I have with my eyes. It took me forever to not feel naked every time I left the house. I will still cave and put some on for special events, but I can’t do it often at all or have it on for long. My daughter on the other hand, really doesn’t like to wear any at all. She will do a little cover up and some mascara for her already way-to-long-and-full-to-be-fair eyelashes, but that is also not that often. She isn’t a fan of most of the rest and absolutely hates lipstick. The one time she really ever wears anything more is for recital. This year, her costumes screamed for a bright red lipstick. The teacher even suggested it for the girls. When she tried it out for pictures, she kind of fell in love with the look, which shocked me to no end. We then got the word that masks would be required for the performance and she was bummed. Now, apparently they don’t actually have to wear them on stage (still trying to figure out the logic behind that one), so I think she might be back to wearing the red, but it will be a problem because she does still have to wear a mask backstage and in the dressing rooms. I have a little over a week to help her figure it out.

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  6. I have not been wearing makeup but I would have bought it just in case I was going to wear makeup!! I love that you mentioned every employee let you know about the 10% off! I have noticed in the few stores I have went to there are a lot of employees and they all want to help and inform you. It has pros and cons but hey, I am all about friendly people these days so I go with it!!

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  7. I stopped wearing makeup a LONG time ago and never wore face makeup, just a little blush, eyeshadow and mascara when I did. I say you need to get it because I know that you’re not supposed to keep makeup around for too long anyway and a sale is a sale. They definitely come up with some good names for these things don’t they? At first glance I thought you were just getting excited by being in the store 🙂

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  8. Oh wow – big hair – I hadn’t thought of that! I loved big hair back in the day and I wore huge earrings and shoulderpads to go with the hair. And oh yeah, big wide belts! Doing that again might make wearing a mask a little more fun!

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  9. Cleopatra wore makeup. I doubt if the women of 2020 are going to give up on it so easily. I am not much on makeup, but my little granddaughters would yell out “Sally Beauty” when passing one like other kids yell “McDonalds” when they see the golden arches.

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  10. I’m insanely jealous/ I love Sephora but the nearest one is 2 hours away, and personally I’ve never had too much sales assistance in any of them, especially the Toronto store, as I mostly buy my cosmetics at drugstores, but I have bought the odd thing there. I like to look at all the different brands. I still put on my eye makeup and under eye coverup for dark circles every day, even if I’m just staying home, but haven’t worn blush or lipstick or even Blistex since the March lockdown. I would have bought the blush too….this Covid stuff will be over someday.

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    1. Ah….you don’t want to know how many Sephora’s I can walk to within 25 minutes of my house….I buy much of my product at drug stores, but eye shadow and blush I like NARS….the colors suit me and they stay on me with little help

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      1. No I don’t! I have ordered online before from the Toronto store for refills on products I already owned, but the Purolator people left my $24 lipstick in a package behind the flower pot on the front porch and it melted….and that ended that!

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    1. I found myself not wearing make up in the beginning, but that was because I was sad, mad, depressed, angry. Then I wore it, but totally for myself. My big issue is it rubbing off on mask making them hard to clean


  11. I sometimes wear make up these days, and always if we’re going out to eat at a restaurant (although we only eat on their outside patios.) But there are many days when I don’t wear it, knowing I’m staying at home or that if I do go out, it’s to the grocery store where I’ll have a mask on the whole time.
    But honestly, I sometimes put it on just because I want to, and I’m doing it for myself. I also don’t really believe that we’ll have have to wear face masks for the rest of our lives, so there’s that to look forward to.

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    1. I didn’t wear it in March because I was sad angry and depressed. Then I started wearing it again, but just for me. It made me feel better. While many will say that’s shallow, I’m for whatever makes you feel a little better

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      1. It’s not shallow. During hard times, we do what it takes to keep our spirits up. I dyed my own hair! (Never done that before….but my hairdresser mixed up the color and left in on my porch.)

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  12. I’ve worn makeup for so long, but as my face got more wrinkled I realized it wasn’t doing me a lot of favors. I have deep-set eyes, so eye makeup doesn’t seem noticeable anymore. Frankly, I rarely wear any of it anymore, but this is new to the past year or two.

    What I wanted to know was how my husband would react, because he was always saying women wear too much makeup. But would it matter to him if I wore none? And stopped coloring my hair (which I did a year ago, too)?

    He’s mentioned that it might be nice if I added some highlights to my hair, but hasn’t said a pip about the makeup. Maybe when masks are a thing of the past I’ll reconsider, but only if I’m going to town.

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  13. Very interesting post! I too have a vanity… It may sound crazy but since I’ve somehow managed to have a vanity my entire life, I find it next to impossible to put my makeup on or do my hair standing up, like a lot, if not most women probably do….lol. I started reading Seventeen magazine and learning about makeup from it when I was in 6th grade. I morphed into the type of person who felt like a complete “ugly duckling” unless I had my makeup on. But, I wished desperately to be someone who “looked good” without any at all……..I felt like a “slave” to it all. Enter COVID and wearing masks and working from home via the computer screen. For literally the first time in my almost 60 years, I suddenly don’t care so much and feel free at last to go without any….just in front of most of my immediate coworkers. I still wear it for virtual meetings, etc. And as for going out in public with the masks……I feel total liberation!! Because I feel “anonymous”….no one can see me or know who I am for sure so I feel free, for the first time in my life, to go out without a stitch of makeup on! When I reflect on all that, I see it as major progress for me personally……but also a very sad commentary on how some of us have been so programmed to put so much value on our appearance and image. Just my 2 cents.

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    1. There’s a whole line between needing to wear it and wanting to. Like, I didn’t wear make up in March, but it was more because I was sad, angry, depressed etc. I actually like the whole process of make up. It’s time for me, so it’s not so much about looking a certain way, it’s about self care.

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      1. Oh I totally get that. We all need to find some sort of “self care” that works for us. I guess my point was more along the lines of “society”, if you will, making us feel like we do NEED it in order to be attractive and/or acceptable…….whether or not that is the actual fact. Beauty is generally subjective…….what one person finds to be beautiful, another might just think “Meh…..” and vice versa. I personally don’t enjoy the process and feel like it robs me of valuable time, but I also don’t feel “acceptable” to others unless I do it. I think that kind of pressure comes a lot from perceived expectations generated by society, media, etc. If you enjoy it and don’t feel like that’s the ONLY way you look good and don’t feel “pressure” to do it then that’s great! Carry on! 🙂

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      2. I don’t like society generated expectations of anything….but there are societal expectations of everything now. We are expected to embrace diversity, yet, as soon as we state our opinion about anything, we are told we are wrong. There’s a constant state of judging

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