Essential Oils


The numbers above represents sectors of people- each sector has the same amount of people.

Person A wants to sell essential oils.

Sector 0 loves essential oils. They are buying whatever you are selling because they are complete believers.

Sector 10 absolutely hates essential oils. They don’t even want to hear the words. They are never changing their mind about essential oils. So Person A is better off not selling to Sector 10.

Sectors 1 and 2 are pretty easy to persuade to the essential oil side of life. You have them at “oi”… they just need the very tiniest of pushes.

Sectors 3 and 4 require some persuasion, but you know you could get them.

Sector 5 are the people who are completely neutral about essential oils. This is where your work begins. How do you sell essential oils to someone who has no opinion?

Then there are sections 6, 7 and 8. They might not even know what essential oils are, or not enough about the situation. But they are willing to listen to your argument for essential oils.

How do you persuade the people who don’t know much, who don’t have an opinion, or haven’t really thought about it?

Well, you probably start with the soft sell. You give them samples. You give them examples. You persuade them as to why essential oils should be given a chance. You give them the pros of which there are many. You answer questions and illuminate them to things they might not have realized. You relay your experiences with essential oils so that they understand your point of view, why essential oils really ae essential to yours, and everyone’s way of life. If you do these things you are going to get people in sectors 5, 6, 7, and even 8 to think about your essential oil proposal. You are going to get many of these people to buy essential oils.

But say you go for the hard sale. Intimidate people into buying essential oils. Throw essential oils in their faces (remember when department stores used to spray perfume in people’s faces? how did that pan out?) Destroy other products that could compete with essential oils for shelf space…

You are probably going to lose sales in the sectors that you need to buy essential oils.

You are probably going to lose support in sector 4 who would traditionally be more likely to buy essential oils.

People in sector 5 who have been neutral might not go for essential oils either.

But what do I know? I’m not a particularly good salesperson…






I was told to keep mum yesterday

I was told that because I am white I am not allowed to have an opinion about the violence I see taking hold of the city in which I live…

Isn’t being told to be quiet, to not speak out when we see something wrong, the root of all the problems that we face today?

Isn’t being told to be quiet oppression in its purest form?

Newsflash: I know that I am white…

I live in one of the most diverse citied there is. I live here because I embrace diversity. I raised my daughter here so that she would know people of every race, religion, nationality and sexual orientation. I raised her here so that she could appreciate how people are different. I raised her here so she could see how we are all the same.

I have volunteered in her schools- schools where being white made her in the minority.

I have raised funds for schools so that all children, no matter what background, had the ability to have the same education as anyone else.

I have volunteered my time to help any child who needed extra help in a subject.

I have spoken out and confronted people who had not treated my daughter’s friends, children of color, with the respect that all people deserve.

As a judge for middle school debate I have spoken out when I see kids acting in a condescending manner towards others.

Maybe it’s not enough, but I have tried to raise my child to not see color as anything other than a different shade of the same crayon. I have tried to treat everyone exactly that same. I have tried to speak up if I thought someone wasn’t being respectful.

I know that I am white.

I do not know what it feels like to be a person of color- I can only empathize.

I know that I have never walked in the shoes of a person of color.

I have done my best to walk alongside them.

But please do not ever tell me to remain mum…


Thought for the day

There are people who think violence is the best way to end racism


Let’s think that train of thought for a moment

Bullying in school

So the best way to stop bullying In schools is to bring attention to the matter with violence

Like, you know, a school shooting

Is that what those of you who think violence is the answer….is that how the logic works?

Cause honestly, I’m not smart enough to figure out the whole violence as a solution thing. I need more than one example.

Gratitude Saturday June 6

As some of you know, about two weeks ago my dog started to not feel well. She passed last Monday night. My family is heartbroken.

I am grateful to have had 13 wonderful years with my dog. She was sweet and wonderful and I will miss her.

As you must surmise, she took ill amongst Corona restrictions. We were lucky enough to find a vet who was able to come to our house to diagnose her.

Last Monday she passed at about 6:30. The place where you can take remains that is open after five pm is located smack dab in the middle of where people were rioting and looting. Be clear I do not mean protests, unless protests include setting cars on fire, throwing bricks through windows and looting things from stores.

We were physically unable to get her remains to this place.

I am grateful to the vet who came to our apartment to retrieve our dog.

The world will only get better if we learn to respect one another and be kind to one another.

Friday feelings

A bunch of my neighbors shamed me a few weeks ago.

I was shamed because I thought the world was ready to start opening again. Businesses opening. Kids going back to school. People getting back to their lives.

I was called insensitive.

I was called stupid.

I was called a murderer.



Don’t I care about others?

All because I thought differently than they did.

I was shamed because I don’t think people should be made to wear masks.

I was told that we must wear masks or we are murderers.

I explained that I had a hard time telling a person of color that they must enter a store in a mask. I understand that racism exists.

Murderer. They said. I should immediately call the police if I see anyone not wearing a mask.

I asked them if snitching on our neighbors wasn’t inherently wrong.

They said no. We must tell on these people.

When I questioned the Mayor starting a sentence with “All you Jews…” when discussing a group of Hasidim they stated that DeBlasio was right to call out an entire group of people.

I was shamed.


Yet now…

These people….


Wearing expensive watches and sneakers and purses…

With children having attended private schools (side note…can you be a liberal and send your kids to private school…I mean..why do your kids need to be separated from others?)

They are mainly silent in the thousands of unmasked, not socially distanced groups of people….

They did ask why my daughter wasn’t attending the riots…wasn’t I ashamed that she wasn’t demonstrating …..they didn’t say ashamed, but that was the implication…there is no other way to display the withering glances I received…

I sheepishly said that my daughter has been spending two to three hours a day volunteering to tutor students who have been left in the dust by not having actual school. Students of color btw….if that matters as to who should need help right now…

And yes….

I am so ashamed….

Thursday reflections

They’ve began daily marches down my street….

In protest.

The rallying cry…

“NYPD suck my dick”

Which is a really good chant as they’ve synchronized their cadence….

And they’ve kept the trash in the cans as they’ve set it on fire…

Any uncontainered trash has just been thrown in the street…

Fingers crossed…no broken windows or looting


On my street anyway…

This is just my reflection on the matter.

This is what I see, and hear, out my bedroom window.

Another day

David Dorn RIP

Dave Patrick Underwood RIP

Black lives matter

Blue lives matter

I believe it’s possible to mourn the loss of both black and blue lives.

You are allowed to disagree with me. That is your right. I respect your right to free and open thought.

But today, like yesterday, I do not encourage debate or open forum. Please respect my opinion.


If anyone thinks that rioting, burning police cars, vandalizing, throwing garbage in the street, setting things on fire, defacing national monuments, and physically assaulting others is the right way to enact change anywhere, the right way to honor the memory of someone….please stop reading my blog. Just unsubscribe. Block me.

You are part of the problem.

I believe that the vast majority of people are good, respectful and decent. I believe that others should be treated with goodwill, respect and decency.

You have a right to not feel as I do.

But next time your child, or spouse or anyone does something egregious, please feel free to beat the crap out of them. I’m sure that will solve the issue, because violence is always the answer…

This is not a political statement. This is a human statement.

Normally I encourage people to oppose me, to argue with me.

Today is not that day.