Who’s that woman behind the mask?
As the Museum of Ice Cream gets set to open…
Nothing like a store filled with disinfectant wipes
Outdoor dining in NYC. Yes. The tables are set up in the middle of 1st Avenue. Between the tables and the restaurant are north and south bound bike lanes, so the waiters have to Frogger their ways to the table as bikes speed past. On the other side of the tables is actual first avenue which is a BUSY street with busses and trucks and traffic.
Why? WHY?
I was asked to provide a meal pic…lemon pasta and pizza Bianca. There were leftovers….

62 thoughts on “Highlights of the week that was….6/28

    1. My daughter and I ate there the other night. It was a little bizarre. But watching waiters dodge the bike lanes was a sight. When I went to bed bath and saw the wipes…almost cried…

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  1. Lemon pasta – sounds delicious, and refreshing. Anything with melted cheese is usually a hit at my house, and you had leftovers? I bet they disappeared the same day! thanks for photos LA. We both have big national days coming up, ours July 1 and yours July 4. It won’t be the big cake in the park this year and the festivals aren’t happening but watch out in 2021! The tourists are here now though and I share my city for the next two months. In your city you must share your hometown 12 months a year.

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    1. Tourism is key here…though maybe not for awhile….the lemon pasta is something my daughter has been dreaming about for months…it’s her fave dish ever! And we did eat leftovers yesterday….with a very large arugula salad!

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  2. So that’s what outside looks like! I wondered! We live in a condo complex so outside looks the same no matter where you walk, unless you have the energy to hike to civilization. And that Lemon Pasta! YUM!!

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  3. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…this was on my parent’s ice cream shop in the Catskills. Nice to meet you, LA. Looks like an interesting relay race in the middle of 1st avenue.

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      1. Well yeah…it’s a museum of ice cream. My guess is if phase 4 goes through on July 20 (I think that’s the proposed day) it will open then. Now they’re selling ice cream. My daughter had the churro flavor which I tasted and it was soooo good

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  4. I hope your opening continues to go well. Our governor is making rumblings that she may have to get tough on masks and slow things down because cases are going up in 2 neighboring states.

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  5. Museum of ice cream?!?!? Fabulous! I think I’ll pass on the street seating. What could possibly go wrong? 😜 The pasta and pizza look delish. I love it when I have leftovers. Makes the price of the meal more reasonable! Glad you had an opportunity to venture outside. Yes, outside is pretty awesome. Hope you get to do it again soon. xoxo

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    1. It’s been so nice feeling human again! We will check out ice cream museum when it opens….I’ll fill you in on details….


  6. I’ve been away from WordPress for a bit. The food looks delicious! I’d not not to be the waiter crossing the bike bath lol. And you look great 🙂

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