Let’s see…

I’m grateful that June is almost over…I was talking to a friend yesterday and we decided that July 1 is New Year’s- and everything starts again…

I am grateful that we are in Phase 2- I’m beginning to feel alive again…

And to everyone in cities that are experiencing surges- just be careful. Wear a seat belt. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t text while crossing a street. Don’t drink something that has been sitting on a bar top. Don’t have unprotected sex.

Be careful.

19 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday 6/27

  1. I know! Now I’m worried that we’ll have to return to more restrictions, and all the hell those caused. And I hate how the reporting of this is so spotty…what are the breakdowns of the surges? In Missouri, our state numbers are going up, mostly along southern counties with meat processing plants. But my friends who work at the hospitals say the numbers there are WAY down, and were never very high in the first place. And now the antibody tests that we were told were only 50% correct are showing millions more had the disease than we thought? Honest to God, I don’t know what to believe any more. Except to acknowledge that a contagious disease is out there, so I wear my mask, wash my hands, and don’t do crowds at all.

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    1. That’s the thing! Half the reports have been wrong. Headlines are coming out that don’t take into account all the stats involved. Does a surge mean more testing or more cases? I’m wearing a mask, washing my hands, but slowly amping up to normal. My husband wants to go to the beach on July 4 and we have a ride. While I’m about getting on with life, are people just going to be idiots? I don’t know….tune in next Saturday for my decision

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      1. Yes, sadly, some are pretending the virus doesn’t exist at all, which is not a good thing as it endangers others as well as themselves. Others are going to stay inside until everyone has taken a fool-proof vaccine, which could be never. It seems we’re sort of having to figure this out on our own these days! Whatever you decide, I know you will be sensible.

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