It’s time to play Friday Favorites!

Here are the rules:

  1. Read my answers and comment on how thoroughly charming I am
  2. comment on how silly I am (or whatever word you can best describe what my thoughts are)
  3. Tell me that your answer is exactly the same and we are soul blog buddies
  4. Copy and paste into your own blog so I can tell you how charming you are
  5. Pop your answers into the comment section below-

Best part: everybody wins!

  1. Favorite kind of vacation: where I go somewhere I have never been
  2. Favorite Flower: tulips- pink if you’re sending me some
  3. Favorite Football Team: NY Giants
  4. Favorite Children’s Show: hmmm…I used to love Romper Room- I’m just slightly too old to be a true part of the Sesame Street generation
  5. Favorite Perfume/cologne: Jo Malone English Pear and Fresia (though I wouldn’t turn down the wood sage and sea salt or velvet rose and oud- I layer…)
  6. Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday
  7. Favorite Flavor Starburst: whatever flavor the pink one is
  8. Favorite Cartoon Cat: Duchess from Aristocats (she was elegant and charming and sophisticated and she dated Thomas O’Malley- O’Malley the Alley Cat- who wouldn’t want to be like her…)
  9. Favorite Music Genre– rock-
  10. Favorite Car– I don’t drive on a normal basis. So taxi is probably the truest answer. But I’ve always wanted a little sporty convertible-driven by Thomas O’Malley…

36 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 6/26 edition

      1. I’m all for the cleansing idea as long as it doesn’t involve.. you know.. coffee enemas or other weird stuff..although in a toilet paper crisis ,should one arise again, the planner pages could come in handy..just thinking..

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  1. 1. Favorite kind of vacation: one with friends where someone else does the planning
    2. Favorite Flower: I love a mixed bouquet with lots of colors that smells good but not overpowering,
    3. Favorite Football Team: None
    4. Favorite Children’s Show: Mr. Rogers, especially when he visited factories
    5. Favorite Perfume/cologne: a friend makes her own and before COVID, I used to say I wanted to be as close to her as possible because she always smelled amazing. I don’t wear perfume.
    6. Favorite Day of the Week: they’re all the same lately
    7. Favorite Flavor Starburst: I don’t eat candy if it’s not chocolate
    8. Favorite Cartoon Cat: Dogs rule, cats drool. No cats for me. 😉
    9. Favorite Music Genre: country followed closely by dance music
    10. Favorite Car: I just discussed this at length earlier in the week. I’d love a convertible sports car but since I don’t like driving, I’d like it come with a driver.

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  2. Ooh I love a game! 🙂

    Favorite kind of vacation: ‘Walking in the mountains/hills/countryside’ kind of holiday
    Favorite Flower: Forest floor of bluebells
    Favorite Soccer Team: West Ham United
    Favorite Children’s Show: LOVE Trumpton (you’ll find it on YouTube)….. “Pugh, Pugh, Barney, Mcgrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub

    Favorite Perfume/cologne: Miss Dior, my present whenever I meet a woman for the first time ❤
    Favorite Day of the Week: Friday
    Favorite Flavor Starburst: Lime?
    Favorite Cartoon Cat: BBC's 'Pagpus'
    Favorite Music Genre: 1980's Synth
    Favorite Car: Austin Mini

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  3. We have some things in common! Romper Room Rocked!! Duchess is awesome!! Tulips are the perfect flower! Pink is the only Starburst I eat!! Rock music oh yeah!! We differ with I have no favorite football team. My fave car is my Jeep…my vacay is hiking…My fave perfume is “Si”. Thanks for the fun today!!!! And as a side note a planner is a must!!!!!

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  4. 1. Favorite kind of vacation: the next one
    2. Favorite Flower: Iris
    3. Favorite Football Team: All American Football teams are the same to me, sorry…
    4. Favorite Children’s Show: Blue Peter
    5. Favorite Perfume/cologne: Carbolic soap
    6. Favorite Day of the Week: Monday is good at the moment – having it as a day off
    7. Favorite Flavor Starburst: They all taste the same
    8. Favorite Cartoon Cat: Top Cat
    9. Favorite Music Genre: Various – I like lots of stuff, but music isn’t really my thing
    10. Favorite Car: A nice Mercedes two-seater convertible would be acceptable

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