I don’t like to shop.

I am trying  to get rid of things as opposed to bringing things into my house…


Quarantine was a time where I actually found myself looking at shopping lists on buzzfeed. Basically, they do posts where they list things that you must buy…

Normally, I don’t even click open these things…

Now I find I subscribe to a newsletter that specifically highlights mainly extraneous objects that I do not really need, nor actually want…

I found myself blindly putting things in my Amazon cart because who doesn’t need a roller that massages your hands if you have carpal tunnel…

Luckily, there’s a rule in place where Amazon makes you keep things in your cart for 24 hours before you can click purchase…. (no they don’t- but it would be a great idea- no?)

But…I admit I give myself a grace period to see if I really WANT/NEED an item before I buy it…I currently have 87 items in my shopping cart save section…

So what is it about SWQ (shopping while quarantined)?

In reality I made very few extraneous purchases during quarantine. The rice cooker was a huge plus in the win column. I picked up a deck of mindfulness cards at Target and they have actually helped my mindset. (I know- I’ve gone stir crazy- so can you imagine me if I hadn’t found those cards? E books- I’ve bought my quota for the next two years- no lie. But again- they saved me from bouncing off the walls. (this is another omg where would she be without reading moments…) I subscribed to a self care subscription box, but I’ll save the story of that for another day. Don’t want to have too much fun…

And now…

Stores have reopened in NYC for in house shopping.

I normally don’t go to stores unless I actually need something…I use a clothing subscription box so I don’t have to pick out my own clothes…

But Monday found me wandering the aisles of Barnes and Noble for an hour…just because I could. I called it a museum of books where there was no entry fee but tons of enticement to buy things that you saw… I bought a new book light because one of the tragedies of pandemic was when my daughter broke my booklight…

Because I had to spread out the fun, I went to Michael’s on Tuesday. Embroidery needles were the purchase du jour, because at some point I lost my best needle in the depths of the sofa cushions. Also stickers for my planner because really I hate looking at all the blank spaces…

Wednesday was Container Store. This shop really is my happy place. I see all those ways of storing things neatly and in pretty patterns…it’s my pinterest board come to life…Nothing inspires me more than looking at how things could be organized better. I went with the intention of finding a box to hold my dogs harness and favorite toy and favorite pink fluffy coat. I got to the register and realized I’d forgotten my wallet…

Talk about quarantine brain…remembered the mask but forgot the cash…

So today I will venture back across town to the museum of boxes and make my purchase…

And if I really want to liven the day…I may pick up mascara…(PSA- if you normally wear mascara but haven’t during the past three months…throw it out and buy a new one- mascara goes bad and can cause eye issues- don’t need that on top of your mask)

Shopping is supposed to raise your endorphins. I seriously doubted it, but now I totally get it. When you’re feeling blue, buy something new…

So I’m browsing the stores, but I’m containing my puchases to things that I really want…but just getting out of the house with a clear destination that doesn’t involve looking for toilet paper or frozen veggies is a huge plus…

I’ve been about a thousand times happier this week.

So I will say it right now- shopping may get me through this…


66 thoughts on “Shop till you Drop…

    1. I get it. Normally I don’t mind it because I love cooking so looking fir interesting ingredients is usually fun. I did not like guerrilla food shopping though

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  1. The desire to shop wasn’t there during the quarantine. I barely bought anything because I didn’t feel like it. Now, it’s coming back slowly, but I’m limiting my exposure to stores and doing most online.

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  2. I’m dying for some retail therapy! We finally have a new Homesense here and I need a new (blue) bathroom mat, not something you can pick out as easily online where the color is always different. Just browsing will be heaven…

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    1. That’s exactly it! I was perfectly content wandering around Michaels and day dreaming. I bought what I intended and they had a big sale on planner accessories, which I love, but I was thrilled with my 7$ worth of stuff! It was so nice to get out of my head for an hour. And not be around my family. Can’t forget that….

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  3. I’m a believer in the power of retail therapy. Heck, even my 12 step sponsor doesn’t have much of a problem with my retail therapy; her reasoning is that it’s better than picking up and getting loaded.

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  4. I haven’t been inside a store in about 15 years – deliberately. Since I learned to shop on-line, my shopping experiences were at my fingertips. Since Ken is developing dementia, I’ve had to take over the shopping – groceries – I hate that. I’d try it on-line but who knows what they’d pick out for my fresh produce? And they don’t honor weekly sales either! So I’ve been (with Ken) shopping every Saturday for over a year now, and I can’t say I like it any better than I ever did, but it does get me out of the apartment and speaking to other people. Even though a mask. But I’m glad that you’re finding some escapes and looking forward to your adventures!

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    1. Being by myself is helping tremendously. And my creative juices are flowing again, which is a much needed thing.i am normally not a shopper, but this has been liberating (except Barnes and noble, container store and michaels…which I enjoy browsing because these places all help me generate ideas)

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  5. there is something about being in a bookstore that has always brought me peace……..and a container store, I have yet to shop at one, but it sounds AMAZING! even though, like you, I am busy getting rid of stuff.

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  6. I’m still in budget mode here but I did venture to the grocery store yesterday and again was shocked by my elevated bill. Prices have gone up. So I prefer to sit on my computer and just browse for fun. Be safe out there!

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  7. I must admit I am being tempted at shopping also, been looking at a new lawn mower, and cordless tools. I bought online a spiffy daypack for hiking and new shoes. I think I have the bug! Shopping bug.


  8. I too am not a shopper but found myself in Barnes and Noble and wow did it feel great to see all those books!!! Seriously did so much for my mood!!! Now I need a trip to the quilt store! So glad things are opening up
    in your area!!

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  9. LA,
    There was an upscale indoor mall that I used to browse and shop. Your writing about The Container Store reminded me of that place. No matter what was going on in my life or in the world, that place felt comforting, safe and I always found serenity walking up and down its aisles. I always felt like nothing bad could happen there. I’m glad you got to get out! I still don’t feel safe browsing through stores where I live. My safe place closed in 2008. True shopping may not happen for me until 2021. Fingers crossed it’s before then. Mona

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  10. It sounds like a “parental controls” feature on your Amazon account has been installed. 😉 I have one item in my cart and the only reason I didn’t buy it a few months ago was because they weren’t doing 2 day shipping and I didn’t want to wait 3 weeks for what Amazon deemed nonessential. Plus, I’m trying to shop local instead of Amazon. I’m not much of a shopper except I love the grocery store. I love the colors. I love the inspiration because I don’t use recipes, I create. It’s been less enjoyable during the pandemic, but Our stores have been well stocked compared to what I’m hearing in other places.

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  11. I hate shopping of any kind, I haven’t brought a thing other than food during lock down and now that the shops are open I have no interest in doing any shopping other than food. We did consider new bed room furniture, but the set we wanted wouldn’t fit in our bedroom, in fact non of the oak would, and I am not spending money on flat pack that falls to bits after a couple of years, been there done that. So our pennies are remaining in our piggy banks. I did quite like the idea of a new bedroom though 🙂

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  12. I suddenly remembered something whilst reading your post, my mother made her own dresses and as a child life would STOP in the household if ever a sewing needle was lost! Nothing else could be done until THE needle was found. 😀

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  13. “Going to the store because I can..”

    Why else would I have been in a Bed bath & Beyond last Tuesday?
    And it was even more stale than I remember.. but I bought a concrete dog for my garden anyway..
    because it was there..and I felt like it!
    And from there I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods..
    (I KNOW!!)
    Yup..in a downpour no less..and it felt..
    YOWZA! 🤪

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      1. I was all swagger until I realized my stack of 5 year old, BUT STILL USABLE, 20% off coupons were in some drawer somewhere – at home. So yeah- I paid full price for my concrete lawn ornament..and I was STILL pretty damn happy!

        And hey..I had to laugh the other day about your comment on the 2020 planner..OMGOSH..Where do we go for a refund?..I mean for real..Maybe we should have a bonfire for 2020 planners on zoom. 🔥Kinda like book club..with smoke and flames..which could actually, quite possibly become a thing soon, right? 🤔

        I’m not sure I will EVER feel cocky (confident?) enough to buy another planner..seriously.

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  14. Oh my, I can so relate, my Amazon addiction is out of control. I need parental controls! We are still pretty buttoned up here in California (a COVID hot spot) and I’ve been managing with wine but there are limits to that sort of therapy for sure. The other day I learned that Spanx makes swimsuits, I checked Amazon, and yes indeed they carry them. I immediately put three styles in my cart but did not proceed to checkout. Today I returned to the heavily laden cart and decided on one. I put the rest in the “saved for later,” area with 300 other items. There is always something to clean out, now it’s my “save for later cart. Ugg I’m such a Kondo fail. C

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  15. I love your exquisite purchases of embroidery needles and a memory box for your beloved dog. So envious, too! I have just spent $80 on OTC meds for the horrible heartburn that has plagued me since the beginning of the quarantine. They cost that much because a) a friend told me the first one I ordered was no good and b) I then promptly ordered the one she recommended with next-day delivery because I am so miserable, and that costs a bundle. Stores are open here now, but I have still not dared to venture out.

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  16. Container store! Love this place. I go to Barnes and Noble but there is a smaller independent bookstore that I like to frequent. Right now I do not feel the need to go shopping except for food. I have found that I really don’t need to and that I was using it more for entertainment, plus I have saved money.

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