The numbers above represents sectors of people- each sector has the same amount of people.

Person A wants to sell essential oils.

Sector 0 loves essential oils. They are buying whatever you are selling because they are complete believers.

Sector 10 absolutely hates essential oils. They don’t even want to hear the words. They are never changing their mind about essential oils. So Person A is better off not selling to Sector 10.

Sectors 1 and 2 are pretty easy to persuade to the essential oil side of life. You have them at “oi”… they just need the very tiniest of pushes.

Sectors 3 and 4 require some persuasion, but you know you could get them.

Sector 5 are the people who are completely neutral about essential oils. This is where your work begins. How do you sell essential oils to someone who has no opinion?

Then there are sections 6, 7 and 8. They might not even know what essential oils are, or not enough about the situation. But they are willing to listen to your argument for essential oils.

How do you persuade the people who don’t know much, who don’t have an opinion, or haven’t really thought about it?

Well, you probably start with the soft sell. You give them samples. You give them examples. You persuade them as to why essential oils should be given a chance. You give them the pros of which there are many. You answer questions and illuminate them to things they might not have realized. You relay your experiences with essential oils so that they understand your point of view, why essential oils really ae essential to yours, and everyone’s way of life. If you do these things you are going to get people in sectors 5, 6, 7, and even 8 to think about your essential oil proposal. You are going to get many of these people to buy essential oils.

But say you go for the hard sale. Intimidate people into buying essential oils. Throw essential oils in their faces (remember when department stores used to spray perfume in people’s faces? how did that pan out?) Destroy other products that could compete with essential oils for shelf space…

You are probably going to lose sales in the sectors that you need to buy essential oils.

You are probably going to lose support in sector 4 who would traditionally be more likely to buy essential oils.

People in sector 5 who have been neutral might not go for essential oils either.

But what do I know? I’m not a particularly good salesperson…





26 thoughts on “Essential Oils

  1. Good points. I am a sales person and I get much better results when you aren’t pushy and putting products in people’s face. Show them what you have, samples and examples as you said above, seem to work much better. Plus it helps people to gain your trust. No one believes a pushy sales person, it feels like they just want to take your money.

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    1. Yup. I never buy from an overly aggressive sales push. I walk away. Iโ€™ve probably missed some really great products…


  2. I walk away from hard sales approaches. I am by nature suspicious due to the nature of my career. I believe everyone but I still need the documentation. Then I research. I am open to new ideas but reject unsubstantiated claims, and I look for reviews.
    Interestingly I have found vocal variation in speeches is effective, and if you really want people to listen carefully, slow down and speak softly while still projecting. The audience will focus on what you are saying. Allow pauses to digest the information, listen for feedback and respond to it – after all you are live and not canned video. – David

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  3. We always used to say that it was easier to sell to someone who kept records than someone who ran his business by instinct. It’s probably easier to sell to an intelligent 10 than a less knowledgeable 7. Complicated, isn’t it, but you make a very good point.

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