They’ve began daily marches down my street….

In protest.

The rallying cry…

“NYPD suck my dick”

Which is a really good chant as they’ve synchronized their cadence….

And they’ve kept the trash in the cans as they’ve set it on fire…

Any uncontainered trash has just been thrown in the street…

Fingers crossed…no broken windows or looting


On my street anyway…

This is just my reflection on the matter.

This is what I see, and hear, out my bedroom window.

61 thoughts on “Thursday reflections

  1. Blah. I’m sorry your world outside your window has deteriorated so much. I’d offer you refuge in 🇨🇦 but I don’t have a room to spare… If I did I’d sneak you through the border in Niagara Falls.

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  2. Sorry to hear of this. Who are these people and where are they from? Sometimes the better half of me wants to know their story and the real part of me states, “Get a life.” Hope your day improves.

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    1. My friend who lives in the middle of the action in union square states that she sees many out of town license plates. But it really doesn’t matter. This is not how you get people to become less “ist”….it takes away from the majority of people who are good and well intentioned…

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      1. Yes, they are probably as they are marching wondering who to blame: their parents, the system, the country, the President, etc. That is why they need a life. Well, thanks for listening. Hope things improve.

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  3. Oh no. I could not imagine. The riots have simmered down here but had kept about 20 minutes away from where I live…. still….just knowing it was happening was bad….I can’t imagine what you are feeling. Sending good vibes, whatever help that might be…. wishing you safety and peace. ❤️

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    1. Thank you. For the first time in my blogging life I have drafted a blog and then deleted it. Believe it or not, these are calm compared to my original thoughts….

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      1. I’m so sorry. Your post actually brought tears to my eyes. Even though I do not know you, I know you are a strong, warm, loving person who does the right thing. I enjoy your posts because they are so real. This is just so horrible all around. Stay strong!!

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  4. Stay safe LA! Just think of all the covid 19 that is probably flying around down there in the street. I hope the glass in your windows are strong.

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  5. I hope for safety for you LA and your family. In Vancouver after a lost hockey game final there was a riot. Nothing good came of it, and some people caught up in the emotion and then later prosecuted it was a low point, very low, and they regret their brief lapse in judgement. I am highly confident in saying that these rioters are a fraction of NY people and unfairly smirch the reputation of the city. I want justice reform in Canada and equality of treatment, and I am confident that most police in Canada feel the same even on those crappy assignments they sometimes or frequently have.

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    1. I completely understand the need to speak out against violence and unfair/unlawful/bad behavior. But I speak against all of it. Violence does not solve anything…it just makes things worse.

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  6. I am reading on the Chicago Tribune website that people are having difficulty filling their prescriptions because so many pharmacies have been damaged/looted or are closing in anticipation of these sorts of events. What are people thinking?

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  7. Observations from across the Pond, the longer I watch American politics the more I can’t help feeling Trump is the most divisive President I’ve known and I’ve always been captivated by your politics.

    (Btw my government is just as inept, 40,000 deaths and counting)

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  8. Too much going on, way, way, way too much. Thinking of all my American friends and sending positive, hopeful energy from Canada.

    Please stay safe. I hope the march is peaceful and instrumental in bringing about the needed change.

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  9. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. There is no excuse for this senseless violence. What a shame that just as we are beginning to open up again, we are shutdown. I feel for those who fear for their lives and for the safety of their families. I am praying for you and I know so many others are too.

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  10. As complicated as it is, as angry as we all are, I keep coming back to a simple truth — two wrongs don’t make a right — never have and never will! LA, I can’t even imagine what you and your family are going through! Please stay safe and hopefully this, too, shall pass. Mona

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    1. Thank you! This is more to reflect what is actually happening in real life, in real time to real people. I know there are people who think this is the right tactic to stop racism. But it’s sort of like saying it’s ok for a kid to shoot up a school to put a stop to bullying.

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      1. I’m just starting my diatribes. I’m normally quiet on issues
        Ike this but now I’ve had enough of the partisan nonsense that has hijacked all rational thought. The hypocrisy I’ve witnessed in the past five months is astounding

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  11. My heart broke for the woman whose neighborhood stores had been trashed. She didn’t know how she would get food. This is hurting some of the most vulnerable. How is that a positive effect?


  12. This does not bode well. I don’t get why people think violence is going to get the results they are purportedly seeking. I suspect the violent ones are really just looking for an excuse to do that sort of thing. A shame you have to live with it in your face.

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    1. I told someone yesterday…if violence is needed, does that mean it’s ok to shoot up a school because you’ve been bullied and want to end bullying?

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