David Dorn RIP

Dave Patrick Underwood RIP

Black lives matter

Blue lives matter

I believe it’s possible to mourn the loss of both black and blue lives.

You are allowed to disagree with me. That is your right. I respect your right to free and open thought.

But today, like yesterday, I do not encourage debate or open forum. Please respect my opinion.

27 thoughts on “Another day

    1. I’m outraged that no one is mourning the loss of them….that they will be a footnote buried deep inside the footnotes of mainstream media hypocrisy. We’ve lost two more African American men. But that doesn’t matter because it goes against the agenda.

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  1. Exactly. I had no fear going to the Middle East many years later because I don’t group all of them together. People reveal themselves by their actions. The rioters showed us their response and who they are.

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  2. Would be helpful if Donald Trump measured is angry inflammatory rhetoric, statements such as ‘when the looting starts so does the shooting’ are very unhelpful………….. Police lives matter! Sad times.

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  3. I was heartened that my daughter’s cross country team (college) released a statement condemning these incidents on social media. It’s unfortunate that the kids are all at home because, well, peaceful demonstrations on college campuses are part of our history..

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      1. Ugh. I can imagine. But honestly i don’t think the rioting looting is directly connected to the protest at least not all of the perpetrators. I hope everyone is safe at your place La.

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      2. It doesn’t matter. Rioters are being given a free pass to destroy things. That’s not right. What about the people who have been killed by rioters? That’s good? Aren’t we protesting senseless deaths?

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      3. Yeah everything is way out of control, saw a newsclipping about a girl that called 911 after feeling threatened by the presence of bat wielding agitators beating up non violent protesters, she was told it wasn’t her concern. The bat wielders are there to protect.

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  4. I live in a very low profile area. We have had vandalism to historical public university buildings and broken windows. Tonight a large group is obstructing a major intersection/road through town.

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