If anyone thinks that rioting, burning police cars, vandalizing, throwing garbage in the street, setting things on fire, defacing national monuments, and physically assaulting others is the right way to enact change anywhere, the right way to honor the memory of someone….please stop reading my blog. Just unsubscribe. Block me.

You are part of the problem.

I believe that the vast majority of people are good, respectful and decent. I believe that others should be treated with goodwill, respect and decency.

You have a right to not feel as I do.

But next time your child, or spouse or anyone does something egregious, please feel free to beat the crap out of them. I’m sure that will solve the issue, because violence is always the answer…

This is not a political statement. This is a human statement.

Normally I encourage people to oppose me, to argue with me.

Today is not that day.

63 thoughts on “Today

    1. Thank you. The worst we’ve experienced in our neighborhood is thrown trash and dumpster fires. But I live about a ten minute walk from union square, where much of the rioting is taking place. I’m at a loss

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  1. I completely agree with your post. Thought about writing a similar post on my blog but will likely never get around to it.

    On Sunday night, my midwestern hometown of around 125K had numerous acts of vandalisms, two shooting deaths, and a police officer who was shot at. One of the shooting deaths happened near a WalMart where people were “protesting”. Still don’t know who the shooter was. Many reports of gunfire all around the city. Numerous businesses from big box stores to family owned had property damage.

    Both the Wal Marts in the college town area I live in closed early yesterday and put up barricades in front of their entrances. There was a curfew in a neighboring town. I honestly can’t remember anything like this occurring before where I live, that a business would have to proactively secure itself against anticipated vandalism.

    I know someone who lives in Minneapolis. She lives close enough to the violence that she is afraid her home will be vandalized or set on fire.

    I saw that one of the businesses in Minneapolis that was set on fire was an Auto Zone. We personally rarely shop there. But I know many that do so that they can save money doing their own repairs, and to them this is a “necessary” business. What do people think they are accomplishing by doing this? Do they think AutoZone will want to reopen?

    Was very sad to see that the WW2 Memorial was vandalized.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in NYC right now.

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    1. I am disgusted. I am outraged. And there are people who think that these acts of vandalism are warranted. I can not accept that line of thought. Does violence ever solve anything? I’ve certainly never seen it. And to throw every police officer under the bus when they have literally helped everyone the past few months is unconscionable. I could go on but I’m afraid my outrage will begin to show

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      1. Also wanted to add that many other law enforcement agencies had to help my hometown police cover all of the disturbances, it was beyond their capabilities. The county is asking the governor for further assistance from the National Guard. Hoping that people simmer down and none of that will be needed.

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      2. This is just disgusting. And taking away from being able to mourn the man whose life was lost. It takes away from the good that was trying to be done

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  2. I saw video of a young husband and wife trying to keep looters from entering their little store. The beating they took at the hands (and sticks) of these rabid, roving criminals was beyond, beyond, beyond shocking.

    Forget the curfews, these cities under siege need to enforce a total “off the streets” policy starting right now. No more playing footsie with Medusa..the line between peaceful protests and murderous mayhem is way too thin right now. If they could do it because of Corona, they can do it now because there is war (literally) raging in the streets ..and as far as I know Covid is still lurking out there too, RIGHT??

    There are 393 million civilian owned firearms in the US and 67% reported to PEW that they own their weapons for protection. We’d better all hope and pray that our police and National Guard are able to stop this violence before people feel they have no choice but to take matters into their own hands.. At that point, all bets are off.

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    1. If anyone thinks this is the “right” thing they are idiots. This is no longer a peaceful protest against a wrong. This is coordinated domestic terrorism. And the media is once again fueling the fire. All those people who were worried about reopening….where are they now? I’m in nyc. I see firsthand what is happening. You have no idea how outraged I am, and what my first draft of my post looked like…

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  3. Cindy, I have been also wondering about the possibility for COVID-19 transmission with the rioting. My state has mostly opened back up with some restrictions and most people I see in public aren’t wearing a mask, so I guess many just don’t care or don’t think it is an issue.

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    1. I saw a report the other day that said they expect 20,000 new cases to emerge thanks to this mayhem.. honestly, I think that’s a low estimate, but I hope to God that I’m just being way too pessimistic..which is happening a lot right now. 😢

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    1. Cindy, I’ve seen a lot of the “I’m against looting but…” type comments on my Facebook. It makes me wonder who these people are.

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  4. There is plenty of rage out there, and when you consider what has happened over the last five years, there is good reason for it. But unfortunately, the protesters are being drowned out by the looters And one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

    I agree with you, there is no place for that.

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  5. I agree. It’s possible to be against discrimination, police brutality and also be against rioting, arson, looting and even killing. It’s not an either/or. The either/or is whether or not you believe in violence. I don’t.

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