32 thoughts on “Puzzle day 2

  1. Have you read all of these books? There are a few titles I can’t see, I’d appreciate it if you listed them. (Reading nerd!)
    I’ve read most of the ones I can see and actually was part of a small group at Stony Brook University that worked with one of the authors, Brit Bennett and took classes with Meg Wolitzer. Very interesting selection of books!

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    1. One of the reasons I liked this puzzle is because I’ve read many of them….I’ve read Eleanor oliphant, my brilliant friend, light between oceans, elegance of the hedgehog, history of live, rules of civility, Bernadette, take for the time being, interestingd, time travelers wife, room, kite runner, American marriage, language of flowers, secret life of bees, olive k, Paris wife and state of wonder. Ones I didn’t read were red tent, luckyboy, the mothers, behind the beautiful

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  2. Beautiful puzzle! Wow — this is a LONG puzzle. What are the dimensions. I see that you are rolling it up. I’ve always wondered if that works. Yes/No? What was the name of this one. I really like it. Great purchase. 🙂 We love books, so it feels like looking at your bookshelf, right.

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    1. It’s 17×27. The rolling is average…when we need the table we just kind of lift and move. The felt is a little difficult to connect the pieces sometimes cause it’s not flat, but it’s best we can do with limited space. I got this off amazon and the manufacturer is Galison. Galison does have a store but many of their puzzles are sold out. I actually saw this on either PureWow or buzzfeed and thought it was fun!!

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      1. Thanks… I thought the felt would be like you say, but again, when we have limited space and if we are not working the puzzle every day, good to have the option of putting it aside. Thanks!

        Interesting… puzzles and games are SOLD OUT. Back to the old days when we did things “at home,” right. 🙂

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    1. I normally do outline first….my first step in this was to get all the edges out….but all the solid pieces look annoyingly the same so I got the top and bottom of the frame done and then I git frustrated and worked inside out. It’s working mainly except towards The Mothers where I know I’ve made a mistake, so may start to do outside in….my guess is very little will get done today….😉I picked this because I’ve actually read most of the books…and I’m adding the ones I haven’t to my tbr

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  3. Oh no, now that I can see more of it and close up it’s one of those that the shapes are literally all the same and can go just about anywhere with only a smidge of difference. My original like of the puzzle has decreased significantly 😦 I do however greatly admire your determination 🙂

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    1. It’s funny but I was going to tell you that…the pieces are eerily shaped alike so it’s really easy to screw up! Which we did at the top. Finishing is going to be slow going

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  4. I’m glad you answered my question before I asked it. The puzzle is really long, not just a skewing by the camera. We have a family routine. Outer edges first, then the grandsons work the easy areas while I do sky. It works for us. I’m enjoying watching your puzzle without having to find a single piece.


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