I’m sort of in a mood….so I’m going to post pictures of my progress with this puzzle till I’m over it. I got this yesterday (ordered it weeks ago) and I started last night…

47 thoughts on “Week 11

  1. Glad to see you back! Missed your viewpoint.
    Wouldn’t it be great to have a custom puzzle with all your favourite book titiles, or covers?

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      1. Yes, I have heard of that. It is probably a place that prints mugs, etc. I wonder what the quality of the pieces are?


  2. Hmm..I was in a mood yesterday too. What is your status up there anyway, restriction wise. I know you’ve been able to go to Target (I’m going today) but what is the rest of it all like? I hear about all of this NY shut down..but then I see pictures of people all over, so I’m confused. (If you don’t want to talk about it- mood situation and all- this can certainly wait..I was just curious.)👍

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    1. You nailed part of my point about this whole thing….we are technically supposed to only go out when necessary. But…as you see….people are out and about. Drug stores, liquor stores, restaurants and bars, markets are all open as deemed essential. The rules are very washy washy…and while they remain washy washy, it’s just a mess….

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      1. Maybe this is by design to avoid a big “Grand Opening” so to speak..it’s like a “small leak Non-Grand Opening..” Who knows anymore..and I’m quickly getting to “who cares..”

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      2. Big sigh….. I know exactly how you feel, this past weekend our UK Government completely trashed a health policy and all the hard work and sacrifices of millions of people just so they could save one political advisor, but without wishing to sound trite the Sun will rise tomorrow and we live to ‘fight’ another day. Keep smiling LA 🙂


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