Because what is life without whimsy, we are going to do another edition of favorite Friday. Feel free to add your answers in comments, post on your own blog or just make fun of my answers…

  1. Favorite Instrument- piano
  2. Favorite Thing About America-freedom- well, you know…
  3. Favorite Season- spring
  4. Favorite Olympic Sport-Figure Skating
  5. Favorite board game: for a long time Clue was my fave, but I will say, pandemic has introduced us to Ticket to Ride and I’m obsessed…
  6. Favorite Store in the Mall- OK- I rarely go to malls. NYC has what are know as shopping centers, but unless you have a Cartier in your mall, I’m guessing there is a slight divergence in stores. But the last time I went to a mall, I think I really liked Brookstone
  7. Favorite Extracurricular Activity- ummm…reading….
  8. Favorite Fruity Candy- Starburst
  9. Favorite Simpsons Character-I know it’s been on for 30+ years, but I’ve never watched an episode
  10. Favorite Band or Music artist- this totally changes on my mood. at this moment I’m liking Cage the Elephant

thanks to for the prompts

28 thoughts on “Treze- Favorite Friday

  1. Favorite Instrument- clarinet

    Favorite Thing About America- scenery, landscape (so much to see)

    Favorite Season- fall

    Favorite Olympic Sport- hockey

    Favorite board game: none

    Favorite Store in the Mall- I hate shopping but do like Winners ot Indigo (bookstore)

    Favorite Extracurricular Activity- writing, gardening when seasonally appropriate

    Favorite Fruity skiddles

    Favorite Simpsons Character- none

    Favorite Band or Music artist- depends but I’m on a Blue Rodeo kick

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  2. 1. Piano
    2. Unfortunately I never got to visit the USA
    3. Summer
    4. Women’s track athletics……… Women’s Beach Volleyball……….. Women’s swimming…………….
    5. Scrabble? (Loath Monopoly)
    6. Tool stores
    7. Making model fire engines from Wood
    8. Roundtrees fruit pastilles
    9. I must admit I could never get into the Simpsons (tooo childish)……….. ‘King Of The Hill’ was always my fave, love cartoons which have something to say!
    10. U2

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  3. Favorite Instrument- anything of the brass variety
    Favorite Thing About America- uh no comment
    Favorite Season- Fall
    Favorite Olympic Sport- Gymnastics
    Favorite board game: Tie of Life and Monopoly
    Favorite Store in the Mall- Barnes and Noble
    Favorite Extracurricular Activity- Watching Movies
    Favorite Fruity Candy- none, gave it up
    Favorite Simpsons Character- only watched this cartoon when it was on the Tracey Allman Show. So, none.
    Favorite Band or Music artist- Really dig Lizzo


  4. Favorite Instrument- electric guitar
    Favorite Thing About America- People, and Places like Siesta Beach, Lido Beach, Seattle
    Favorite Season- Autumn
    Favorite Olympic Sport- Curling
    Favorite board game: Simpsons Monopoly
    Favorite Store in the Mall- Indigo-Chapters (book store)
    Favorite Extracurricular Activity- ummm…cycling
    Favorite Fruity Candy- Starburst
    Favorite Simpsons Character-Lisa
    Favorite Band or Music artist- this changes all the time but mostly from the seventies, probably Paul McCartney , never even heard of Cage the Elephant –


  5. Instrument- to play is accordion to listen is guitar
    America-The various landscapes to travel
    Olympic Sport-No clue
    Board Game-Monopoly
    Store- Changes as they keep closing!! Was Teavana
    Activity-making quilts
    Fruity Candy-Laughy Taffy
    Simpson’s-Never watched
    Band-Depends in Mood today it’s Poison


  6. Favorite season would be Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter. 🙂 I love the warmer weather Spring brings and seeing flowers bloom, but my allergies do not like it!
    Love watching figure skating, they make it look so easy!
    We got a speed Monopoly game at Christmas. Love it! You can play each hand in 10 minutes. 🙂
    Never watched the Simpsons either!
    Reading as an activity, YES! Too bad it doesn’t burn calories. LOL!


  7. Apologies for my scattershot reply in which I piecemeal a handful of my own, but running is probably my favorite activity. Favorite thing about America? A baseball game in the evening . . . Favorite season? Spring. Favorite store in the mall? I don’t go there enough to know. And favorite band? Kansas.

    Also, I’ve only watched a handful of Simpson’s episodes and it’s been decades since the last one.


  8. Favorite Instrument- bass (both the double bass and the bass guitar)
    Favorite Thing About America- that Virginia is in it
    Favorite Season- fall
    Favorite Olympic Sport- figure skating or ski jump
    Favorite board game: even though it’s not an actual board game, Taboo. But if I had to pick an actual board game, I’d say Ticket to Ride
    Favorite Store in the Mall- I haven’t been to the mall in about 956 years but I like the pretzel joint, Auntie Anne’s
    Favorite Extracurricular Activity- shoot days
    Favorite Fruity Candy LemonHeads
    Favorite Simpsons Character- Bart
    Favorite Band or Music Artist- Vampire Weekend or The Kills


  9. Instrument-piano
    America-freedom to roam
    Olympic sport-swimming
    Monopoly or chess
    Favorite store in the mall-the food court…stores change so often
    Favorite band or music artist-Joseph Satriani


  10. #1 – I never met an instrument I didn’t love
    #2 – So many places to go and explore: Road Trips!
    #3 – Fall/Autumn, it’s such a fantastic season it has two names
    #4 – Ski Jumping
    #5 – Backgammon (it’s on the back of a checkerBOARD so it’s a board game, right?) And Ticket to Ride is on our list of ‘to trys’ 🙂
    #6 – Barnes & Nobel Books
    #7 – Gardening
    #8 – Do Twizzlers count?
    #9 – Same as you!!!!
    #10 – Lots, but right now, today – Wes Montgomery, Ida Presti & Stevie Wonder

    Stay safe, you New Yorker, you!


  11. I’m with you on the Simpsons (or just about any TV show). I love soprano saxophone. Starburst, yum, though I’ve been on a Mike & Ike’s kick lately. Every season is my favorite at the beginning of it. No favorite sport or board game (though we enjoy cribbage once in a while). Couldn’t care less about malls. Is research an extracurricular activity?


  12. I know I’m late, but here’s my answers.

    Favorite Instrument- guitar
    Favorite Thing About America- wide open spaces
    Favorite Season- spring
    Favorite Olympic Sport-Figure Skating
    Favorite board game: candyland or chutes & ladders. They’re over quickly and makes the kids happy
    Favorite Store in the Mall- NONE! Hate shopping
    Favorite Extracurricular Activity- reading
    Favorite Fruity Candy- twizzlers
    Favorite Simpsons Character- Maggie
    Favorite Band or Music artist- don’t really have a favorite artist, barely have a favorite genre. But I like listening to Meatloaf because it annoys the ex!


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