Another day in paradise…

As you may know, my birthday was this week, and it fell on Mother’s Day. I really love my birthday and every year we have certain things that we do. This year we were planning to add a spa afternoon for my daughter and me.


I am very grateful to my family, especially my daughter, for doing everything possible to make my day special, memorable and enjoyable.

Pictures tomorrow…

43 thoughts on “Sete- Gratitude

  1. I don’t think I wished you a happy birthday! Happy belated! 🌺 I’m glad you enjoyed your day. Hopefully the spa day can still happen in the not so distant future. I could do with one too! 😂

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  2. My daughter gave me an at home spa day once years ago..I was lying on the lounge outside as ordered when suddenly I was hit with a burning pain on the back of my leg..she had microwaved a few rocks from the garden for a hot rock treatment.. The burn mark eventually went away..but the story lives on!

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    1. I love her, we have a great relationship, and because of these two things I know that she has to start figuring out who she is without me. I’m secure in our relationship and even when she was away we remained close. I’m ready to let her soar….being stuck inside looking at her computer all day isn’t good…

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  3. Awh!! Happy belated bday! I was going to tske my daughter for a spa day when she turned 21 but…..We still will!
    Anxious to see how your family made your bday special! ❤ Birthdays should always be special!

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    1. As you know, my problem is with the hypocrisy of it all. The bars in nyc are selling drinks through the front windows. People hang outside drinking and smoking and not wearing masks. Blocking sidewalks. How that’s essential is beyond me….

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  4. These are rather depressing times to have a birthday, but on the other hand, it’s touching when people go out of their way to help you celebrate as much as they can. Hope you enjoyed it as much as possible!

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