So- let’s play another round of Friday Favorites:

Feel free to write your answers in the comments, use it on your own blog, or comment about my choices!!!

  1. Favorite Harry Potter Movie: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  2. Favorite String Instrument: Guitar, but I love me a little Yo Yo Ma, so cello isn’t far behing
  3. Favorite Country you want to visit: Australia
  4. Favorite Breed of Dog: I think my dog is a  yorkie, so there’s that, but I prefer small dogs of any breed
  5. Favorite Extreme Sport you’re too scared to do: favorite and extreme sport do not belong in the same sentence. I have no favorite and I’m scared of all of them
  6. Favorite Childhood Memory: When I was little we went to this place that I think was called Land of Make believe. I always loved stories and fairy tales and I remember playing in little houses set up like goldilocks and little sets. I was probably about 3
  7. Favorite Place to Shop: Barnes and Noble
  8. Favorite Candle Scent: Ok- generally it’s lavender. But…someone gifted me a grapefruit candle from Nest, and seriously, it’s most gorgeous candle ever…but that might actually be the brand talking
  9. Favorite chocolate candy: good milk chocolate truffle, or heath bar
  10. Favorite Hobbit from Lord of the Rings: Frodo

38 thoughts on “Seis- Favorites Friday

  1. Your childhood memory of the Land of Make-believe is sweet. I can only imagine how much fun those little houses must have been for a kid. Kind of like a child’s version of Home-a-rama!

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  2. 1. Favorite Harry Potter Movie: So long since I’ve watched any of the movies I can’t really remember. Maybe Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
    2. Favorite String Instrument: Guitar
    3. Favorite Country you want to visit: Australia
    4. Favorite Breed of Dog: Not sure I have a favourite breed – any dog that’s friendly and doesn’t drool too much 😂
    5. Favorite Extreme Sport you’re too scared to do: I’m scared of all extreme sports but then I have recently tried canyoning and sky diving. Maybe now I’d have to say scuba diving or skiing.
    6. Favorite Childhood Memory: It’s hard to pick one memory that stands out. I always enjoyed holidays in Northern Ireland with my cousins. My grandparents and parents would take us to all sorts of tourist attractions that seemed really fun to me at the time.
    7. Favorite Place to Shop: Hobbycraft
    8. Favorite Candle Scent: Something fruity like pomegranate or I’m quite partial to jasmine.
    9. Favorite chocolate candy: I would have said malteasers in the past but I don’t eat them anymore. These days I only really eat plain chocolate.
    10. Favorite Hobbit from Lord of the Rings: I’ve never managed to read the whole book or watch a whole movie so I don’t know.

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  3. 1. Harry Potter…Sorcerer’s Stone
    2. String Instrument…Acoustic Guitar
    3. Favorite Country…Switzerland
    4. Favorite Breed of Dog…either a Golden Retriever or a Border Collie
    5. Extreme Sport… Bungie Jump. I’m afraid when the cord stops you from hitting the bottom it will jerk my back out!!! Ouch!!!
    6. Childhood Memory….going to Backbone State Park and having family picnics and playing in the creeks.
    7. Place to Shop…Small cutesy stores
    8. Candle Scent…Vanilla
    9. Favorite chocolate candy..Dark chocolate with subtle flavoring like cherry or ginger
    10. Favorite Hobbit….never watched the show, heard of hobbits but not sure what a hobbit is… going to google it later😆

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  4. 1)Favorite Harry Potter movie…..all of them? the ones where the Harry was younger?
    2)String Instrument…most of them? My parents dabbled in trying out the mandolin and the ukelele….those two are NOT on my list
    3)Country I want to visit…England, Ireland, Scotland. I had made plans to do some travelling this summer, before the pandemic was a thing. It was a dream trip for me. Not sure when I will reschedule.
    4)Favorite dog breed…I have a mutt so out of loyalty to her I can’t claim a favorite dog breed.
    5)Extreme Sport….No thanks.
    6)Childhood Memory. …not sure. We moved for my dad’s job when I was 7. I have memories of things being more idyllic before we moved.
    7)Place to shop…I’d give anything right now to be able to travel to a small cutesy store!
    8)Candle scent…Christmas type scents, baking scents, vanilla. Completely unrelated but someone who shares my workspace brought in a bag of pickles to munch on….that should be illegal at work, the smell just concentrated in a shared workspace.
    9)Chocolate…not really a fan of dark chocolate…give me some good milk chocolate! Or those Lindt white chocolate truffles. I know, white chocolate is not real chocolate.
    10)Hobbit….I have no idea!

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  5. Favorite Harry Potter Movie: I like them all so I can’t pick a favorite.
    Favorite String Instrument: Guitar
    Favorite Country you want to visit: Australia but England is there too.
    Favorite Breed of Dog: Ours is a Spaniel/Terrier mix and I think I like the Spaniel side better 🙂
    Favorite Extreme Sport you’re too scared to do: Not a sport person at all so extreme would be out of the question.
    Favorite Childhood Memory: Going to visit Santa and ride the roof rides on top of the Emporium. Also, any time going into San Francisco.
    Favorite Place to Shop: Michaels and Barnes and Noble are tied.
    Favorite Candle Scent: Vanilla
    Favorite chocolate candy: MILKY WAY or 3 Musketeers.
    Favorite Hobbit from Lord of the Rings: I can’t remember them but Bilbo Baggins is a fun name to say.

    Happy Friday, LA.

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  6. Favorite hobbit is a tough one. I’ve gotta go with Samwise Gamgee. The whole quest would have fallen apart if not for him! Plus, he gets the girl in the end. I’m a sucker for a love story with a happy ending, I guess.

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