Two of my blog friends took pictures of their bookshelves yesterday (one was Kin but I’m sorry I don’t remember who did the other one)

I thought it was kind of fun to see what people keep on their shelves, how they arrange them, etc, so guess what I did?

I was going to give you a tour of my bookshelves, with some descriptive language, but I figured I’d turn this into a game: what can you deduce about me from my bookshelves, or in this case, my shelves…

Are these what you thought my shelves would look like? Vastly different? Anything in them that surprises you? Make total sense?

What do my shelves say….

63 thoughts on “Cinco- Bookshelves

  1. Well, I’ve never contemplated what your shelves, or anyone else’s shelves, would look like. I’m very open-minded when it comes to shelving, decorating of said– yours, mine, theirs. So let me say, nicely shelved.

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    1. I have carefully curated my absolute favorite memories and things. I add when something really means something to me….


    1. I love seeing people’s purses, nightstands, etc…a view to how they live really….my books are grouped into three categories…and then it’s size order….

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  2. Ordered – as I felt there would be! But the care in placement shows your sentimental side as well as what you deem important and not like at my house where the bookshelves have lots of different things and I only know the area of where one might find whatever item you’re looking for! LOL

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  3. Erm, you are very tidy, I will post some photos of ours/mine (I share books shelves with my son). Should I tidy first or do you want the really picture?

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