One of the most common blog questions I’ve seen recently is “What have you learned over the past few months…”


Second- I have two answers: one answer is not printable in my trying to be PG13 blog, and the other is more of a self revelation.

So here is the self revelation:

I have always fancied myself an arm chair detective. I read who dun it’s and I watch mysteries on TV. We all know that I have a strange fascination with the Hallmark Channel mysteries. I sit and try to figure out who the murderer is before the TV sleuth. I always think, wouldn’t it be nice to live in a small town like Cabot Cove and have murders just handed to me to solve?

Yeah. Good times.

But then over the period which shall remain nameless, I read a book “The Last Guest House” by Megan Miranda. I’m not about to spoil the plot…I’m just mentioning one thing that seems to happen in every mystery…

The protagonist finds evidence and instead of turning it into the police, she keeps it and starts to investigate on her own.

Are you ready?

In real life if I ever found evidence I would immediately bring it to the police.

I once found a wallet on the street. I picked it up and walked to the police station and left it with them. I found a cell phone one time- same thing. Police station. Wash my hands of it. Didn’t open the wallet, didn’t try the cell phone…

The revelation?

I could never be the heroine in a cozy mystery.


I would never try to peer into a window, look for odd footprints, carry a plastic bag in case I found evidence. (though as a dog owner I do seem to be able to pull plastic bags out of thin air) I would bring evidence directly to the police.

I am not cut out to be Jessica Fletcher.

I could never start a real murderer’s club where the goal each month is to solve an unsolved mystery.

I am perfectly content having a cup of tea and solving a page bound mystery from the brown chair in the corner of my living room. (FYI- same chair where I got my psych degree)

I don’t have any interest in solving a real mystery…


Mind blown.

For the past 56 years I have fancied myself a younger hipper Jane Marple….and now, to figure out I will never be Jane… (and my younger, hipper days are receding into the background…)


when people ask what I learned from coronagate, the short answer will be:

I’ll never solve a mystery…


73 thoughts on “Quatro- Mystery

  1. Lol!
    I actually think this is a good thing. Turning over a found wallet, cell phone, etc is being a good person. I cringe when people try to find the person, it’s like they are seeking a reward or attention of some type. Ewww.

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      1. I’m not sure how to do that..if you click my name on a comment I think it will take you there..if that doesn’t work, I can e-mail you a link later when I’m done puttering for the day.

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      2. I apologize about all of this confusion 🙂 looks like my profile picture is still linked to my old’s a link to the one I’m currently posting on :

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  2. I couldn’t do it either. I find something suspicious and instantly call the police. Now, that could have backfired on me once on a cruise ship. I was outside sunbathing and reached under my lounge chair to get something out of my bag and realized there was a purse next to it. I promptly took it to security thinking I’d just turn it in. After looking into the purse for an I.d., the security guy paged the person, but wouldn’t let me leave. When the person came he had her look through the bag to make sure nothing had been taken. Thank goodness she said everything was there and thanked me for turning it in. When she left, the security guy told me it would have been better for me if I’d left it there and acted like I’d never seen it. He said there were scammers who would “lose”’a purse and then accuse the finder of taking money out of it. Weird, but true.

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    1. I guess the security people see it all. It would never occur to me that being a Good Samaritan in this instance could backfire. Long gone are my father’s days when he thought nothing of picking up a hitchhiker. We never locked the backdoor. We did lock the front door on the rare occasion that we were going to be gone overnight. I know there has always been evil in the world, but it certainly seems more widespread today. Even Medicare puts out warnings about scammers using the Covid pandemic to try to get money out of people.😞

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  3. Funny, I have never enjoyed reading mysteries, but I like watching them on tv or listening to them while I take a walk or am driving, cleaning etc. I have usually figured them out, but would never do anything to try to do it in real life. My husband and I watch a lot of British television mysteries and what I have learned(not about myself) is that people seem to be pretty offhand in dealing with “coppers”, even bordering on rude. Don’t think that would go down well here.

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  4. And I always want to know the bottom line. I would need to peer inside the wallet or try the phone just like in my blogs I try to get the story behind the bloggers and sometimes I scare them off!But not you, you are a true New Yorker.


      1. I have found a few wallets discarded in our local park but have never left it hanging around. There is nothing inside the wallet indicating some things were taken. However, husband did have an experience with a local homeowner when he found his name and returned his driver’s license. His bag had been taken when he left his car door unlocked.

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  5. I confess my reactions are different, and I would try to find the owner of the wallet or cell phone. It’s just my automatic reaction but maybe it shouldn’t be since I read that about the purse on the ship. It reminds me of a weird occurrence once. One mall close to home has only a slight slant to the parking lot. I was walking across the lot and a parked car started slowly rolling backwards, and picking up speed. I ran over and stopped it just in time from hitting another car parked across the lot. I did manage to push it back to it’s spot and leave a note letting the person know and to use their brake. I had to use leaves and grass to form a wedge under the tire to keep it from rolling back again. That person probably didn’t even believe me it happened.

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  6. When I was a kid I read every Nancy Drew book and I was so sure that I was destined to be Nancy Drew someday…. but as much as I like to do research I too would turn everything over to the authorities. Heck, I can’t even investigate a noise in the house at night!!! Must’ve been dreaming the other night. I woke up and I swore to my husband that I could hear somebody grinding coffee in the kitchen…..and thought he should check it out!! His answer was priceless, “If someone wants to break into our house and grind our morning coffee let them” and he went back to sleep!!! Nancy Drew would have checked it out! Me…I fell back to sleep!!!

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  7. I used to love mysteries, but so many of them featured at least one (if not more) major peeve of mine when it comes to stories. The big one being a Scooby Doo ending where the bad guy just spills his guts because he got caught. I always prefer it when books make at least a token effort to mimic reality and that simply isn’t it. I have found it hilarious that the concept has become something to poke fun at. The whole bad guy monologue can make for some really entertaining reading when done well.

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  8. That’s a funny revelation! Well, I do have a law enforcement degree, but never really played detective IRL. However, I did find some interesting stuff while cleaning up trash on my property the was next to a major road. Once it was a wallet and I called the owner. Her purse had been stolen about 2 weeks earlier. Once I found part of a front bumper, including the license plate! I don’t remember if I mentioned it to the police, but I think I just threw it in the trash. Bad call.


  9. Interesting question – not sure I want to answer that right now, maybe when the old black dog has returned to his kennel. But I agree with you on mysteries – to an extent – I’m always commenting & making interjections as I watch TV programmes, but I’ve come to think that’s more to do with the fact that I read a great deal, so am familiar with the process by which writers lay trails of breadcrumbs.

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  10. First off, I suspect my unprintable answer would be rather similar to your unprintable answer.
    But yes, even though I LOVE to read mysteries, I’ve never been able to understand why so many of the main characters decide to carry out their own investigations. Some books get around that problem by making the protagonist a detective, or the major suspect so they must clear their own name, but often, really unbelievable reasons are given. Sorta ruins my enjoyment of the book.

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    1. I’ve haven’t exploded in my blog yet, but if I see that question on another blog I don’t hesitate giving my opinion on how I’ve never seen people act so irrationally and hypocritically…

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  11. Turning it all over immediately washes your hands clean of having to do anything and shows integrity. Simple solution. Leave the Miss Marple to others and enjoy reading about their adventures! I would have probably tried to open the cell to help, but as I was walking to the precinct. 🙂

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    1. Everyone has their phones password protected now. I knew that would be useless. Plus with my luck it would have been involved in a crime and the less prints the better….or someone was trying to set me up in a murder, or….


      1. Oh I hadn’t even thought about that! :). You’re right! Ok, you’ve just probably saved me from a bum murder rap because I won’t try to open the phone now! 🙂 LOL

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  12. I guess I need to rework my murder mystery……convicted evidence-hoarder here……but I don’t know how else to move the plot along other than doing the sleuthing myself…..I think lack the imagination for this genre. Although I enjoy reading them, I hardly ever guess the ending….that might have been a clue that it was beyond me.

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  13. Wow! I love those Hallmark mysteries, too. Some are less enjoyable than others, but usually I’m desperate for some down time so I watch whatever is on. 😂. I got up at 2 a.m. Sun. morning & there was Jessica on the TV! (I was thrilled but could not stay up until the resolution.)

    I read many many Nancy Drew mysteries as a kid so I guess I got addicted. Maybe you did, too.

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  14. I like your sense of humor. Now, down to business. If you subscribe to HULU, and if you aren’t already acquainted with this series, I strongly recommend ELEMENTARY. It’s a modern day adaption of Sherlock Holmes starring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Watson. Each episode is unique and fascinating. Liu and Miller are superb in the lead roles. I’m on the first season and I’d like it if the series never ended. I discovered Miller in the series Eli Stone on Prime. I dearly loved this series as well. Sadly, it only lasted for two seasons.

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