Raise your hands if you knew I was going to write a post about organizing? I know Robyn did and she has been eagerly awaiting it…

A few weeks ago I read Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything by BJ Fogg PhD.

Brilliant book.


I found it brilliant because I’m the type of person who develops patterns and routines for everything. I keep a planner going even during Coronagate. For someone like me, I found his hints and tips very interesting and fairly easy to incorporate these things into my already existing routine.

If you are a free spirit, I don’t know how well you would incorporate these things into your life. He is the master of what I call the “tack on”. if you want to start a new habit, tie it into a habit you already have- ie his example is when he brushes his teeth he will floss one tooth… It’s really about muscle memory: you do A then follow it up with B- it’s automatic…

Now here’s what is interesting to me. While reading this book, I came up with a better organization system for things in my house.

Madness, right?

Organization is a never ending process. You are constantly adapting your routine because you are constantly changing. Or, in this case, I was able to build a better mousetrap.

How do you account for chores you do daily, weekly, and monthly?, I

I had a combo system: daily chores went onto a chart and I would check them off as done. At the end of the week I would write a new list.

For weekly and monthly chores I would set alarms on my phone.

Ahh…phone alarms that remind you to do a chore.

Fogg specifically talks about this in his book, and after reading this part, I realized what was wrong with the system that I was using. He states that sometimes you aren’t home or are busy when these alarms go off, and then you forget what you were supposed to remember.

Ah…yes…sometimes I’m walking the dog or writing or exercising or whatever…

Good point BJ…


If you get ten chore reminders, it becomes like white noise. You get ten chore reminders and 5 calendar appointments and a notification from your horoscope app, and facebook and animal crossing (that’s what the cool kids are playing this week, right?) beeps…

Which ones are you paying attention to?

Which ones are you swiping left to? If you’re ditching “wash comforter” for a tweet, is that comforter ever getting washed?

Pont: BJ

I had too many flashing reminders on my phone and things were definitely getting lost in the cracks of the phone…

So what did I do, you ask?

Well, I have two dry erase boards and a magnetic strip in my kitchen- One was for notes and one was a weekly calendar. They had a purpose when my daughter was in school- now they sort of stood blank…

So I repurposed them.

On the one labeled notes, I listed all the daily chores that I do: feed pets, change litter, etc. On the weekly one I wrote all the things I do once a week (laundry, change sheets, etc) Then on a piece of paper, I wrote down the days 1-30. Next to each number I wrote down one chore that I do o a monthly basis (clean out fridge, etc).

It is so much easier to take care of normal household stuff.

I make little dry erase checks and then I wipe clean at the end of the day.



My family sees what needs to be done, so they’ve just been doing things without me yelling reminding them to help…

I’ve adapted to find a system that works better for me.

So when people ask what I learned in quarentine it will not be learning how to make sourdough starter or Portugese or line dancing. I will proudly say that I came up with a better organizing system…


47 thoughts on “Duas- Organizing

  1. Organizing the organizing…a women after my own heart!
    Favorite part of this entire new concept: family seeing and doing without drama. Miraculous 🙂

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  2. Great tips and general enough that everyone can adapt them to their current system as you did. It seems like a major overhaul of organizing for you, but it really is just thinking about what you have always done in a different way. And any system that encourages family help without nagging is a win!

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    1. No nagging is genius…and no one tells me “I unloaded the dishwasher” waiting for a thank you….organizing is about tweaking things so they work for you….

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  3. LA, you’re my hero!
    A L L H A I L!! (applicable Night Vale reference)
    This speaks to my very soul. I started this book yesterday, thoughts, ideas, and plans are already hatching. I’m downright giddy!

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  4. You kept your planner going during CORONA????? 🤯 I keep thinking we’d be friends if I lived down the block, but maybe not..HAHA…

    Although I did set a phone timer last night to remind me to cut into the watermelon we bought and stuffed into the garage fridge…(three days ago.)

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    1. It keeps me sane. I write what I’m making fir dinner, which exercise video my daughter and I are going to do, what movies we want to watch at night…I need to have routines and something to look forward to

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  5. Totally get the part about too many alerts on the phone. I tried and failed to organise my house/life like that in the past. I’m mind-blown that your family are seeing what’s to be done and just doing it. I’ve tried so many times/strategies to get something that works for getting everyone to help. Much respect to you LA. 😊

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  6. I love decluttering and achieving things but being told what to do by a list or a beep from the phone? I’de rather eat glass. It’s a positive that you are organised, and living in your part of the world may make it more of a priority, but I was ruled by a clock all my working life. I’ve learned that if it doesn’t get done no-one dies. Life is way to short……….in laid back Subtropical Qld.

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    1. I think it’s a personality thing. Not halving schedules and lists would be very bad for my mental health. I literally get anxious thinking about not having a planner or writing things down or no schedules

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  7. I have to laugh at this because this is so my daughter. She is a HUGE list maker/note taker. She has a bullet journal that she uses and she writes absolutely EVERYTHING in it. As an example, I made some iced tea the other day that she ended up really liking (massively rare thing) and had to make a note that it was an option for a drink choice. I have been blown away at all the things I would consider minor that she has to write down.

    Me on the other hand? I’m such a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person it isn’t even funny. I kind of drive her nuts because I so rarely ever have any kind of specific routine. I don’t have days for cleaning or laundry, I just do them when they need it. There are certain things that I need organized, like my grocery list or my kitchen, but most everything else absolutely isn’t. I call it organized chaos. There are times that I’m certain this stresses her out to no end.

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    1. It’s totally a personality thing, probably some sort of left brain/right brain thing!! And I’m so like your daughter…I make notes about everything

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      1. For her, she is very much on the OCD side of things and comes by it genetically. EVERYONE on Hubby’s side of the family is similar, but in a variety of different ways. It can be challenging sometimes to not tip her from just annoyed because I’m so not organized into nearing a panic/anxiety attack because something isn’t the way she needs it to be.

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  8. The phone alerts are like a car alarm, no one pays attention to those anymore. Good for you finding a new system for your day to day. I read a book called “Small Move, Big Change” ( I think). It changed my life.

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  9. I used to be the family organiser, till I resigned from the role because it meant nothing got done unless I did it. Problem is now I get frustrated, ‘cos when other people do stuff, they do such a rubbish job, I end up having more work to do when I get to finish it off. I’m sticking to my guns & trying to let stuff go, but it’s a real struggle. It would be great if I could focus on just my own life. One day …

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    1. I have a hard time when things don’t get done “my way” but I’m really trying to let go….like yesterday I didn’t reflect at all on how my husband put the cookie sheet in the dishwasher in the wrong place and I had trouble pulling out the rack….😉

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