A few weeks ago blog friend Michael Kluch wrote down a list of questions, which he answered, and gave others the chance to answer as well.

As I need something fun in my life, and the weeks just get tougher and tougher, I thought everyone else might like a distraction, even if it’s only for five minutes. Feel free to write your answers in the comments, or write a blog about it, and just look at my answers and laugh…

  1. Favorite fast food restaurantShake Shack
  2. Favorite 80’s movie: The Sure Thing
  3. Favorite Beatles Song: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
  4. Favorite State You’ve Visited: Hawaii
  5. Favorite Dinosaur: T-Rex
  6. Favorite Sport: Tennis
  7. Favorite Nursery Rhyme: This Little Piggy
  8. Favorite Department Store: Sephora
  9. Favorite Brand of Toilet Paper: Charmin ultra soft
  10. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry

69 thoughts on “Dreizehn- Favorites Friday

  1. Favourite dinosaur- thesaurus – very intelligent dino. 😉
    Favourite ice cream flavor has to be Baskin Robbins’ Mississippi Mud.😍😍
    Favourite state/country/planet – Gallifrey

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  2. Favorite fast food restaurant: McDonald’s
    Favorite 80’s movie: The Princess Bride
    Favorite Beatles Song: Hey Jude
    Favorite State You’ve Visited: Hawaii
    Favorite Dinosaur: T-Rex
    Favorite Sport: Croquet
    Favorite Nursery Rhyme: Itsy Bitsy Spider
    Favorite Department Store: Target
    Favorite Brand of Toilet Paper: Charmin ultra soft
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Spumoni

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    1. I know, but they sell varied brands. I don’t like department stores and I don’t know if Target is really one either. If target is, then I would say target


      1. To be fair I’ve never been a fan of department stores. Too much going on. Lights too bright. Too many competing smells. They serve a purpose sometimes

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  3. Favorite fast food restaurant: Smashburger
    Favorite 80’s movie: Flight of the Navigator
    Favorite Beatles Song: In My Life
    Favorite State You’ve Visited: Florida
    Favorite Dinosaur: Brachiosaurus
    Favorite Sport: All things horse. No horse racing or rodeo
    Favorite Nursery Rhyme: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    Favorite Department Store: Stix, Baer and Fuller… long gone
    Favorite Brand of Toilet Paper: Cottonelle Ultra Clean Care
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Kilwins Sea Salt Caramel
    Thanks LA! Fun this morning. I didn’t have to worry about putting too many words together 🙂

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  4. Great song, but than again I like so many of the Beatles songs. 🙂 But that one is appropriate for right now for sure!
    Would love to go to Hawaii someday!
    Coffee ice cream and mint chocolate chip are among my favorites.
    My favorite Dinosaur is Ducky from The Land Before Time series. 🙂

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  5. Here it goes..
    Fast food: Chick-Fil-A
    80’s music: Lover Boy
    Beetles Song: Yellow Submarine
    State: Colorado
    Dinosaur: No Preference
    Sport: Tennis
    Nursery Rhyme: Little Bo Peep
    Department Store: Younkers .. but recently it closed ☹️
    TP: Northern
    Ice Cream: Vanilla

    Have a great day!!!

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  6. Favorite fast food restaurant: Burger King
    Favorite 80’s movie: Too Many
    Favorite Beatles Song: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    Favorite State You’ve Visited: Alaska
    Favorite Dinosaur: Um, no
    Favorite Sport: BASEBALL
    Favorite Nursery Rhyme: I’m a Little Teapot
    Favorite Department Store: Does Michaels count?
    Favorite Brand of Toilet Paper: Charmin ultra soft – Absolutely – Actually was excited to score some Charmin at the last grocery store visit but it was strong, not soft. Still better than 1 ply.
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

    Happy Friday.

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  7. Favorite fast food restaurant: M-Shack
    Favorite 80’s movie: ET
    Favorite Beatles Song:
    Favorite State You’ve Visited: I don’t have a fav state because that means I like the entire state, right? Fav city: New Orleans
    Favorite Dinosaur: Oculudentavis khaungraae (had to look this one up)
    Favorite Sport:
    Favorite Nursery Rhyme: Humpty Dumpty
    Favorite Department Store: Nordstrom
    Favorite Brand of Toilet Paper: the kind that’s good for the environment
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: SO Delicious dark chocolate truffle

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  8. Favorite fast food restaurant: no chains…just mom and pop local pizza joints
    Favorite 80’s movie: classic era 4 way tie 😉 , fast times at ridgemont high, the last american virgin, the shining, american werewolf in london
    Favorite Beatles Song: Let it be
    Favorite State You’ve Visited: New York
    Favorite Dinosaur: uhhhhh
    Favorite Sport: none really, although as a kid i loved boxing
    Favorite Nursery Rhyme: lambsy doats and dosy doats lol
    Favorite Department Store: Dick Blicks Arts Supplies
    Favorite Brand of Toilet Paper: Angel Soft
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate

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  9. Moley Holes, let’s see if I can answer these:
    Favorite fast food restaurant: Wendy’s and Chick-fil-A are tied
    Favorite 80’s movie: Gremlins
    Favorite Beatles Song: Let it Be
    Favorite State You’ve Visited: New Mexico followed by California
    Favorite Dinosaur: T-Rex (sorry, I don’t know any others!)
    Favorite Sport: Basketball
    Favorite Nursery Rhyme: The Muffin Man
    Favorite Department Store: Are there any still open?
    Favorite Brand of Toilet Paper: Charmin or Northern Quilted
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry


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  10. Favorite fast food restaurant: KFC, but I recently fell out with them, so none at the moment
    Favorite 80’s movie: Gregory’s Girl
    Favorite Beatles Song: Fool on the HIll
    Favorite State You’ve Visited: Never visited one
    Favorite Dinosaur: Barney
    Favorite Sport: Rugby – both codes
    Favorite Nursery Rhyme: Ba Ba Black Sheep
    Favorite Department Store: None
    Favorite Brand of Toilet Paper: TESCO Quilted with Shea Butter. I still have 9 rolls left.
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla

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  11. Favorite fast food restaurant: Panera (is this fast food?)
Favorite 80’s movie: Dirty Dancing
Favorite Beatles Song: Yesterday
Favorite State You’ve Visited: Colorado (and then I moved here)
Favorite Dinosaur: Stegosaurus 
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Nursery Rhyme: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Favorite Department Store: none
Favorite Brand of Toilet Paper: Two ply, obviously, something soft
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate peanut butter

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  12. This made me laugh! I hadn’t contemplated my fave TP, but in these odd times it bears considering.

    Fast food restaurant: El Pollo Loco
    80’s movie: Chariots of Fire/Amadeus are tied
    Beatles Song: Norwegian Wood
    State: Wisconsin
    Dinosaur: Pterodactyl
    Sport: Baseball
    Nursery Rhyme: Pease Porridge Hot
    Department Store: Wolf Wiles of my childhood in KY. Closed ages ago.
    TP: Anything on sale 😉
    Ice Cream: Coffee

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