Do you like you own posts?

Blogging friend nananoyz recently asked this question on her blog and I immediately paused when I read it…

If not for funky WordPress issues, I would not even be following my own blog (I had trouble posting, didn’t know if they were going through, followed myself so I could see if they came up in reader, blah blah blah)


Do you follow yourself?

Do you like yourself?

When you just look at these questions, what do you think?

Out of context of blogging, of course I would follow and life myself…

So why does doing it in blogworld make me go ehhhh?

As nana put it, if you were running for something, you would vote for yourself…


Does it make me feel immodest? Pushy? Showy? I mean, come on, we all know that I have an ego…

So what’s with the false modesty?

Of course, now that I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of why don’t I like my posts, I’m going to armchair psychologize the theories of this…

Part of it is I feel like it’s a false stat- I don’t want my numbers to look artificially high- cause you know what that 1 extra like will do to my numbers…

But on write my blog Thursday I throw the gauntlet to you all:

Do you like your own posts?

Why or why not?


83 thoughts on “Zwolf- Likes

  1. This one made me chuckle. I followed my own blog, mostly for admin reasons. Don’t make a habit of liking my own posts but I have done it accidentally! I’d feel weird giving myself the public pat on the back. Although the voting for yourself analogy makes sense….

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  2. There’s a practical aspect, particularly when you’re new to WP or any of its functions.

    When I first learned about WP reader I not only liked my own post, I followed myself. I wanted to see how my posts would look even if I was logged out, in reader and in email (subscription).

    Sometimes I still do this, when testing new things.

    Also it’s so easy to click unfollow… 😉

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  3. I’ve never liked my own posts, not on any form of social media. I simply cannot conceive of why that would be a thing to do (oh & for all the reasons you mention). I’ve seen a number of other people do so, presumably to get the ball rolling? But no, just no.

    In case you’re wondering, I am sat at my desk shuddering at the very thought … 😉

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  4. I follow myself but I would never like my own posts just like I don’t like my posts on Facebook or twitter. It seems weird. Also, I rarely actually like my posts so why would I click a button claiming I do?

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  5. I do follow myself, but I dont count myself as a follower. I subtract myself when I look at how many followers I have. No I dont like my posts. The thought never crossed my mind.

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  6. I do not like my own posts. I cannot even fathom what would be going through someone’s mind to like their own posts. That’s weird. I follow my blog only so I can see what other people see when they look at my posts in their feeds. I do not follow myself via email so I’ve no idea what is going on there. Blogging is about expressing yourself first and foremost. Write well, people will find you. Have some faith in yourself.

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    1. When she mentioned the voting for yourself thing, I thought about it differently. So I’m going to continue to overthink this….I thought it made an interesting discussion though

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  7. I follow, but don’t like my own posts. Mainly because I want generic feedback and also because I really don’t like my own posts. I am working on self confidence to improve my writing.

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  8. Accidentally yes, but I often do things accidentally on WP then feel the need to go back and correct my error!
    I share the sentiments of many: why? My audience is low and that’s fine. I don’t need immediate likes to know that regular folks follow and read. Many of my regulars only read/comment sporadically as they do with everyone they follow. I see the like as an acknowledgment that a reader noted I have a post up, but I would much rather have the comment interaction than anything if they feel inclined.

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  9. I follow myself so I can see what my followers are getting, make sure scheduled posts go out etc. And I like myself as a person. But I don’t «’heart’ any of my posts. That seems a bit lame, especially when other people can see I have if I do…

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  10. I follow but don’t “like” my posts. Of course I LIKE them – otherwise why would I labor over them so long and post them? I do sometimes add an afterthought as a comment, though I usually try to work those things into a response to someone else’s comment.

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  11. But you know this is like only commenting on what the men say or flirting with them…can you flirt with yourself if you like your blog, that is what I want to know.

    Just kidding. I get a little pain in my side from readers who only respond to the men and not the women but maybe I need more guys following my blog.

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      1. LA, I know it sounds kind of petty but to me, I am equal opportunity…however, I do sound like “I am not part of the clique and i don’t like it.” I definitely need to get out more!! Thanks.

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  12. I follow mine to see how it looks, if it posts right, etc. I don’t click the like button on mine. For the most part I like what I post but so a lot of critiquing. I don’t necessarily like my comments and responses because sometime I think they are repetitive or so
    not come off as I intended. I am working on this!!

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  13. I follow myself because – no reason really except that I think it happened automatically when I set up my blog? I don’t like my own posts although I do like writing them – well mostly. Some of them have been more painful but you know… It would seem weird to press the like button for myself though.

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  14. I think I follow myself just to know it got posted. I don’t like my own posts unless by accident. I always think it’s ridiculous when people post something on Facebook and like their own posts. Some people always do it, probably by accident.

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  15. I like my posts or I don’t post them, but I don’t hit the “like” button on them. EXCEPT on Facebook. I have a Facebook Page for my craft work and my blog posts automatically to that page so not only do I like it, I “Love” it and share it to my personal Facebook page. All in the interest of the algorithms that Facebook has in place. I am, after all, trying to get people to buy some of my cards, etc.

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  16. I honestly didn’t even realize it was possible. How’s that for paying attention? That said, I don’t think I would simply because I’d prefer my stats be accurate, not that a single like will throw that off. It just feels a bit like cheating, though.

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  17. Thats an interesting question. I like my posts. But I don’t press the like button on my posts. I mean I like to read my posts but don’t press the like button because I don’t want it to add 1 to my stats.

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  18. I like my own posts because I mostly write about people I truly care for. A number of this group read my posts as email, in WordPress, or on Facebook. They keep up with me, and once in a while I hear back from them.

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  19. Oh LA you do come up with thought provoking post themes. I do follow myself however I don’t ‘like’ my own postings, as you say falsely boosting your stats is pointless. I follow myself I guess because I do enjoy seeing my lol creative work published in the Reader.

    😀 to be honest I find that thrilling simply because I’ve a practical mind, creating is a challenge because it doesn’t come easy………….. mine’s a themeless blog because EVEN I don’t know what the following posting will be about?

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  20. I am just too Naive (yes, with a capital N). I read the opening question and then scanned all the way through thinking, “Of course I like my blog post. If I didn’t like it why would I post it?” (Face palm!!!!)

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  21. I didn’t even know you could follow your own blog so no I don’t follow it and I don’t plan to either. Not because I don’t like my posts it’s just that I already know what I wrote so I’m not going to read it when it shows up in my feed so it’s just taking up space to me.

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  22. Follow just to make sure things are working but have never “liked” any of them.

    When I first read this I wasn’t thinking like in terms of hitting the like button. I thought you were asking if we actually like what we post!! That did make me think!! 🤔

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  23. I followed my own posts since the beginning because the person helping me set up my blog did it to show me how to follow someone. I do find it useful to check Reader to see if the post shows up, because other bloggers sometimes complain about their posts not showing up there. I never like myself though….what would be the point of that, other than inflating my likes by one measely number??

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  24. I don’t follow myself, partly because I didn’t know you could and partly because I don’t know why I’d want to.

    I have about 2,000 “followers” but only about a dozen people who visit the blog regularly. I could write an entire post on the falseness of the follower phenomenon.

    It never occurred to me that I could ‘like’ my own posts either. I do ‘like’ the ones where I link to previous posts, though I thinks that’s just because they are there. Many of my old posts are dull and full of typos. I don’t ‘like’ or like them. Sadly, as they don’t suddenly become dull and typo-ridden, this must also be the case with the one I did yesterday. 😦

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    1. I usually write, glance, and publish. I’m not much for editing, because that’s a Pandora’s box that would result in me never publishing anything….it’s like set it and forget it

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  25. It never occurred to me to like my own posts. I just know why don’t I do it now when you bring forward that question. Is it because that will make me a narcissistic person, or am I trying to be way to modest! I do like my own company, I do like the sketches I make. Perhaps it is a mental like. For instance when we post something we would have run though several edits until we finally like what we wrote and I think that doesn’t need a validation of a blue star here ?

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      1. I understand. 🙂 What I tend to do is pen a few words now and then and then string them up together later.


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