I got a WordPress notification yesterday. My blog is three years old.

Cue fireworks and marching band…

So, what have I learned in the past three years?

  1. Life will always surprise you
  2. High thread count sheets are delightful and don’t have to cost a ridiculous amount of money
  3. Getting older is all about perspective
  4. The original quoter of the phrase “Divide and Conquer” is truly the smartest person ever
  5. Cleaning up spilled sugar is a pain
  6. Everyone has an opinion, and only their opinion is right
  7. Being able to read all day is not quite the joy that I once thought it would be
  8. Using an electric kettle really does make the tea taste better
  9. Salty snacks
  10. My daughter has grown into a lovely young woman, despite her parentage
  11. I have a large vocabulary but still struggle with word games
  12. It is possible to be an ambivert
  13. the hardest thing about wearing a mask is to not be able to communicate using facial expressions
  14. I’m OK with losing- I’m not OK with playing badly
  15. I have the greatest friends in the world
  16. Forgiveness is the key to a peaceful life
  17. Traveling to places you’ve never been isn’t a luxury- it’s a necessity
  18. Sometimes you have to let your heart win
  19. Sometimes you need to say “I’m sorry”
  20. I still don’t know what a widget it…

Thank you to all that have shared this journey with me!!!!

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