Temperatures are heating up here…

I had a bunch of fives in my design home game

I finished my yearly reading challenge….

My allergies are blossoming

Books: (this is a two week list)

What I finished:

  1. The Last House Guest- average psych thriller
  2. The Art of Making Memories- interesting
  3. The Women in Black- perfect if you want a book with no conflict
  4. Tiny Habits- Loved it- will be talking about it
  5. Hillbilly Elegy- Loved this book- might be fave of the year
  6. Late Migrations- memoir told in vignettes
  7. Project 333- you know I loved this
  8. Nose up, eyes down- very average
  9. Calm- much needed in this time
  10. If I Never Met You- perfectly average chick lit
  11. The Pale Horse- An Agatha that I’ve never read- fun read

What I’m Reading

  1. THe Henna Artist- Reese’s Book Club- really good so far
  2. Mrs. Miniver- Love this book- short tales of a British housewife at the onset of WWII.
  3. Purple Hibiscus- some beautiful prose
  4. West with the Night- interesting
  5. Conjure Woman- soooooslooooooow

What’s Next

  1. The Book of V (GMA book club)
  2. Whatever Jenna’s book club pick is
  3. The Secrets of Love Story Bridge


I know I watched TV, but honestly I remember little of it. I did watch Big Here Six in Disney+ which was fun. Started Hollywood, which is sort of an oversexed romp through post WWII Hollywood. Making the Cut was fun but I love those types of reality competition shows

What have been your highlights? Books? TV?

81 thoughts on “Acht- Highlights

      1. I thought his prose was gorgeous, and the characters were well drawn out. It was one of the best I read last year. The Water Dancer was beautifully written, and I just discovered Patricia highsmith who I think is grossly underrated

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  1. My allergies are in full wing. I walk in the mornings and garden in the mornings, sometimes evenings. I like “Bless this Mess” and “Deputy.” Reading books on kindle but by evening, I am bushed.

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  2. I finished 4 books this week.
    “On the Come Up” by Angie Thomas
    “The Less People Know About Us” by Axton Betz-Hamilton
    “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur
    “Shout” by Laurie Halse Anderson
    Two of them were audiobooks, which I love, and I’m doing so much cleaning and decluttering it’s a good way to keep my mind occupied while I work.

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  3. Let’s see… slowly reading my way through a Social Security “get the most you can from it” book, missed out on Beheld from my library hold so just started Mary Toft-The Rabbit Queen until the other comes back around.
    TV has been Mrs America which makes me angry and proud and radicalized all over again. I have Hollywood on my list but want to get my fill of the feminist 70’s before I regress to sexualized and stereotyped women post-war cinema.

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      1. Spring and summer have become my time to binge all the non-traditional network shows that leave until fall. I like not feeling obligated keeping up on weekly watching just to stay current and not overwhelmed! I have taken control back 🙂

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  4. Wow! Quite a list for reading! I screenshot it so I have some ideas when I don’t know what to read next! My husband has been watching the entire Game of Throne series during this time….a show or two a night. Not my favorite but I am watching it by default, the fact that it is on and I get to pick the next choice. We are on the last series so I’m excited and starting to decide what show we are going to binge on!!! My allergies are still there too and I’m not liking it!!!! Take care!

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  5. I liked Making The Cut, but I think a few tweeks would make it better. I have been having trouble concentrating enough to really enjoy reading so I don’t often because I do not want it to be a chore. My husband and I have watched a lot of Agatha Christie on tv even though we have read most of the books it is still fun especially the Miss Marple ones.

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      1. Could do without the Tim and Heidi segments and I think the business side needs more air time. I understand why the person won , but he didn’t have the best plan. I also didn’t like the question “Have you changed your mind?”

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      2. Agree on Tim and Heidi, agree about changed your mine. I agree about business side, but that’s hard to put on a show and not have people bored. I figured he would win because he has the best aesthetic for amazon. E was always going to rely on black, which for me personally is a huge plus, but that won’t play with an amazon audience. I think S was the most innovative but again, not for amazon

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      1. So hey, it’s all good then!! I’m not sure what my hair compares to right now except thats it’s like a combo-situation.. it’s the #7 on the hair menu..loaded blonde with brassy toppings, a side of grey and a large serving of darker roots.. not good.

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  6. Currently reading Moby Dick as I am going back to interspersing the classics into my fare. Also reading Water for Elephants and From the Corner of his Eye by Koontz. As for shows, just finished Narcos: Mexico, ran through Waco and am slowing down on The Wire after speeding through season one. Now I want to savor it. Also just finished Unorthodox, which was an excellent mini-series. And Goliath on Prime, pretty good stuff.

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    1. I think unorthodox will make it to my list. Is that the Koontz that prophesied the Wuhan thing? I read Water for elephants years ago. I think I was iffy about it

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  7. I haven’t been able to focus on books since all of this started. I need normalcy I guess to find myself reading. Hillbilly Elegy is an accurate look at the region in which I live. It’s not my story but it is the one of so many of the kids I went to school with. I’m pleased that you liked it.

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  8. I binged watched two seasons of Succession mainly because it is filmed in different magnificent places all the time. It is as close to travel as I can get, and felt escapist. The final episode was filmed on a yacht off Croatia. Gorgeous.

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  9. Agree with you about Hillbilly Elegy – a really great read & thought-provoking too. Purple Hibiscus is on the TBR list as I’m a big fan of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie & I can recommend her other works if you’ve not dipped in to them yet. I’ve struggled to read as much as usual, but am now back on safe ground with someone who’s rapidly turning into a favourite author – Sebastian Barry. If you’ve not tried him yet, I do recommend 🙂

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  10. I have been reading, writing, studying French. No TV. I have been reading The Tin Can Tree and Celestial Bodies! Highly recommended.
    And Purple Hibiscus-what a beautiful book!

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