I have a vibrating alarm on my fitbit. For some reason I couldn’t turn it off this morning- it kept snoozing…

I am grateful I got it to stop!!


I am really grateful that my daughter managed to get a part time online summer internship!!!

41 thoughts on “Sieben- Gratitude

  1. Gratitude..that was one of the topics of conversation my wife and I were having this morning while having coffee in bed. I stopped by a friends yesterday to borrow his livestock trailer..to me it looked awesome…sturdy, clean, newer, perfect for what I needed. I made a comment on how nice of a trailer was, and he started listing all of the things wrong with it. (He sounded like Eor from Winny the Poo fame)..it let dust into it when going down the road, the floor wasn’t good (I didn’ see anything wrong with it at all) It was older…yada, yada.. then he caught himself…In relaying this conversation with my wife, I said, it was too bad..how sad to look @ life through that lense. I am not dismissing his thoughts, just think there is nothing to be gained from living there. .I then listed all of the things I love and appreciate about my rough looking Toyota Tundra..(believe me when I tell you, it looks rough. I almost tore the door off last Fall so there’s a big dent in the front corner panel… But it is paid for, the four wheel drive works, the doors all shut, doesn’t burn too much oil yet.., I believe gratitude is SUCH an important attitude for our day today quality of life. Excited for your daughter’s opportunity! Take care. DM


    1. Gratitude is a party I was late to, but glad that I finally got there. Sometimes I’m tongue in cheek, but I’ve learned to be grateful for the little things

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      1. the little things…Yep, that’s where the action is. so easy to not notice…Wife told me yesterday I am good @ “living in the moment”..We were sitting in bed having our morning coffee, and I heard a wild turkey gobble in the distance..then the chitter, chatter of a (sparrow?) and maybe a robin? told her I was thankful to be waking up in such a setting, which prompted her comment. Yep, well I better get my thankful keester in gear and get outside. Have a big day ahead of me..getting ready to process a couple of pigs tonight, and I still have fence to build, a skid loader to pick up yada, yada.. DM

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  2. I left a long comment earlier, and looks like it disappeared in cyber space…Like several others said, congrat’s for your daughter! Thankfulness is a quality of life issue. Take care LA! DM


  3. Part time online summer internship–never heard of such a thing, but Congratulations to her! I am amazed at the things that are coming out of this pandemic. My husband got a loan and bought a used car last week in one day without leaving the house (except for the test ride which originated and ended at our house). All these things make me shake my head and say, “Who does these things?” I’m not sure they even existed pre-Covid.

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    1. She’s doing I guess you call it marketing for a non profit. Mostly responding to email inquiries and raising awareness of their mission, which is sat tutoring for low income students. She has always volunteered in education

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