Today’s shout out goes to my daughter’s history teacher.

Though the class is about  France in the 1400’s (? imagine by voice going up two octaves with an implied question in the air because I really don’t have any idea what specifically she’s studying) Normally, the final in a history class would be a paper about something you learned in class, but really honed in on.

However, while this is option 1 for the final, option 2 was to document your personal experience during this time period, which will be included in the University archives for future historians to look at.

I think it’s a brilliant idea.


My daughter plans on doubling history with American Studies. She did well enough on her high school history AP exams that she was able to skip the 0 and 1 level history classes and go right to 2 levels. (you knew eventually there would be shameless maternal bragging- though my daughter said being allowed to skip survey and intro classes is a blessing and a curse)

but anyway-

There were a few seniors in her class. Seniors who missed out on being able to celebrate their four years of dedication and hard work.


on the last day of Zoom University, her professor donned her cap and gown and talked about every senior that was in the class.

Thank you to all the teachers and professors who are  allowing these students a nod of recognition.



35 thoughts on “Sechs- History

  1. Well, in the past many of us had the same teacher from 9-12 grades and stayed in the same hometown, so the connections were different. They just change with the times. Now the connections need more effort to connect.

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  2. Re Option 2 – what a great idea for the exam, but France in the 1400s?? Joan of Arc? The Black Plaque was the century before I think? Maybe she could tie that in with the current pandemic? Very nice of the professor to acknowledge the graduates.

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  3. That is awesome. My daughter is just about to “graduate” with a history major. If I could back in time, I would take more history classes.

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  4. That’s lovely. I think it’s great that so many teachers – at all levels – are giving as high a priority as they can to helping to those students who are going through big changes (moving from one level of schooling to another in earlier years, as well completing courses) celebrate in whatever way they can under the current circumstances. They’re a lot of wonderful people out there doing extraordinary things in extraordinary times.

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