You all know I’m all about minimizing what I own. Last year I tried getting down to a 144 piece wardrobe (excluding shoes and accessories and outerwear) and I was able to come pretty close to 144. A year later I am still happy with how this worked out. I did not miss anything that I got rid of.

This year I read a book, “Project 333 The Minimalist Fashion Challenge that Proves Less Really is So Much More” by Courtney Carver. The theory behind this book is that you have 33 pieces per season. The thing is, this 33 includes outerwear, accessories, footwear and clothes. It does not include uniforms, sleepwear, and workout clothing. There is a caveat to workout clothing: If you wear gym leggings on days that you don’t go to the gym or workout, they count as part of your 33.

33 things? Can anyone do it?

I know I did a tongue in cheek version of this on Monday, because let’s face it- I’m sitting in my bathrobe now as I write, and this will morph into sweats and a t shirt. But what if this were a normal spring? Could I actually do a 33 piece wardrobe?

So, sort of live before you, I’m going to list my 33 pieces….

  1. blank tank dress
  2. black form fitting t shirt dress
  3. black A line dress with buttons down front
  4. grey t shirt dress
  5. black leggings
  6. long black cardigan
  7. long black and white sweater coat
  8. short structured black jacket
  9. knee length flannel shirt
  10. black t shirt
  11. white tunic blouse
  12. sleeveless black blouse
  13. long denim trench
  14. camo jacket
  15. moto books
  16. knee high boots
  17. ballet flats
  18. white canvas sneakers
  19. black pearl studs
  20. silver dangle earrings
  21. pink watch
  22. grey cuff bracelt
  23. silver link bracelet
  24. long silver necklace
  25. chunky beaded choker
  26. silver mid length necklace
  27. pashmina
  28. floral scarf
  29. paisley scarf
  30. rain boots
  31. olive green scarf
  32. silver watch
  33. silver drop earrings

Ok- honestly- it was actually hard to come up with 33 things!

I tried to factor in all the things I would normally do. The only other things I considered were my semi formal LBD and a pair of pumps. I debated flat sandals also. because this wardrobe would run mid march to mid june. Obviously I probably needed a coat…

A wardrobe like this actually works for me, because I already sort of dress in a uniform. I usually wear a solid base look of mainly black, and then I throw on a top layer. (I’m big on layers)

My big problem would be that I love accessories. I like a plain base because I love statement jewelry and scarves and funky jackets. (I am mourning the fact that in early March I made a total impulse purchase- a knee length denim trench coat that I love- but alas never wore because days later we entered the land that time forgot)

I don’t know if I could deal with the lack of jewelry and scarves and jackets/cardigans.

I love the concept of getting by with less…

Do you think you could take 33 items from your closet, box everything else into storage, and make three months of outfits?

What would your 33 be?

82 thoughts on “Vier- 333

  1. But does it count as stuff you ‘shouldn’t have’ if they are items you love and actually will use? If you love your scarves and statement accessories…. I say it doesn’t count in your 33. For me… I could probably get rid of about half my wraps as I usually only end up regularly using about three to five of them 😊

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    1. There’s a lot of this I’m still working out in my head. A lot has to do with how often you do laundry. I only do laundry one day a week, so I built in pieces that get me through a week if things get dirty. In the summer I could have more accessories because less coats and shoes and I would probably rotate five dresses. The book is interesting though

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    1. 😉honestly, for me, I really like having less.when I went down to 140 pieces of clothing last year, the first thing I noticed was how many clothes that I owned. When you count the number it’s astonishing! I will say it’s really easy to get dressed, Eva use everything you own is a favorite. It’s that people wear 30% of their clothes 80% of the time….

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      1. Yeah, I know. It makes total sense. I have a girlfriend who wears only dresses to work because it takes out the planning effort. I have been better about purging things, but can’t seem to get rid of shoes or the accessories!!!

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  2. I could do it. My.wardrobe consists of.jeans.and tshirts and running shoes. I rarely wear any jewelry or dress up. I dont know.if I would want to though. I love all of my funky colored tshirts.

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      1. Well.. “Keys dressing” is very location specific.. Kinda like mickey ears.. makes TOTAL sense while you’re at the Magic Kingdom but anywhere else people might…talk?

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  3. Short answer, no.
    But I’ve been culling items from my closet for over a month now but I still have things I save because they have memories attached – examples: a sweater my mom made that I haven’t worn in a few years and the dress I wore to many of my children’s graduations that may or may not fit anymore.

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  4. Golly, I don’t know if I could! Having said that, I think I’m getting much better at buying ‘better’ clothes. Yes, I still have my staples and basics which I like to get from Uniqlo for example but then I have a few really special dresses from places like DVF and Aritzia … these just make me feel wonderful. Because of the job that my husband has we have to go to a lot of ‘events’. These used to stress me but I feel better now that I’m getting better at working out what actually looks right on me. I used to get it sooooo wrong!!

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  5. I’m seriously considering trying this but I’m really not sure I can do it. Only 33 including accessories. If it was just items of clothing and shoes I might just about manage it but I like my necklaces and rings and so on. Not sure. 🤔

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  6. You have inspired me, LA, to go into my closet and count my clothing items. I currently own 22 pieces of clothing, including my favourite item, a navy blue Ralph Lauren blazer, purchased in Toronto, in 2001.
    My recent additions are two silk blouses , one camel coloured, and one black.
    I have been minimalist way, way before it became fashionable.😁
    Our house here in NL was built in 1915, and it had no closets !
    As we renovated it, we turned one of the small bedrooms, which was a nursery, into a walk-in closet. 🤗

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    1. You are my hero!! That’s awesome. And I love the idea of turning a room into a closet!!i was reading your blog today. Your home must be amazing.i love the idea of updating historic homes to make them livable yet retain the charm and details


      1. Hahaha…🤗 Yes, my tiny wardrobe has encouraged me to maintain the same weight-
        I still wear my leather jacket from 1999.
        Yes, renovating the home took a lot of patience. There were fireplaces in the bedrooms – that’s because the original house had no electricity!
        I always look forward to your interesting and thought-provoking posts 😁

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  7. I am flunking on being a minimalist with my clothes. Still working on moving my seasonal clothes around… far with my winter clothes I am downsizing by2 sweaters and a coat 😬…. hoping to do better with my summer stuff. As for the 33 items….not close. I need to work towards a capsule wardrobe as so many of my items go with 1 or 2 things….plus I need to give up on keeping things I “might” wear again! Thanks for the inspiration! For now on I will think about how a new item will go with items I already have before buying!!!!

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  8. I’d start with 23 rings and earrings. After having knees replaced, I wear only sneakers — walking sneakers and Sunday sneakers. I could live with a pair of black jeans and seven tops. Guess I’d have to run the washing machine once a day, but I’d be ready for anything. I’d have to take away one ring if counting the gardening clogs.

    Actually, I have a closet full of clothes, and I wear every item at least once a year. I was the recipient of bags of clothes when my daughter lost weight and gave me the items she under-grew. There is no way anything will ever wear out. Correction: I wear out walking socks regularly.

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  9. I have a fair amount of clothes but probably only wear a handful of outfits from that collection in a normal week. I was going to buy some new outfits for some events, but now I don’t need to because coronavirus. They probably would have been more outfits that would not make it into the rotation very often.
    I wear scrubs to work most of the time, I don’t count those as actual clothes but they take up room in my closet.
    I have some things that I love that I don’t want to throw away but I cannot wear them at this time. I have a few beautiful wool sweaters that are just too hot now.


  10. I couldn’t do it. With the heat here in the desert (102° here today) I can’t wear clothes more than once if I leave the house for any reason (like walking the dog or getting the mail). Plus I like having a whole bunch of different color shirts. Obviously an all black base would be impractical under the desert sun. And of course I actual wear my “summer” wardrobe at least 6 months. My fall wardrobe is summer weight clothes but in more autumn colors. As long as I wear something once in awhile I figure it is okay to keep it.

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    1. I get that. With heat like that every item must be washed all the time. We only have about two months with stupidly hot weather. I still wear black though.

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  11. I just went through my closet and counted my clothes. As good a shelter-in-place activity as any. I don’t put away my “off season” clothes because I have a big closet. I counted 103 clothing items. This included work-out clothes but not PJ’s. I think 103 articles of clothing is way too much! So I went through my closet. Oops … I got rid of five items only. Hmm. About eleven of my current closet items are for “dress up” occasions … a little black dress, two wrap/sweater things I could wear with it, one pants suit, one extra pair of nice black pants, and some dressier (not super dressy) tops. Then I have some winter sweaters, and some other warm tops for trips back east to visit grandchild and family. I have about four cotton summer tops, and several non-cotton summer tops that I can’t part with until I can buy a few more cotton ones. (Because I’ve discovered cotton is best.) I have about ten pairs of jeans and figure I could whittle that down to five, but was too lazy to do that today. Right now I’m living in three different pairs of leggings/sweats, and about four different t-shits.

    Oh and then shoes… goodness … I have about 12!! I “think” I need them all. Hmm. I have two pair of (different) black dress shoes … both flat 🙂 Two pair of tennis shoes. Two pairs of sandals. Two pairs of wear-with-pants shoes. A pair of gardening crocs and a pair of flip flops, a pair of waterproof half boots for the rain, and a pair of hiking boots.

    I have a lot!

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    1. Omg 103 is perfect. Most of the people I know have hundreds! 103 is wardrobe goals for me. I admit the hardest thing for me is the true four seasons because I have some things that are totally seasonal! You rock!

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  12. Your wardrobe posts are intriguing (I’ll keep this comment ‘clean’ 😀 ). New Yorkers, city dwellers have apartments right but do they also have ‘lock ups’ to store items they’re not using or out of season? Nosey of me to ask, like I said lol I’m a little intrigued………… btw I need a lock-up!

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    1. There are multiple storage spaces in the city. We have a small locker in our basement, but we keep things like suitcases, holiday decorations and some memory things. I choose to just keep a very small wardrobe and most if my pieces are good for three seasons

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