Things do become habit after a month…

Books that I finished:

  1. Untamed- there will be at least one more blog about this book
  2. Cosy: The British Art of Comfort- there are parts where the author appeared more American than British- that wasn’t what I was looking for
  3. Deep Water- Patricia Highsmith may be the most underrated writer ever…
  4. The Last Guest House- yet another psychological thriller….

What I’m Reading Now:

  1. The Women In Black- I’d seen this as a movie, so I’m interested in seeing what the book is like
  2. Late Migrations
  3. The Art of Making Memories- this is the same author who introduced us to Hygge, and he works at the Happiness Institute
  4. Conjure Women- if stay in place lasts five years, I have a book that will fill that time period…Sooooooo sloooooooow
  5. Tiny Habits- Ok- I’ve figured out new and amazing ways to organize my to do list…

What’s on Tap:

  1. Project 333: The Minimalist Fashion Challenge
  2. Nose Down. Eyes Up
  3. West with the Night

What I’m Watching:

  1. Top Chef- rooting for Bryan Voltaggio
  2. Food Truck Road Race- like teams left, but rooting for lunch ladies. Their food truck looks like a school bus- how do you not root for that…
  3. Spring Breaking Challenge- OK- I don’t have a favorite- I like them all
  4. World on Fire (PBS) Really liking this show
  5. Belgravia- brought to you by the creators of Downton Abbey- of course I love it. (I did read the book)

Look forward to more conversations inspired by books I’m reading. If anyone has read any of the books I mentioned, feel free to email me a question for discussion.