My Husband used to watch a TV show about Time Travel. Each week the crew used to travel back in time in order to change something historically. Yesterday we talked about redo’s in our personal lives. Today…

What if we could go back and change history?

What if we could change the events that changed everyone’s lives?

A few years ago I read “Life After Life” by Kate Atkinson. I really enjoyed this book. Not to give much away, the main character, Ursula Todd I think (which really shows you something because I don’t usually remember random details like this about books) kept dying but would be reborn. But she wasn’t really changing her life- she was trying to change history kind of, sort of…

So for write my blog Thursday, I’m asking you this:

What historical event would you change? Why would you change this event? How would you change it?

example: Have Mr. and Mrs. Hitler never meet….

There are no right answers. Every opinion is valid, because this is just a what if scenario…

(However- please don’t write about Corona. That’s valid but not really fun for this exercise…)


74 thoughts on “Cinque- Deja redo

  1. It is a difficult exercise for me, as I only think of what if ? in regards to my own life. Perhaps if I could go back and had the resources I would fun Nikola Tesla and manage his finances. He might have lived longer, been more successful, and left more notes and information to others to follow after him. I think he was a genius ahead of his time.

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  2. Well, I’ve read the theory that the hemispheres would have had contact eventually with largely similar results, but I would prevent Christopher Columbus from leaving Europe and blundering into this side of the planet (and the continents would never be called America).

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  3. OK…what about the Czars not being elitist? This could change loads of things throughout history. First, no bloody Sunday. No Russian Revolution. No communism. Much less drama at the end of WWII. No Cold War. No McCarthy hearings. No Cuban missile crisis. No Vietnam. No Soviet invasion of Afghanistan which lead to the US covert situation, which (possibly) lead to the rise of the Taliban and al-Qaida. No 911.
    Though, if the Czars made sure the Russian people had what they needed would that have opened up an entirely new can of worms?
    I don’t know.
    This was a fun excercise, LA. Thanks!

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  4. It would be easy to say that stopping the world wars or slavery, but they have all changed our worlds for good as well as bad, but I would it if the Native Americans were not slaughtered and lived their lives as they saw fit, we could have learned a lot from them.

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  5. I tend to go with popular time travel theories here, in that I simply *could not* try to change an event…

    If possible, though, I’d aim for any of the pandemics or chemical warfare fallouts.

    Which brings up the point you’ll likely make tomorrow: without the horror, would we learn not to?

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  6. I’m not sure what historical event I would change because we don’t know what the domino effect would be. For example, if WWI did not happen my grandparents may not have migrated to the states therefore my mother may not have met my father and would I even exist? Would my children exist? Of course this is a very small part of the whole picture, and maybe selfish, but an important part to me🙂. Thinking on a larger scale and seeing another side of this, how many great people could have been here to solve some of the issues we have today had so many not been killed? How would have their offspring changed our world? How different would our countries be? I guess we just don’t know.

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    1. Well yeah, th3 domino effect….and like Chelsea commented, do we need the bad so we know what’s good? Would bad events have happened anyway, perhaps even worse than what occured

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  7. Interesting thought. The most important event in history was the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So what if that had not happened? We would all still be living under the law and facing judgment. Thankfully, very thankfully, it did happen. Those who believe are now free from condemnation and free to live as God’s children, as they were meant to. 🙂

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  8. The Holocaust. I would change that more people stepped up and were able to stop the Holocaust. And then if I couldn’t change this, I would definitely include this in the curriculum of schools, so that some students don’t think this really didn’t happen or are not aware of it happening. Why would I change it? A tragedy but something which be destined to happen again if it is not noted. And it could happen to any group or culture.

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      1. Yes, what is so amazing is still the quietness of the people during this time. Nowadays people scream over injustice. I hate that some people are not aware of the Holocaust. This is the travesty.

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  9. Slavery, I would change that. The aftermath continues to this day. We live in a country where we are still judged and looked down upon because of the color of our skin. An extensive number of us feel like we have to go above and beyond to prove that we are intelligent and articulate creatures (continual education was a must in my home). I personally have heard horror stories that you will never find in a history book. Being treated less than human and being afraid to look eye to eye with another human pisses my entire soul off!

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  10. Okay, how about . . .

    The weatherman is taken to task for blowing the forecast on the day of President Kennedy’s visit to Dallas in November of 1963. Rain means the President’s ride will be taken with the top on. Bad news for shutterbugs hoping to get a photograph of Kennedy and his lovely wife Jackie. But for history’s sake, that weatherman is off the hook.

    As a result, Kennedy wins a second term. Bobby’s run in ’68 is bolstered further by his brother campaigning for him. Little brother’s security detail is unprecedented as a result of the conspiracy which is uncovered in which brother John was supposed to have been assassinated in Dallas five years earlier.

    Bobby defeats Nixon in a landslide, running on the coattails of a successful eight year run by John. With the economy running, the space program blossoming and US involvement in Vietnam over, it allows the administration to take on the challenging social issues more effectively. And it does not hurt one bit that Martin Luther King becomes the first black Vice President. King’s security detail is appreciable as well thanks to Bobby’s suggestion that his brother’s near miss in Dallas means that the nation’s leaders must be more diligent than ever.

    All because it rained in Dallas on a November afternoon in 1963.

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      1. I was just thinking about how one turn of events begets another. Now, mind you, this doesn’t mean the future would have been rosy. What if an increased level of security trickled into personal liberties? Lots to consider.

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  11. I love time travel books, partly because people always start out by thinking that can change something in the past. Then they hit the paradox: if they change history, their parents might not meet and they themselves wouldn’t even exist…

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  12. 🙂 Ooo what a good game! ………….Hmm let me see, time traveling to a Stable in Bethlehem approx. 30minutes AD, see 3 wise men present their gifts to baby Jesus, then quiz them for proof the babe is our Lord and saviour….. cause I ain’t ‘frigging’ convinced!!! Nah that’s an obvious one.

    (Many minutes tick past as I contemplate and & cogitate)

    I’ve always wondered if Jesus, and the history books are divided on this one, had sexual relations with Mary Magdalene? Was Mary his heart’s desire and true love, was she a prostitute hence his forbidden love? After all she traveled with Jesus one of his closest followers, she was a witness to his crucifixion, and burial also the first to witness the resurrection! Mary was obviously besotted by this charismatic man and for some reason or another has always fascinated me…….. yep I’d travel back and you never know if she WAS a harlot woman, I may even pay her a little silver to sleep with her.

    Now there’s boast on returning I f#cked Mary Magdalene!!

    Fun game 🙂 (I sense a posting coming on, you know hopefully upset a few Christians!!!)

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  13. Hmm really hard, because I’d be so scared of doing something and making things worse (ie the butterfly effect) but I’d go with the Holocaust or any other genoicide- just cos I don’t see how any other outcome could be worse. Maybe even just save one person and bring them to the future so that I don’t do any damage with my time travelling (yeah I’m probably overthinking this 😉 great exercise though!)

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