There are studies that say planning for a vacation is more exciting for people than actually going on a vacation. The thrill of what you’re about to do is better than doing those things…

The other day when I told you that my daughter had gotten into the major that she wanted, everyone was happy. Lots of exclamation points. And it wasn’t really about my daughter getting into something. It was about remembering that there is a future in front of us. It was about hope.

See, that’s the problem now. Many of us cancelled things we were looking forward to. Many of us have no plans on the horizon. Many of us can’t see the future. Many of us are starting to lose hope.

So here’s what I want you to do:

Figure out something to do tomorrow.

Figure our something to do next Tuesday.

Figure our something you can do next month.

It can be streaming some show that sounds interesting, or reading something off your TBR, or going to the market. But pick something.

Pretend it is the greatest thing in the world.

Read some things about the show or book.

Take a different route to the market.

But a food that you’ve never considered trying. Buy something just because it looks so good you can’t pass it by.

Do something that reminds you that there is a future in front of us, that our best days are not in the rearview mirror….

And I don’t mean those elaborate lists that people have created filled with all these things that you should try- those lists are sort of like New Years resolutions, where the first day you’re all gung ho, and then you’re like- no I really don’t want to learn to be a rockette in my living room…

I mean small, concrete, manageable things.

Things that you already enjoy, but need to reconfigure how you enjoy them…

Hope doesn’t have to be a four letter word…

59 thoughts on “Diez- Planning

  1. It is funny, my son in law and daughter sat down at the beginning of this nightmare and wrote down EVERYTHING they wanted to do(accomplish) around their home. When they get antsy or anxious they accomplish one thing. Now not all of them can be done with the restraints in place, but the act of sitting down and discussing these things made them feel as if they had a hold on the future.

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  2. GREAT way of THINKING! I was supposed to go to a wedding April 25. Postponed until August 8th. On July 13th, supposed to meet College girlfriends as the beach AND SO ON.

    So… as we can’t predict the FUTURE, we can at lease plan for today, tomorrow and LIKE YOU SAID, next week! For now, small future plans — GIVES HOPE, MAKES US DETERMINED to BEAT THIS! ❤

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  3. I love planning trips. I love a list – groceries, menu for the week, books to read, movies to watch, things to do. It helps me prioritize. Right now I also plan my money situation in case I am laid off. Planning let’s me feel like I have control which is so important these days.

    BTW, the trips on my Vision Board? A cruise and Venice…those are on hold indefinitely.

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  4. Some days it is easier to do something that is more physical then mental. I have washed, waxed and detailed the inside of both cars. Well, one we did as a family and few days later I did my car by myself. If felt good getting such a big job accomplished. It felt good to be outside-ish (in the garage for the waxing but the door was open). I am trying to focus more on one day at a time, just planning a few days ahead. rain later in the week? Thinking I will bake something. I love “hope doesn’t need to be a four letter word”. Stay safe!

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  5. There is a ton of places and things I would like to do. I will try to do a few things here first in BC, maybe Barkerville (gold rush town, you can pan for gold) as it is a longish drive but may split it up. I also want to revisit Jewel lake, a lake fed by a spring in the middle, lots of fish, loons, eagles and nice hiking. Later in the year some trips to Vancouver, BC and in the fall I would like to visit Florida or Texas – I am not sure where but not the big cities, fly in, just rent a car and get out of Dodge so to speak. I am even thinking I would consider VIA rail to Toronto and fly home.

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  6. I’m so not looking far into the future. But day to day, things are fine. I’m never bored. A whole afternoon vanished yesterday as I worked on a blog post – had meant to go for a bike ride! I do look forward to my garden sprouting this spring – something I may have missed if my research trip had taken place as planned.

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    1. Like others, I’m operating a day or two at a time for a myriad of reasons. I’m finding everything has slowed right down & yet each day is rushing past without my achieving even a tiny fraction of what I would normally. All part of our New Normal I think. I’m avoiding setting goals in case I’m unable to achieve them – which could prove depressing & is something I’m vulnerable to – instead am operating a more flexible idea of things I’d like to do but within a relaxed timeframe.

      But I’ve just attended my granddaughter’s virtual birthday celebration – something that not only brought joy in the present & but hope for the future.

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  7. Quite possibly my all time favorite of your posts! ❤
    I was in an icky place yesterday, just straight up over the whole damn situation.
    But, I considered looking forward instead of being mired in the present, and thoughts similar to these swam around in my brain before I fell asleep last night. I didn't get as far as you did in the thought process, but I have to say, hope is the best possible word, and feeling we can experience right now. Thank you for reminding us that hope endures!

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  8. Good thoughts. The spring flowers and blossoming trees are hope lifting for me. I bought a basil plant right before all this started. Against all odds it has faired well and doubled in size in its temporary home in my breakfast nook. A few days ago I decided to name it–Hope!

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  9. Hubby and I look forward to Netflix at night like it’s a romantic getaway.. not even lying..I get all’s a sweet reward after another boring dinner of whatever- plus noodles or rice.

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  10. I like this “Hope doesn’t have to be a four letter word” too……
    This was supposed to be my year. I let my hair down and paid for trips to Papua New Guinea, Margaret River wineries, Outback Qld, and the Darwin Cup. Even have the special frock for that one. All cancelled. No refunds thus far. Now I’ve learnt the my baby is having her first baby. Hope? I just hope we all get through this okay…..That’s enough for me.

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  11. Good idea! We will have good times again, and we need to find ways to have something to look forward to, even tomorrow. Thanks for a useful tip on how to manage during the stay at home orders!

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  12. Today’s target is to not watch TV until mid-afternoon. I was getting in a rut. I have been writing, reading blogs and feeling relaxed. Julia has just been giving me a list of jobs to do, so the feeling of being relaxed has now gone.

    One of the neighbours just delivered rhubarb, from a suitable distance.

    Tonight’s target is rhubarb crumble. We will make enough for two nights, so that has started the plan for tomorrow.

    We have little flour but I bought crumble mix when I went shopping yesterday.

    They aren’t grand plans, but they pass the time and provide small wins.

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