My Husband and I got into an argument the other day. Obviously, we all begin to grate on each other’s nerves. And as most arguments are, this one was stupid…

The powers that be have reversed their thought on masks. Whereas before we were told that wearing masks was unnecessary, we are now being told to cover our faces.

My husband was about to go out. I told him to cover his face. He said no, that he felt stupid. I said that if he didn’t care about himself, think about my daughter and I. He still balked. Then I said:
“Do you want to be sitting in a ventilator and your last thought was “I should have listened to LA. She was right”?

That snapped him right to attention. He wrapped that bandana right around his face.

So here’s the thing: I know it’s annoying that we were told one thing first, and then told to follow another course. I know. But remember when I said don’t judge amidst a crisis, don’t blame or point fingers? Because the reality is, we don’t have any idea what we’re doing. Every virus is unique in it’s own way and this one is a pain in the ass…

And sometimes we screw up on our way to the right path…

Deal with it.

Right now, if they are saying wear a mask, wear one.

According to some pretty sound stats, if we wear masks we will start to flatten the curve really quickly.

Don’t we want to flatten the curve more than we hate saying or reading flatten the curve?

The numbers are way higher than what’s being reported because so many people are asymptomatic. Many people have light versions that aren’t tested and therefore don’t count. (FYI- one of my FB friends has one of these “light” unreported, unhospitalized cases, and she said it’s UGLY, and she is the most laid back mother of 4 boys living in a small apartment that I’ve ever met- so she doesn’t over react over anything)

Maybe you’re like my husband, who doesn’t care if he gets sick. Fine. So be it. Don’t wear a mask for yourself. Wear it for one of these people:

My fb friend’s father who celebrated his 100th birthday alone in a nursing home
My friends daughter who is a resident and has only one mask to get her through her four week rotation at a hospital treating Covid19 patients
My friends who have high school seniors who already missed their last semester of high school, but now risk losing their first semester of college
My friends daughter who is training to be a nurse but is now two months short of a degree and therefore can’t yet become a nurse to fight on the front lines
My friends who have seniors in college who missed their last semester and now find it impossible to get a job
The professor in some school who doesn’t like the idea of Zoom classroom, so he taped his lectures in front of a bunch of stuffed animals
The senior citizen who audits my daughter’s history class and shows up on Zoom every day with a jaunty scarf and a new and interesting background every day
The truckers transporting food and necessities over state lines
The delivery guys bringing things to people who are safe at home
All the people who have non covid related diseases in their body who are not going to be able to be tested until it’s too late…

What I’m saying is, it’s not up to the politicians to fix this.

It’s up to us.

If we wear masks, stay six feet apart, act like responsible people instead of selfish ones, we will conquer this

.But the choice is yours….
Well, actually, the choice is not yours. The choice is everyone’s.

If I can do it…so can you…

150 thoughts on “Nueve- Masks

  1. I wear a mask when I’m around other people. My understanding is that it doesn’t protect me so much as it protects other people from me, just in case I have the virus and don’t know it. I don’t really feel self-conscience about it anymore, and I’ve learned to talk a little louder so the cashier at the grocery store can hear me. As I understand it, the countries who have dealt with this virus the most successfully (none has done it totally successfully) are the ones where people wear masks. Makes sense to me!

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  2. Yes, I had to go to the bank the other day, actually necessary, and the employees there laughed at me for wearing a mask and gloves, just saying. I will note, having been an RN for a long time, I learned never to trust what the CDC had to say during the early emergence of any type of bug. They always speak too soon before knowing anything and the bug almost always urns out to be worse than their first assessment. The motivation seems to be they do not want to cause a panic. But wrong information is deadly. As the body count grows, no one should be questioning social distancing, masks, and gloves. If a person believes they are somehow immune, they should mask up to protect others who are not. 🙂

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    1. That’s exactly it…protect others! What people don’t realize is a bunch of New Yorkers got out of dodge and dispersed all over, possibly spreading the virus….caution is the word now

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      1. I don’t think things are ever going to back to what we regarded as “normal” before. And that has the potential to be a good thing if people start thinking about others and not just themselves 🙂

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