58 thoughts on “Ocho – highlights….

      1. Suburban living is so different. I see no really physical evidence of the state of the world unless I leave my neighborhood. And I dont really do that because, you know, I’m supposed to stay at home.


      1. Well..after cutting our dog’s hair (for the first time) yesterday..in a 5 stage process that went on all afternoon..my dog definitely is a bit more on edge..

        (The “hair-do” came out pretty bad..but she’s not as hot so that’s good.)

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  1. I like your blog title–wakinguponthewrongsideof50. Some mornings lately, I’ve felt like I’m “waking up on the wrong side of–EVERYTHING!” Things are off kilter just enough to be disorienting. But we are starting a new week so I hope we all have a good one.👍

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  2. It’s crazy to feel like we are living in a ghost town, isn’t it? I saw a Randy Rainbow post on Twitter in which he said “I am homesick for New York. I am in New York.” Me too!

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