One of the reasons my daughter chose her college is because they offer a major that she really wanted. Of course, one needs to apply to be a part of it. So yesterday she found out that she get one of the coveted spots in the major.

So I am grateful that my daughter has something to look forward to. I am thrilled that she got into the progrm after agonizing over the application last week.


73 thoughts on “Siete- Gratitude

    1. American Studies. It’s a three year major because they have to do some sort of three year research thing- I’m not exactly sure. She plans on doubling with history.

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    1. It’s perfect for her interests, like the major was designed with her in mind, it literally checks off learning about things she’s passionate about


      1. That is excellent. And , as you say, it gives her something to look forward to.
        Although we are in Canada, we are interested in American history too.
        Yesterday I was learning about what the American flag symbolizes. 🤗

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      2. My daughter is interested in all history, but, she realizes that so many different facets influence american history and she’s thrilled to be able to do a broad based research thesis on something. The next goal will be her topic!

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    1. Thank you! She’s happy, which makes me happy. Of course, she also applied to be in a special sociology class, so there’s always something….but I’m glad she’s still engaged in school,and gu is doing a lot to keep them that way

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  1. Congratulations! How is the online learning going? I have a friend struggling with it. Mostly the time management and having her kids home at the same time. She’s learning she can’t be up all night doing her school AND then be a parent homeschooling her kids during the day. I know your daughter doesn’t have quite the same challenges.

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    1. My daughter is managing well, but I know some of her friends have had struggles. It’s a tough adjustment, but my daughters teachers are doing a great job at keeping them engaged. The biggest trouble she experienced was the internet screwing up during math

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  2. Congratulations to her. Have a little party the three of you, time to smile and make merry 😁 🥂 🎈 and don’t forget the cake, there has to be cake 🍰

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      1. YES, agree, this makes us FEEL that we WILL make it through… right now, our life is being lived in stages, by the minute, hour, day, etc. ONE LITTLE THING, can be a GAME CHANGER in our mood! SO, VERY EXCITED for your daughter and your family!

        Light a candle today, it is Sunday, give THANKS! I will too! ❤

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