What I finished this week:

  1. The Authenticity Project- Claire Pooley easy read, exactly what I needed this week
  2. Don Tillman’s Standardized Meal System- Graehme Simsion- more recipe bool, and only good if you’re a fan of the Don Tillman series
  3. The Library Book- Susan Orlean- very interesting if you’re a library geek
  4. Oona Out of Order- Margarita Montimore- light and easy
  5. The Book of Self Care- Mary Beth Janssen- good for beginner meditation

What I’m Currently Reading:

  1. The Self Love Experiment- Shannon Kaiser – it’s literally what the title says (self help)
  2. 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle- Stuart Turton- I’m almost done…

What’s Up Next:

  1. I usually read Reese Witherspoon and Jenna Bush Hager’s book club picks which traditionally come out about the first day of the new month- so assuming all things status quo, I’ll be reading them this week
  2. The Remains of the Day- Kazuo Ishiguro
  3.  Maybe You Should Talk to Someone- Lori Gottlieb
  4. Recipe For A Perfect Wife- Karma Brown

What I’m Watching:

  1. Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist (NBC) I think it’s fun- my daughter has issues with it
  2. Jeopardy- we play this as it’s going on, so it’s more like a game, but as we watch it…

The Games:

  1. Uno- we all hold our own in this game
  2. Ticket to Ride- again- all equal
  3. Jeopardy- ok- it’s not even close. I am the queen of useless knowledge so I soundly answer more questions than them


  1. Veggie Chili
  2. Creamy Pasta
  3. Pork chops/baked sweet potatoes/stuffing
  4. Pesto Pasta
  5. Pizza
  6. veggie/beef burgers with oven fries and roasted broccoli
  7. Spanish rice with peas and salad
  8. Lots of eggs
  9. Pancakes
  10. Cheerios
  11. Salty snacks
  12. Banana Bread

My daughter is adjusting to zoom classes, and our cat has made appearances during class. My husband is adjusting to working from home, and the dog is often found on his lap during meetings…


70 thoughts on “Uno- Highlights?

  1. I just finished Susan Orlean’s THE LIBRARY BOOK, too. Thought it was fabulous. In addition to a fascinating exploration–of libraries and much more–her writing is dazzling. I guess I’m a (proud) library geek.

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    1. What struck me is the part of books needing to be fumigated if the borrower had diphtheria or spotted fever….are we going to do that now?


      1. Interesting question. Since COVID doesn’t seem to live on surfaces very long, there’s probably a less drastic response. Libraries are closed and the ones here, at least, aren’t accepting returns. They gave us 24 hours notice before the closure, so we stocked up. We usually go to the library 2 or 3 times a week, so this is a big adjustment. Yep, I guess I’m a library geek.

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      2. There’s two trains of thought on how long it lives on surfaces. My guess is that since the numbers are rising it lives on surfaces longer than people think. I’m going to blog about it this week, but I wipe down everything that comes into our house, including mail, and then I don’t touch it for 24 hours. No one knows hats actually happening

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  2. I am going to have to start pulling books off my shelves that I have yet to read. It is funny I was reading more before this all started, don’t know if it was weather, my choice of books or knowing that I had to get them back to the library in the usual time frame. Since the library is closed and fines have been suspended I can take my time, I guess.

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      1. I have a lot of books that I own that I haven’t read and I do listen to audio books from the library but I have never gotten into ebooks. You can get them through the same library app that I use Hoopla for free if your library participates. It’s free

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    1. Thank you. I tried to buy staples that can be mixed and matched….canned beans, frozen veggies and fruits, rice, pasta, canned tomatoes, stuffing mix, potatoes, onions, peppers….and I just try and switch it up.

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  3. I have been getting books from the library for some time now. I still get some to ‘hold’ or rather did before the libraries closed so am doing well with that.
    I have been very surprised with Zoey’s Amazing Music… absolutely love the show. And I watch very little TV

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    1. I haven’t been watching much either, first off because my husband and daughter are often in class or on calls, and secondly because I’d rather read or write

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  4. Good to hear your husband & daughter are adjusting to the home-schooling/working requirements. Hope you are coping with them invading your space, although you’re clearly cracking through a fair bit of reading. I’m not making much progress with my reading sadly. A couple of seriously chunky books hasn’t helped, but neither has the extra “virtual connection” requirement.

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      1. I’m totally fan girdling. He’s an author I just read. Though I will say, the Rosie books are the ones I really enjoy. I was eh about his other stuff

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  5. Are you doing other things besides reading and writing blog posts? At this feaky time, I’m actually doing some spring housecleaning that included weeding out all the stuff that doesn’t need to be around and hauling it to the recycling center. In case you’re wondering, it’s easy to keep distant at the recycling center.

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    1. Writing, embroidery, drawing, journaling, cooking. My husband and daughter spend a good part of the day on video calls or classes. I have to be quiet for much of Monday to Friday 8-6. But we muddle through….

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  6. I love that you have Cheerios on your food list. Anytime I tell someone I eat Cheerios they are always like eww how can you eat that it’s so bland? I have been eating them since I was a kid because I didn’t and still don’t like really sweet stuff.

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