56 thoughts on “Dix- Gratitude Saturday March 28

  1. An “almost clear” dining room table is better than totally cluttered. It sounds like, considering the restraints of space in your apartment, you are doing the best you can. Given current situations, I’m sure you are glad the three of you are all healthy and under one roof. πŸ’œ

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    1. Honestly, I can’t, because we don’t have any place to store my daughters stuff from college, so it’s all over the place. Plus, since we can be quarantined at a moments notice, we have food and supplies all over the house. My husband is cleaning the bathroom, and I just cleaned the kitchen, but other than that, housecleaning is on hold


  2. Don’t feel bad. My “dining room” aka kitchen table is only clear twice a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas, because that’s the only time we all eat together. The rest of the year it is an extension of my desk/catch all spot. I struggled to find something good this week too, and then I remembered that Verizon gave us 15gb of data free until the end of April. Given that my husband, daughter and I barely use 8 a month between us, that’s like unlimited in my eyes – LOL. Also, we made it through the week.

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  3. I have to say I am a little disappointed you couldn’t think of more to be grateful for. I know the situation isn’t ideal but I believe you have it better than you think you do. You don’t enjoy your daily walks and are grateful you can still get outside? That you have enough to eat? That your immediate family is with you and healthy (even if they are driving you a little crazy!). I find myself thinking a lot about England during WWII and how those people went through years of hardship and fear. How did they stand it I wonder? I look around and realize how things could be so much worse, and how grateful I am that it isn’t (at least yet).

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  4. The contents of our table include . . . a half completed jigsaw puzzle, my daughter’s work binders, my writing notebook, a Tupperware container of Asiago cheese croutons, bowl of fruit and avocados and sometimes the cat, LOL.

    So basically the only thing we can’t do at the table presently, is eat.

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    1. πŸ˜‰we have the table runner and normal decoration, three boxes of tissues, the newspaper which 8 wipe down and don’t touch for 24 hours to make sure germs are gone (I know) a rubber made with banana bread my daughter baked , ticket to ride, wipes, small case of dog food!

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  5. Our dining room table was a giant pile of books etc. forever, until the cat decided he loves to thrash around on it and thrown everything onto the ground, valuable to us or not. Now I chucked it all in a box and am picking through it bit by bit, but the table itself is almost fully clear. When my grandmother started to become demented, she would let the big dining room table get covered with papers, books, newspapers, whatever, and then eventually throw another table cloth over the mountain of it, and keep going–she had a lot of tablecloths.

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  6. So many people advising us to use this time to do things we’ve been putting off. I just can’t. I am immobilized without a shred of motivation for anything at all. My dining room table still needs to be cleared. Procrastination reigns. So, kudos to you for accomplishing that. God bless, stay safe.

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  7. Himself used our dining table as his desk at our previous apartment. When we moved I was absolutely delighted when he suggested we use it for it’s proper purpose. We managed to eat at it twice … I agree, that one counts as a decided win πŸ™‚

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