You know all those desert island games that we played as kids? What albums? What movies?

Well, let’s get this straight- I’d need spotify, because there I would be tired of the same ten albums after maybe a day. Same with books and movies….

But in my stay at home to save lives sort of existence, these are the things that are getting me through the days:

  1. My sense of humor- if you can’t laugh, you’re done…
  2. my nook and Barnes and Noble app- reading is saving me, and being able to switch up genre is brilliant
  3. writing
  4. games, both ipad and board
  5. ability to text/facetime my friends
  6. salty snacks (seriously- if there was ever a doubt about sweet v salty, salty will win out every time)
  7. walk- I take two socially distanced walks a day. I take my dog to the park which is 3 long blocks away- we loop the park once and come home. Then I walk to market or target and pick up one or two things (one long block and 4 short ones- stores have markers on the floor to show where people to stand)
  8. My desk calendar where I flip the page to see the new day
  9. soap
  10. moisturizer/lotion
  11. My belief that we will get through this if we work together, but we will fail if we keep arguing (you know-  the virus divides and conquers)

66 thoughts on “Neuf- My Essentials

  1. I’m so with you on the salty snacks!! Costco sell huge bags of pistachio nuts and I can get through a bowl a day and this isn’t me trying to sound sanctimonious, I just am completely addicted to them! Lovely post. Katie

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      1. I’ve just had to google lime tostitos and they look seriously yummy!! I’ve just made my first ever guacamole using an actual recipe rather than just guessing it … and I reckon your lime tostitos would be great with it … I think I shall have to buy some!

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  2. I think the deserted island scenario kind of died with the internet. We have all the shows, movies, songs, etc. we could ever want, and some we don’t. All streaming all the time. Unless that island had the hook-up I say, eff you, island. 😉

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      1. Yeah, I bought a chocolate cream pie and an apple pie and two chocolate puddings and figured I’d eat them over time, but they go bad too soon if you don’t eat them, so that is my main food group now. Oh, and water with grapefruit seed extract in it, so it tastes like soap. And yes, my looks are down the drain lately, coincidentally, but there can be no connection–right?

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  3. Love my walks!! Put in my ear buds and listen to my tunes!! Hope I’m not singing along to Janis Joplin out loud!! I have a very eclectic play list, anywhere from “Hello County Bumpkin” to “Hair of the Dog” . Keeps me going!!

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    1. It pains me that I should keep my walks to a minimum. So many people here ar3 still not socially distancing. I saw a guy pick up a cigarette butt the other day to smoke. Bad on so many levels…

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      1. I get it. We didn’t hoard either (I’m counting toilet paper right now). I just think a lot of people don’t stay home when sick as evidenced by people coughing and not covering mouths during an earlier shopping outing. That’s what convinced me to limit my exposure. But everyone has to do what they need to do.

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  4. Great survival list. I have to weigh (hopefully not literally) in on the sweet vs. salty. I love and “need” both in times of crisis, but now you have me craving dark chocolate with sea salt–a wonderful combination!

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  5. I’d love it if you made a post about ‘what five artists’ music would you bring to a desert island or other isolation tank?’ and if you allowed the tricky thing to include solo work–like, Fleetwood Mac would include solo stuff by Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham et al., style of thing–

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    1. I think there’s ebb and flow, like in all things. And we all have a need to get stuff off our chests…hopefully blogging can be cathartic in these times


  6. I need salt and some sugar – they bounce me back and forth. I like the big bags of pistachios, too, but potato chips and Tostitos are good, too. Cheese, however, is my most essential food.

    I prefer reading actual paper when not reading blogs, so there are stacks of books. Plenty of exercise when you have to do PT, walk dog and yard work!

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  7. Talking to my friends on the phone helps me. I usually text or email, but sometimes I just need to hear their voice! Also reading, even though I can only do it for a short time in the evenings during the weekdays. It’s a chance to disappear into another world, mentally, and I need that right now.

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  8. I’m on a weight loss programme for my knee, so no indulgent eating here – and no alcohol. It’s working but, as I’m limited to only one period of outdoors for exercise per day, it’s going to be slower than I’d like. My knee was recovering really well when I could take a brisk walk outdoors on an hourly basis too 😦 Like yourself, we live in a small apartment & have no garden/outdoor space. As soon as I regain strength & balance, I’ll start following some of the huge range of exercise programmes available online. Reading, music, meditation, writing, blogging, keeping in touch virtually all help. I’ve a number of people leaning on me for emotional support right now though which is terribly draining, but when they’re people you love & who live alone, you have to do what you can.

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