Hear in NYC you know that we’re on stay in place unless you need to go out or can have common sense about walking around and can manage to be six feet away from people…

But, trying to figure out a routine, because I thrive on routine, so of course I still have a list of corona inspired blog topics. And a vague schedule. I mean, of course I do. Today I was going to write about freedom….including quotes from Janis Joplin and George Michael.


Last night, my husband (who is also trying to stick to his routine) was having a virtual happy hour with two of his buddies. While on the call, my husband heard about a friend, T. T is not only my husband’s friend, but he is a co corker. Apparently. T has developed a fever…

No, we have no idea if it’s corona, but you know…

So I first looked at my calendar to see how many days it has been since my husband saw him…

Friday the thirteenth. It will be two weeks this Friday since he last saw him…

So I immediately got out my thermometer and took my Husband’s temperature. Normal. (so if nothing else my husband can insist that he’s clinically normal during this period)

And now I keep staring at my husband, like it’s the chicken pox and I’m going to see that corona logo appear on his face…

And every hour that goes by between now and midnight Friday will be a true or false test…

True- my husband and probably my household has it…

false- we dodged a bullet… for now…

And that’s how it feels- a giant waiting game

Can’t get your coffee till LA takes your temperature

Can’t go to sleep till La takes your temperature.

Our friend is a vibrant, healthy guy. Athlete in great shape. Eats healthy. No underlying health conditions. But- he is over the golden age of 60…and prior to corona, was already stressed out to no end…

So that’s my today…

Tomorrow to be determined…


86 thoughts on “Sept

  1. Look for signs if diminishing taste buds. A side effect not advertised enough.

    Our local meteorologist had that, no other symptoms, got tested. Positive. He was on a ski trip in Austria in Feb. A guy in his group, from Austria, tested positive.

    Fever and taste. And keep us posted.

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      1. Charles is a nice chap, sad to here he’s tested positive. Lol the UK press will blame Megan…… she’s possibly the most hated woman in Britain, a shame it’s turned out this way but sadly she has only herself to blame. Anyways I have a sense in the end most of us will test positive and 97% will be ok after. Take care.

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  2. Take care, LA. Your husband will be fine, but this is a good example of why social distancing and self-isolation is so important for all of us. It’s our only “weapon”. An infected person doesn’t know they’re spreading it until it’s too late. Thinking of you, of everyone in the greater NYC area, and of the whole world, really. Who could have imagined.

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  3. I am so sorry! You are doing the right things!! Waiting for the unknown is so
    Terrible. It seems like my world revolves around that now. Trying to change my thinking, but it isn’t working. I’m checking, counting, preventing..Hubby still has to work. Each day he comes home he takes off all of his stuff in the garage throws it in the washer and takes a shower. I check our temps!! I have us both sniffing garlic to make sure we can still smell and I am
    Making hot liquids all day long!! He is an ENT. Decreased smell and taste seems to be a real thing, often first signs. Many sources say drink hot liquids to help Combat or prevent. Not sure if this works but it is practical and makes sense so we do it. Coffee, tea, soup. We exercise daily and take vitamins. Trying to keep our immune system in tip top shape. For 2.5 weeks we go nowhere other than he goes to work. Don’t want to unknowingly transmit it. Yet I am afraid. I’m afraid he will get it. I am afraid I will get it. Im afraid my kids and friends will get it. I try to support my friends and children on the phone. I try to support my husband. Yet I’m scared. He has been fitted for an N 95 mask to wear daily and a hazmat suit if he has to do any emergency surgeries. This is serious stuff! A hazmat suit to perform the surgeries he does!! That scares me! I am in a panic if he’s on call and has to go to the hospital. Then there are those who don’t take it seriously. Iowa does not have the issues like you all do but it’s coming. First Iowa death was yesterday. Our governor will not do a stay at home order yet recommends to social distance and stay home. Most places are shut down but not all. I’m angry. What is it going to take? Plus very few people are getting tested due to rigid testing protocols. Which makes me wonder how many sick people are actually out there and how accurate our numbers actually are? Numbers are important!!!

    On the other hand. We are fortunate in that we do not have this (to our knowledge)and we do not know anyone that does. We are healthy. We have each other and since he is still working we have an income. Many people aren’t so fortunate.

    I don’t know the answers but this waiting for the unknown storm to come is driving me nuts!

    So here I am pouring my heart out to people I don’t even know because I’m scared, lonely, angry and sniffing the garlic powder!! Sorry I ranted, your post really hit home!!

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    1. Rant away. This is how we get through this. By talking and sharing our fears and frustrations. By ranting when we need to. By uniting and everyone helping each other mentally and physically to get through this. The virus is strong but if we help one another instead of tearing each other apart we are stronger. We can’t let the virus divide and conquer. You got this. Cry, scream, whatever if you need to. But we will get through it

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      1. Thanks!! So true!!! Plus I know so many people have it so much worse we haven’t even seen it’s full ugly face here yet. So I’m going to do what I do when I get stressed I’m going to bake cookies and again send with Steve for the hospital and office staff!! To be honest I’m not that big of a do-gooder but I can’t have all those cookies here! Lol! Seriously though, it makes me feel like I’m doing something since my asthma won’t let me ER nurse anymore!!! Actually That may be the root of my anger, I can’t do what I’m trained for, I have to sit this out!! Look at that!! Ranting gave me some insight!!!

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  4. Good morning LA. All our thoughts are focused differently than much recently. I hope your household will avoid infection.
    Check out the Norwegian word kukelure. Not sure why but my wife shared it with me, at least partly because of my Norwegian heritage I deduce.
    Take care!

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  5. Stay well… I feel that “most of us” probably have it and it will be mild, but then there are the cases which will be severe. YES, it is a waiting game… and if anyone sneezes, coughs, has a fever — poor things – we look at them as the ENEMY, who is out to kill us. SO SAD

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    1. Even in my house, my daughter, who has seasonal allergies sneezes and I pick up the tissue with tongs, and then sterilize the tongs….ok, not really, but you get the idea…

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      1. I have allergies too, so when I start to sneeze, I panic — WASN”T THIS THE FIRST SIGN OF COVID-19!

        But… I have been fine. Hoping the best for your husband and your family. Did you have Flu shot? I did, I wonder if that helps us have milder symptoms.

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      2. I am not a believer in flu shots. So that’s my whole thing about blame….at the end of the day, am I the one to really blame? That’s a road I don’t need to explore today

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  6. I wish you well of course. You’re on top of the situation, but going into allergy season when many of us are sneezing machines… well this isn’t good on top of things. I’m glad you’re aware and being safe, but this all just sucks.

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  7. Corona logo. 🙂 The mind does play tricks on us, for sure. We went to the grocery two days ago. We were organized and synchronized, and got in/out of there in less than 30 minutes. Yet, on the drive back home we were both wondering about, well, every single freakin’ sensation in our bodies at that very moment. Paranoia strikes deep…

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      1. I’m really lucky in that I spend so much time home anyhow that it doesn’t seem like ‘waiting’ so much as ‘what I do anyhow’. I did open my first private tarot office in seven years or so at the start of February, but oh well–and I just can’t get the oomph to do them with zoom or anything. I’ll get the energy sometime maybe, but it just isn’t the same–

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  8. Oh I that your husband stays well! And that you don’t go crazy with worrying. The unknown can def drive us crazy! Play more games and just take things one hour at a time, all we can do. 🙂

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  9. Wow! That’s got to be so frikken stressful – will be keeping you & yours in my prayers.

    And I know how serious this is but you did make me chuckle with the “Clinically normal” thing. It was funny. Keep your wonderful sense of humor through this.

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  10. I had a very dear friend drop-in on the way to see her mother just before we went onto lockdown – Himself was very unhappy about it but then he really doesn’t like her. If she becomes ill, I’ll not only worry, but will have the added bonus of guilt. After Marty posted about thermometers, I checked mine & discovered my aged digital thermometer has died. I’ve ordered a new one from Amazon, but it’ll be a couple more weeks before it arrives, despite it being a prioritised delivery.

    Keeping everything crossed for your husband (and therefore you all) to be safe.

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