Presently, my Democratic Governor and Democratic Mayor are arguing about shelter in place.

Is it the right decision?

Is it the wrong decision?

How about this: it’s a decision that is both right and wrong, good and bad. There are pros and cons.

I’ll tell you one thing- I would not want to be a leader right now…

So, please stop trashing the leaders right now- no matter the party. This is not the time to play my party is better than your. There is no easy route to this. Stop playing along party lines when it comes to this crisis. It will not do any good. It will only be bad

Think you know exactly what should be done now? Well if you do, then tell me the next five winners of the Kentucky Derby. Or admit that you don’t really have a clue as to what should happen.

What if I said we should have stopped international travel on January 1? Kept people entering countries in quarantine for two weeks? How do you think that would have worked?

To say we should have done X is to Monday morning quarterback (for those of you mourning sports and ensuing coverage). There is no absolute answer for what should have been done.

This is not the time for us to be divided. This is a time for unity.

So stop.

Stop blaming leaders.

Stop blaming Chinese.

Stop blaming Asians.

Stop blaming Hassidim.

Stop blaming anti vaxxers.

I live in a blue, sanctuary city. Yet I see a lot of blame and prejudice being tossed around. How do you spell hypocrite?

Right now, our mental health is just as important as our physical beings. Are you spreading hate and negativity, or are you being a positive force?

You know I don’t buy into the happy all the time philosophy. But I also don’t buy into doom and gloom…

If you can’t at least be neutral, than you can be quiet.

Before I logged off Facebook for the duration of the crisis, I watched one person literally melt down in front of me in the comments section of a post.

How is this good for anyone?

You can think whatever you want. But remember your words and actions may affect someone whose mental state is not as strong as others.

Be kind and considerate in words and actions and deeds.

And say a big Thank You to health care professionals, public servants, truckers, postal workers, cashiers, employees at companies that ship….and all those people that are literally keeping things running.


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  1. The meltdowns and blame are as enveloping as the virus itself and it’s too easy to get sucked in. I spent the day with my boss yesterday with the intent of accomplishing a specific task. She spent the majority of the day responding to text msg. and FB posts on her phone. She has already had one meltdown. I nearly had one just being in her presence.

    I came home and chose an unpopular route (per my company and leadership policy) in the pursuit of self-care at this time. While I am trying to be mindful of how this all plays out for others when it comes to coping, being self-aware and proactive cannot be ignored or we will all be blubbering in fetal positions on the floor.

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    1. We need to guard our health on all fronts. Too much information is just as bad as not enough. No one is right, nor is anyone wrong. We just have to get by, which is hard

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  2. Good post. Down with negativity. Down with partisanship. Let’s all work together and boost each other–even from a distance. I would add teachers to your list of people to thank. I understand that many who have not been prepared by their districts are finding themselves scrambling to accomplish online instruction while homeschooling their own children during the crisis. Very few people are unaffected. We need to think through what other people are going through and reach out in safe ways to support others.

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    1. You’re right! I must add teachers, who are continually undervalued!! We are all stressed already…we don’t need to add more!


  3. Now I know where you are and I am the next state over (our town is a mile from the border) and without getting too political – I often want to punch your governor right in the face. (But would never actually do such a thing, of course.) All Jokes aside, I’ve actually been impressed with some members of both parties in how they are handling things. There are a couple who have no idea how to unify and I hope it gets them voted out of office. I was even impressed the president and the others leading this have been taking a half an hour or more of questions during press conferences. We may not always like their answers but they are standing there and answering them. I am worried about their health, however! Anyhow, good post and hopefully I didn’t get too political with a couple of my jokes.

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    1. 😉I try to avoid politics at all cost. But we can’t make this pandemic into an us vs them match….because it’s all of us versus the pandemic….and until people realize that…we’re screwed

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  4. 20/20 hindsight. I am on the edge of a rapidly diminishing line of how much info to feed my husband. He has a history of panic attacks and anxiety, so I give him information in bits, but I need him to stay put and he thinks nothing of going out to get coffee in the morning even though he is in a high risk group. If he doesn’t come into contact with anyone he is fine he says it’s stupid to close parks and beaches, but when I try to tell him it is because people will congregate he just says”stay 6 feet away”. I don’t want to but I may have to put him in lockdown.

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    1. You’re right though, to monitor what he’s taking in. I think that’s smart, because the last thing you need is a panic attack. Ignorance is bliss, and while mainly I’m all for knowing, you have to know when it’s not good. I’ve limited my news watching and reading. I get the email from my mayor which informs me if my city, but after that, I’m limiting

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  5. The blame game is not going to fix anything right now. Leadership just needs to make decisions based on their community’s individual circumstances. That pertains to government, healthcare, education, business, etc. I long to stick my head in the sand but that’s not much of an option right now for my role at work. However, being outside in fresh air with social distancing refreshes my soul. Stay strong and best wishes for continued health.

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  6. I am pretty much in ostrich mode. I listen to the 8 am news and that’s it. This afternoon I am going hiking. This morning read and work on something creative. I am just waiting for this to pass.

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  7. I feel the powers in charge are doing a great job overall. As for the small communities, some will and some won’t. We can’t control everyone but we can keep ourselves and our family safe and not panic.

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  8. Exactly! Just like in sports, I do not yell what a political leader should do -unless it’s a very, very obvious blunder.

    Your comments about hypocrisy reminded me of something that happened here, by the way. A supposedly inclusive city voted for more amenities for our homeless population, then raised a very LOUD stink when a shelter was to be built in their neighborhood…

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    1. Right? I always ask if you can really be a liberal if you send your kids to private school and don’t ride the subway….but every city has its equivalents….

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  9. I think I saw a headline about the mayor and governor there snipping at each other again, but I decided not to read it. I did hear Cuomo talk about cabin fever and going to parks, which I thought was really smart. You *can* go out if you can keep your distance from people. Of course, the video of all those young people in Clearwater yesterday are making a mockery of that argument.

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    1. I think both Cuomo and DeBlasio make good points. I have an opinion on what I’d like done, but I don’t have a grasp of certain things that they consider. And the beaches….yeah….


  10. Love this. Here in Canada we have seen the same thing. I would not want to be a leader either. I think they need our prayers more than ever. However, leaders that want to stick their heads in the sand and do nothing are putting people at risk. Thankfully the leaders I am thinking of have since changed direction – thank God! That is all I will say about that. It is an incredibly challenging time for everyone – leaders included.

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  11. I agree, it would be terrible to be a leader right now. I can’t imagine how they process everything that’s coming at them. And the stress of trying to decide what’s right for everyone’s wellbeing. It’s easier to just stay home. I worry about the economic impacts and all the closed businesses and people who can’t work. What will it take to recover?

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  12. OMG, if you weren’t halfway across the country and social distancing wasn’t necessary, I think I’d kiss you right now! You said just exactly what needed to be said. Blaming helps no one, and neither does turning this into (another) endless political debate. Who knows what the best response would have been? This virus is spreading quickly and causing havoc in cities and states that are “red” and cities and states that are “blue.” Ditto for countries that have national health care and countries that have private health care. Ditto for countries that are democracies, or socialist, or communist, or dictatorships. None of those things have made the slightest difference in halting the virus! So why is everyone using this to push their own political agenda? It’s time to look beyond our difference and just start helping each other and look for solutions! Seriously, thank you. (And don’t worry about the kiss thing….I barely hug people if I don’t have to!)

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    1. 😗it’s so pointless to be arguing against each other instead of working with one another. I say hats off to everyone trying to deal with this crisis, and everyone who is remaining calm and helpful. We will get through this


  13. This. Is. Excellent! You say so many things we all are thinking. it’s irritating when political parties weaponize issues to try and gain more power….and disguise it as “concern” for others. xoxox

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  14. Excellent post LA! Yes, gratitude and unity are key points to what we’re all enduring. Leaders are doing their best to protect us all. Why can’t people just settle down and relax for a bit? I know that everyone has their own financial concerns etc., because I do too, but we have to roll with this pandemic in order to be able to survive it.

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