1. For the first time in my blogging life I don’t have a problem with titles
  2. I play a home design game- I got a 5 on my room yesterday, which is the top score. Highlight of my day…
  3. This Is Us anyone? email me if you want to dish
  4. Reading “The Other’s Gold” by Elizabeth Ames- Too righteous to be a beach read, too shallow to be literary fiction
  5. Reading “A Good Neighborhood” I like that it’s told in third person, but the book is just the latest in a long line of books trying to prove a point. At this point, if someone hasn’t gotten the point, it’s because they don’t care
  6. Today I’m going to start a book about how the French face aging…and I’m going to pretend I’m French…
  7. My family got along well yesterday, though my husband did ask if we could do something about all the stuff that has accumulated on the dining room table…I just looked at him…
  8. My husband is starting to lose it working from home- he really wants to go to his office
  9. I now wear gardening gloves when I leave the house-
  10. Cheers to all the supermarket workers. Talk about unheralded super hero’s…
  11. Someone posted yesterday that people shouldn’t be complaining that there kids are missing school- they could teach them cooking or sewing a button or practical things. Awesome, especially as said by someone who probably hasn’t had a school age child cooped up in their house for a long time…
  12. I won the family Jenga contest yesterday- bad back and all…
  13. We’ve been playing backgammon using all four dice per turn- my husband rolled four 2’s….again- this was a cause for cheer- so you can see that our minds will be the first thing to go…
  14. Thank goodness for e books…

59 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Suggestion: perhaps rather than counting the days isolated with the family as blog post titles you simply put the day– Monday, Tuesday…
    Yes, of course there will be many repetitive titles when you look back on the blog in ten years, however the constant reminder of just how many days you are all cooped up together with each new post may serve to send you over the edge sooner rather than later…
    Just a thought 🙂

    Pretending to be French… I did that with each book by Peter Mayle and his Provence series. I even re-read the entire series over just last summer while on vacation to evoke all those dreams and desires of embracing French-ness.

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  2. Congrats on Jenga!
    Pretending to be French…I dig it.
    I do something similar in which I randomly wake up and say, “Today I will only speak in my Eastern European spy voice.” Then I spend the day sounding pretty much like Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle.
    Maybe I’ll take a play from your book and pretend to be French for a while. 😉

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    1. I have a puzzle underway as we speak, my sister and I exchange them and I can honestly say that I hate this one, but I am determined to finish it. Great way to concentrate on something fully and you can leave and come back to it multiple times.

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      1. I remember a Simpsons puzzle I received for Christmas years ago, it was very challenging and frustrating but I never gave up. I took pictures of it before i put it back in the box. Maybe I learned to be determined from that one. 🙂

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  3. I am currently coming up with a list of things I “need” my husband to do. I will give him one or two a day kind of like I did when the kids were small with their new toys, one at a time. He had to work today, but he will be back.

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    1. Solid, but realistically….how many kids are going to sit there and not give grief. It’s going to be hard to punish kids for infractions because if you take away something they love, you’ll only end up punishing yourself. My husbands co workers husband tried to discipline the kids by taking away iPads….she told him to give them back or she would lose it…

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  4. You are keeping busy!! That’s great!! Hubby is still working but after this week they are canceling most surgeries so that will drastically cut down on his work load. They are also implementing tele-medicine. Am I a bad wife that I was happy to hear that he will still be going to the office to do this each day??!!?? I am not sure how well we would do hanging together all day but so far it looks like it isn’t happening now! Love all your ideas. I am trying to stay busy and currently find myself putting together a puzzle. I also agree with cheering the supermarket workers. They have no clue if anyone they come across is sick and yet they continue doing there job with a smile!

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  5. Are you required to stay inside your apartment all the time now, mon amie? That’d be trying on anyone’s nerves. I’ve no doubt that reading will get you through this, but a game of backgammon never hurt anyone’s spirit, so roll those dice. Win those games.

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  6. We haven’t gotten far enough into all being home together for it to be anything unusual for us yet, though I think once the kids have to start doing their online work for school once spring break is over, that might be a different story. My Hubby gets lots of flexibility when it comes to work and has worked from home many times in the past, so that part isn’t different for us. Having him do so for such an extended time will be, though. I have a feeling at some point, I’ll be locking myself in my basement after finding a project to work on. Of course, the second I do that, BG will probably decide it is time to practice her dance routines.

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      1. Needing personal space has always been a huge issue for me. I’d be an absolute basket case if I were forced to live in tight confines where I couldn’t get that space for any length of time.

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  7. Fun to hear how different people are coping with this crisis. Organizations are continuing to react causing the rest of us to adapt. Kudos from me also to supermarket workers. They are one of the first lines of defense for the rest of us.

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  8. Fortunately, we do the stay home thing pretty much most of the time anyway. Sounds like you’ve found some good ways to pass the time. I’m going to venture out to shop today – we’ll see how it goes.

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  9. I have to admit to chuckling while reading this. So normal in an abnormal situation. I absolutely love This is Us! I missed this week’s episode though. I love the characters and the movement back in forth from past to present – whatever happened to the branching out into the future – though I have to admit I had a bit of a hard time following who was who. LOL

    It’s still cold enough here that I wear my magic gloves when I go into stores – don’t want to touch the interact machine with my bare hands. I really identified with much of what you’ve written here. My hubby has been on a disability pension for years now, but he is already fed up with self isolation.

    May your back hold up and your champion Jenga-playing continue. Stay safe.

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