I have decided I will not be part of the media circus.

Stop blaming anyone for anything. We have all played a part in what is happening.

Wash you hands.


Don’t touch your face.

Be kind to one another.


16 thoughts on “Stop

  1. How about the media Cirque de Soleil? I think normal will be gone for years now and we all better get used to doing somersaults through hula hoops. Time to be flexible.


  2. We are trying to take reasonable precautions and, frankly, closures are helping that to happen. It takes the burden and guilt off of you when you risk disappointing someone by your absence or cancellation. The absolute hardest for me is “don’t touch your face.” I think I’ll sprinkle some post-its around the house right now.

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  3. Yes. Agreed. I am not even going to post about it on my blog…just to give people a break. But I like when other people do and give us their impressions and feelings and encouragement. One day at a time for us all!

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    1. I agree, I enjoy reading other’s blogs from across the globe, there is a difference between real human stories of how people are coping opposed to the media feeding frenzy that’s spreading fear……… my take is bloggers shouldn’t stop, lol within reason no more toiletrollgate 😀 !

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      1. I don’t want them to stop sharing their experiences either. Not at all. It’s all very fascinating to know what is going on in other cities, states and countries. I just thought I’d be a little respite from it all for my handful of readers. We’ll see if I can do it without commenting about it all 😉 I highly doubt it but who knows. I’m sure I’ll make a reference to it but will try to keep things light. Maybe for myself more than anyone else.

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  4. Exactly! We’ll just keep writing about what’s on our minds. Sometimes that will be about the Corona virus, sometimes it won’t. But either way, I’m not going to spread fear or blame. There’s been far too much of that going on already.


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