Anything going on in the news?

You all know I’m a planner…


When I bought toilet paper last week, I bought my usual eight rolls. I did not order enough to outfit a small restaurant for a year…

I have not bought cans of tuna or containers of Parmalat.

I have one bottle of motrin and one of Tylenol, which I pretty much always have.

I do not have a stockpile of wipes and disinfectant.

I do not have a corona preparedness kit.

I just assume that I am going to get it. That no amount of preparedness can help or hinder or whatever…

One of my friends called me cavalier. And perhaps I am. I realize that people will die from corona. Like they die from flu. Like they died from H1N1. Cancer. Heart disease…

My neighbor got hit by a car yesterday- he’s fine…but, you know. I almost got hit by a piece of falling metal…

Even I admit that I can’t plan for everything…

Have I done anything?

Well, I did buy three headbands. I have a bad habit of pushing my hair behind my ears, making me touch my face about a thousand more times than necessary. My hair might not look attractive (maybe that should be my avatar) but it stops me from the number one way of passing any germs- face touching…

I do wash my hands more. But frankly, shouldn’t we always be washing our hands anyway? And washing them correctly?

I’m guessing that more people have it than realized. I’m guessing that people will not be self quarantining. I also thinking that humans being what they are, will stop getting tested because they really don’t want anyone knowing their business…

I’m also guessing that their are people who normally live under much worse conditions than we normally do…where they have to walk to fill up a jug with water from a well. Right now they’re thinking- really you might run out of Charmin? How will you ever live to see tomorrow…

Is panic going to help anyone?

Well, I guess it will help the people who have some cash lying around as they buy the stock of really good companies that were sold off in a panic…

So you can plan and panic and stockpile…

Or you can just see what happens…

I’m not saying my attitude is the right one…I’m just asking what’s the best way to handle a situation such as this.

I can’t but think about the TS Eliot poem ‘The Hollow Men” which famously closes

This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but with a whimper



114 thoughts on “Prepare

  1. I saw a meme the other day that went something like this: For 2020 we thought we’d be moving around in flying cars, but here we are teaching people how to wash their hands.
    Nope… sometimes it’s just impossible to plan. That said, we have started a self-quarantine supply stock. Hopefully we won’t need it, but ya never know…

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    1. Right now gu is on spring break. My daughter is still in DC doing an alternative spring break project. She says they’re all just waiting for the email…

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  2. I’m surprised you don’t have a plan in place. My plan is to keep living my life. I have travel scheduled for most of this month and for now, my plan is to go.
    But I am trying to wash my hands more frequently and am keenly aware of how many surfaces I touch in a day that others have touched too. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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  3. I’m with you LA. You cannot work in healthcare fields all your life and survive without some form of “what will be will be” attitude. I’ve been exposed to many things, poked and stabbed with dirty equipment, had people cough and spit around and on me… my biggest fear is, and will remain dying in an airplane crash so logically (!) I refuse to fly, but the rest- it is what it is 😉

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  4. Up until the past few days I’ve been a little cavalier, but I must admit I’m starting to become a touch worried……. four university students walked past today and they were all wearing masks! Hmm time to buy some pasta rice and tinned food?

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  5. I honestly was just kind of going with the whole “live my life like normal” attitude (in part because I always tend to have extra of everything because of the way we shop). Then Hubby tells me yesterday that his dad went to a big box store and the toilet paper aisle was completely empty. We live in an area where there is 1 confirmed case and not another one anywhere near.

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      1. I guess they were talking about it at work yesterday and someone said they go through a roll of TP per day. Um… how? I’m not sure I even want to know. I kind of get it if you were referring to an entire family, but even that seems like a bit of a stretch unless you have a large family. Even if you did use that much, what people are buying is near the equivalent of a year’s worth.

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      2. I’ll admit that I’d struggle to estimate my family’s full usage as we have more than one bathroom and the kids are responsible for getting their own when they run out, but I still know what I buy and we get nowhere near that amount with 4 of us. Even when OC was still here I don’t think we came that close.

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  6. I certainly wish the best for all, and I accept there are other ways people can suffer–like my elderly mother currently in the hospital, and my spouse who is very ill and in pain all the time, and spouse’s mother, also elderly, who has recovered from cancer recently. *shrug* Common sense helps, and if we pass, we pass and then the next thing happens. Gotta say that having been dead the few times makes me not worked up about passing again and staying there, since the main thing I learned was it all keeps going, even if it isn’t here–so compassion, common sense, wisdom, and enjoyment are the main themes in life for me.

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      1. They can hologram him the way they do with all these dead people whom they send on tours–can you believe people actually pay money to ‘see’ a fake Whitney Houston and others, people with the holograms of the dead projected onto them doing lipsynching…? Dude.

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  7. Actually, I have recently been taking three drops of NutriBiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract in my water, to boost general health and since it kills many kinds of germs and viruses, but that has been before the frenzy. The stuff tastes terrible, like chemical cleanser, so I started with one drop in a big 24-ounce glass instead of the blithely-suggested 5 or more at a time, and now put in three drops in each, so maybe I wind up having a dozen drops a day. It seems good for me in general, since my immune system is not strong. Couldn’t hurt, although the taste–start slowly if you take it. It may be a miracle helper for some, or maybe not.

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  8. Did you watch the Walking Dead? Every time they prepared, had stuff in bins, cars with gas in them (early seasons) some shit would come down the pipe and they’d be leaving all their prep behind. One time Rick and Darryl fought with Jesus and they ended up sinking an entire truck full of junk food. Which was still food. Lol

    THIS is how it’s gonna go. 😛

    PS I bought a little bit of extra of everything. Mainly because the idea of having to be stuck in this tiny house with my maniacs I mean family for an entire two weeks or more will kill me before the virus does. 🙂

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  9. Yesssss…especially the part of maybe changing out your avatar to you in headbands!
    ps-being a responsible and vigilant human does not equal being over-paranoid…this is indeed serious, but hearing cries of “I want my TP!” over the old 80s saying, “I want my MTV!” is a bit overboard IMHO

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  10. The lack of clear information is making people into doomsdayers. I wash my hands and keep healthy, it is older and immune suppressed people who are in danger, but the problem is you could have it, not know it and pass it on. The toilet paper thing makes me crazy. Most hand sanitizers are supposed to kill bacteria, we are dealing with a Virus, but I suppose it is better than nothing if you can’t wash your hands. My husband works at a college and it seems probable that spring break will be extended, the spring sports will not be traveling to their pre-season locations.

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  11. Wasn’t it here a few posts ago that we decided “People be crazy?” I am fortunate that I work from home so I don’t have to go out but if people are not having meetings, what will I type? Maybe I’ll have to craft more…gee, what a concept. I’ve always been a stocker of TP and paper towels so I think we’re covered. I might have to get some kleenex. Hubby watches too many Lifetime movies and gets verklempt. They better get this figured out before the concert season starts at the Mountain Winery!

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  12. Can’t say I’m doing much different. Being a RN I guess I have always used appropriate precautions and I figure if I get it I get it. I continue to work out and eat healthy. I haven’t worried about my toilet paper or that stuff as I always have some. I must admit though, I checked my wine stash!! Do you think 32 bottles will be sufficient??😁

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  13. I have about the same plan of action as you do. I did tell my husband we need to go grab some more toilet paper before the panic hits our area. It has in some ways. the hand sanitizer is gone. We live near a P&G plant and their trucks were lined up and down a local highway, coming from the plant. My husband had to call and ask what was up (he works for the small newspaper down the road from them) and was told “No. There is no shortage. But, yes, people are hoarding it, and sales are up 20 percent.” I was confused about the toilet paper thing until I realized people think they will be quarantined, sick or not, so they are trying to make sure they have it. The thing is, I don’t know that our country will start bringing in the army to keep us in our houses like other countries, so I’m sure we will be able to get out and get toilet paper. I could be wrong. I guess we will have to wait and see. My husband said we can use towels to wipe our butts if we have to. I guess he’s right. Sounds better than the newspaper he produces that I suggested. He didn’t find that very funny.

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  14. Only eight rolls lol? When I called my local grocery store and heard they were out of of TP, I ordered some on Amazon pronto. It was still regular price 🙂 Then later I saw some at CVS and bought more 🙂 It’s all stashed in a closet now. We should have enough for two months at least lol. Then I got to thinking that – if they are panic buying TP – why soon they will be panic buying canned goods! So … yes … I went to the grocery store and bought enough canned goods to last us quite awhile. Here in California it could also be called an “earthquake supply”. When I walked into CVS the other day and they had hand sanitizer, yup I bought my one allotted bottle of it. It’s crazy. Most sadly though, I canceled my trip in March to visit my little granddaughter on the east coast.

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  15. Lots and lots of comments. Congratulations.
    It seems many people are forgetting we need one another, our world benefit more when we all flourish plus we have peace.
    As much as I like BTO Looking out For Number One- it is an unhealthy choice except to sing.

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  16. Here in Australia, people must be either using leaves or eating toilet paper, there is none in the shops. People have been fighting for the stuff! Friday is shopping day for me and I hope to buy the usual four pack. There is no hand sanitizer either, it’s insane. The people I am concerned for are the casual workers who cannot afford to self-isolate, methinks they may choose to keep working and I can’t blame them.
    Oh and have you heard Tom Hanks and his wife have both got Covid19? Poor sausages:(

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  17. I didn’t panic buy, but I did buy more than usual when I did my last big shop. I just don’t want to be caught up in the madness when the panic finally does arrive in my area. I’d rather get out ahead of it. People go nuts and lose their heads in these situations. Stay safe up there in NY!

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      1. Nothing at all, we just need to stay calm peeps and think about others. If those who can afford it panic buy necessities , it’s making it a lot harder for those in our communities who live week to week. As a follow up to my previous comment, there are now people advertising on Gumtree, free TP for those who have run out. These are the people who restore my faith in humanity.

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      2. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure my husband and I didn’t have it several weeks ago. Flu spread like wildfire through his workplace. It was after Coronavirus was in the news, but before we were really talking about it much here in the States. We both had the worst flu we’ve ever had. He tested negative for it but it was clearly that or possibly something worse.


  18. It amazes me how alike we are, LA. I’m not doing anything to prepare for a self-quarantine either. I figure by the time I know I have it, I will have had a meal at a restaurant, shopped at Walmart, and hugged my husband several times. And I think almost everyone else is being the same way. I believe we’re in the midst of an astronomic historical event and all we can do is ride it out. Some of us won’t make it to the end. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.


  19. I’ve been writing a post about this in my head for the past day or so, and will probably write it this weekend. My main point being that we all get to decide how we react to this thing emotionally..I’m so tired of seeing the judgement on social media, telling people who aren’t panicking that they aren’t taking this seriously and (I kid you not) that their “privilege is showing.” And tired of seeing people make fun of those who are stocking up and worrying. I believe that as long as we’re following common sense guidelines as provided by the CDC, then from that point on it’s a personal thing.
    As for me, I’ve got enough stuff to keep me going for a couple weeks if I need to self-quarantine, but that’s because I ALWAYS have enough stuff in my house, just in case. But I’m not panicking; I’m living my life basically as I usually do; and yes, I do joke about it now and then…because that’s who I am!
    Obviously, I loved this post and it hit a nerve with me!

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    1. I’m tired of everyone blaming everyone else. No matter what decision is made, people will be unhappy. Today (what you read tomorrow ) will be my last blog post for awhile. For the first time in my life I’m speechless

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  20. I think I have your attitude as well. It’s not cavalier necessarily, it’s just not terror driven. There’s enough panic in the world at this point. Why add to it when I have zero control over doing the basics and hoping for the best? It is a sad state of affairs for the world and I do pray that the virus will have a treatment and slow its course quickly so that it doesn’t affect so many people. And I hope that those who are supposed to self-quarantine for two weeks actually do it. That’s another part that we have no control over in the end.


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