Last month or so, I wrote a blog (honestly- I don’t remember what it was about) One person commented why more men don’t comment of women’s blogs. I thought that was interesting, so I jotted it down in my planner where I note blog ideas. I get my blog ideas from things that happen to me, things that happen to my friends, and very often, comments made my fellow bloggers and readers.

Last Monday I wrote a blog and posed that very question- do people tend to focus on same sex blogs. One of the 85 comments stated that one person has been known to block men from reading her posts because they were just creepy. Which got be thinking about a recent Instagram experience, which was then the thesis for the next blog, about people who follow blogs for nefarious reasons.

At some point between Monday and Tuesday, and upwards of 100+ comments, a few people entertained the idea that I write from a feminine slant- which makes sense as I am a woman. So the next post wasn’t even really a post: I posed eight questions in a blog of maybe 600 words. I relayed a personal story and then asked a whole bunch of questions about men and women and feelings. 67 comments to think about…

Which led me to my next post which dealt with the thought that does media of all sorts play too much a role in how we think and feel. Which elicited the comment why does it matter to me.

So friday I defended my opinion on why asking these questions and thinking things out matters.

Which led to a comment on Saturday on that particular blog.

The comment said a few things, but most notably to me was “You don’t know anything.”

And you know what I say to that?

You are right. I don’t know anything.

And because I don’t know anything, I ask questions. I come up with theories. I formulate hypothesis. I think outside the box. I realize that my knowledge is limited and I don’t know anything.

Wait a second…

I don’t like absolutes, so let’s just say that I don’t know some things…

Like, I know that I know that I don’t know everything…

You know what else I know?

Over the weekend in NYC, a fifteen year old was robbed of debit card, phone and sneakers. The victim was also beaten so savagely that they were knocked unconscious and left with a concussion.

I know this because I saw the video footage.

I also know that at least fifteen kids participated in this attack. I didn’t stop to count the number of kids involved because I was too busy looking at them laughing about it as they walked over the victim’s still body…

Someone’s child was beaten up by the children of let’s say 30 people…

So here’s what I don’t know:

I don’t know why this happened.

I don’t know how to prevent this from happening.

Do you?

So until someone figures out how to solve these problems I will continue to think about things. I will continue to explore options no matter how far fetched they appear on the surface. I will contine to challenge the status quo. I will not accept the answer that things are a certain way because they are… I don’t like hearing that answer- that things are static and immobile…

If we thought things couldn’t change, would we be celebrating the 100th anniversary of passing of the 19th amendment?

If we never challenged ideas, would we still consider the world flat?

Now- my ego is big, but I don’t compare myself to suufragettes or explorers. But why can’t ordinary people be the cause for new thought and change?

Do I piss you off sometimes?

Make you mad?

Make you think?

Challenge your ideas and what is and what isn’t?

I sure hope so.

If I don’t, I promise you that I will try harder to do all these things.

When I blog, I do not do it ,as one suggested, as an ego trip. I blog because I like to write. I blog because I like to communicate. I blog because I like to hear what other people are thinking. I can’t learn anything if I sit in a corner and don’t listen to others.

So tell me whatever it is on your mind. Tell me how much you don’t like me if it makes you feel better. Tell me you theories and ideas.


Don’t tell me. Keep your thoughts and ideas and feelings to yourself.

Read my blog.


Don’t read my blog.

How you think in your head doesn’t matter to me. I promise you that I will think long and hard on any opinion presented because all opinions are valid. It only matters to me when you challenge me on what I think or feel or ponder.

If you want to debate me, bring it on…

I can’t learn anything if you don’t challenge me



76 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Anything

  1. I am glad that you speak of these things happening as many don’t on their blog. This information gives us information about your part of the country. These details are important as we know you are for real and not living in an ivory tower. There are more women than men who blog so I guess the women are eager to capture the men’s voice. I like to hear both voices. I like that we see the wonderful opportunities offered to you living in the city but we also see the reality. These are the blogs I like to read.

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      1. I don’t like sugar glossing because I read it in fiction. I want reality, both good and the not so good. I dislike those who live in ivory towers and only see the positive. I want to hear both. I don’t need to be lectured in a blog and am open minded to appreciate the world is a very big places and things are done differently in each part. It isn’t stupidity but ignorance of this as the U.S. is also very varied in each part. The more parts you live in, the more you realize what a diverse country we are.

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      2. Very true. When I left of New York, I felt like I was leaving the axis of the world….and the things I opened myself up to and learned surprised me. Now, most of my family has left the North East and perhaps they have opened up in other ways also. We all learn different things from our immediate environment.

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  2. Wow…pretty bold of someone who doesn’t know you to comment that you don’t know anything! But, isn’t how things are in the world right now?
    I had a conversation with my adult son this morning in GA. Asked what he thought of the virus situation. I got what he thought and it shocked me. So sometimes we are not always prepared to hear what others think. In my case, I listened and then asked if he thought that science and the thousands of people who have suffered were wrong. Seems he thinks it is a media ploy to stop people from the election focus. REALLY? Here in the Netherlands it is causing all sorts of economic issues, hello…people/son, Europe is not part of the American political process. So my question is how do people get from A to Z without any track of facts to get them there?
    I want to be put on the record that I am happy you blog from the heart and are curious about what others think! Keep up the good work and never stop asking questions.❤️

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    1. First off thanks! And if people call me out, or call me names or attack my ideas, then I figure I must be doing something right. Evoking a response is powerful, regardless of what the response is. And corona is a whole other thing…

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  3. You’ve been blogging a long time. I’m truly surprised this hasn’t happened sooner – this striking a nerve in readers (or unknown trolls) who live in a very closed world of absolutes and who are unable/unwilling to recognize any other viewpoint.
    Honest, insightful, intelligent discussion clearly intimidates some. We know why that is. I cannot imagine living in their small, closed world.

    I love to see where you will take us each week LA, because you absolutely make me think 🙂 Thank you.

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    1. Thank you! It’s funny because I debated whether or not I should talk about the comment. Then I saw the news story and everything fell into place. I wasnt stating that I was right…I was trying to say that maybe it would be worthwhile to look at these issues from a different angle. Does it hurt anything other than someone’s pride to consider what may or may not be working and why?

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      1. To be honest, I went back to the post and scanned comments because I don’t really remember trolls on the blog, even though you have your share on Insta! In reading them, as noted here, you clearly struck something within those few people and likely will never really know why unfortunately as it looks like they have moved on and away as readers.
        We can choose to learn or we can choose to remain fixed within our ideals. For some it will never be possible to see otherwise.

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      2. I always think there are multiple ways to look at anything. People don’t have to believe that…but they have to respect that I believe it. I questioned someone as to why something they believed in mattered….to no response. What some might not realize about meis that I won’t discuss something to prove I’m right. I will press you on something because I want you to validate why your opinion is strong and mine is weak. I don’t want to change someone’s mind…I want them to fully look at what I’m saying. And I want to fully u sera tans their stance. My father in law throws out a lot of sound bites. When I question him on these empty statements he can’t answer because he doesn’t have an actual opinion. He just reiterated what is said on tv. I don’t want to hear what some pundit thinks…I want to here what you think. I just think we are losing the ability to form an independent opinion. And my opinion is that is bad

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  4. Well, I for one (or a hundred) love the way you write with such raw emotion on a variety of topics. I believe I used to do that more, but life has a way of beating me down and now I’m lucky to post once a week. I have a few men who comment regularly on my posts, but yes, the majority are women. I did have one “person” who was called The Human Ape who commented on one of my posts about my faith. This person spewed such vitriol, that I simply deleted the comment…but it really bothered me someone felt so insecure that they had to try and tear down someone else’s position. Our culture seems to have completely lost the ability for civil discourse; instead opting to vilify anyone who thinks differently from what they believe. So keep up the wonderful posts and keep on learning and discovering. And…keep on calling out the topics we all need to think about more. xoxo

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  5. I always find your thoughts interesting LA! And while I’ve found many marvelous people on the Internet, I’ve also seen the ones who are rude, sigh. Why they feel they have to act that way, I don’t know.

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  6. Good morning LA, awful hearing about the 15 year old, I feel stunned. You lead discussion amongst an international group of people who read your blog. I follow your blog because I enjoy it, if it’s a topic I want to add my two cents in, I will. I suspect that as long as I am polite and respectful my opinion is allowed.
    I remember at a work learning event it began by going around the group and people introduced themselves and added something personal ie married, or hobbies etc. One guy said his name, and then said angrily everything else is none of your F###ing business.
    Whoa! Never did figure him out, but likely he had bad stuff happening. But years later he seemed more calm.

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    1. The news story is just horrifying…the video is just….I can’t even tell you how I felt, and all I could think about was the parents of every child involved. What will their lives be like now?


  7. Your blog is one of my favorites. You make me think and I like that. Do we really need to know anything to write a blog? I dont think so. Each of us writes from our hearts. This is what we know. This is our story. This is what is important. Not a naysayer who apparently doesnt know anything.

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    1. I think there are positives and negatives to everything. But why shouldn’t we use social media to discuss possible solutions? To make us think how someone else does?


      1. I think of WP as a learning experience. If I can learn to become a better person or to learn things to move my life forward that’s a good thing. Its not necessarily want someone knows but if it touches me. If it resonates within me. To me that is what is important.

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  8. I don’t think I will ever be able to really understand why someone would ever feel the need to come in to what is essentially a discussion meant to make people think and state “You don’t know anything”. Especially when at no point in that discussion did you present anything as “this is solid, incontrovertible fact”. When people do things like that, they are basically stating that they believe they DO know something and that knowledge contradicts what you are presenting. Basically a “you’re wrong, I’m right” kind of an attitude. Talk about tossing around an ego. It is this desire from so many people that make having open, honest and healthy conversations almost impossible anymore.

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    1. Which is why I don’t ever discuss politics, either here or in person. You can’t have a rational conversation. Why are we threatened by new ideas? And honestly, mine are probably not that new…I’m betting there are studies posing the same thoughts as I did…the maybe and the what if….

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      1. Come on LA….you do discuss politics…not necessarily the call and response of I’m for he or she, or this, that, or another political particular, but you make YOUR points known through your “cosmopolitan” understandings of the culture that informs you. And politics is now downstream from culture.

        And the Culture has become the mass, and our nascent technological Information Age has made Culture massive, monetized; often weaponized to build collective herds to stampede out all difference. To quiet dissent.

        We live in anti-pluralistic times. Anyone expressing an informed, considered, and honestly held personal opinion is engaged in a political act.

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      2. Well…it depends n how full bodied your definition of politics is. To what extent are issues involving humans political. Does as issue have to align to a side? If you say you’re a conservative but believe in gay marriage are you really a conservative? If you say you’re a liberal but send your kids to private school are you really a liberal? If you say it’s ok that there are 20 ways to describe gender, but only one opinion is valid, what does that make you? I think I know what you think I vote….maybe you’re right, or maybe you’re not…..

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      3. Humans are social animals and have to somehow, organize socially. Hence, that’s politics. My bigger point here is that there can be no form of democracy with a culture and technological inclination that feels the need to be anti-pluralistic.

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  9. What a sad story about the teen beating. Makes me sick to hear stuff like that. Keep writing what you’re writing. Obviously it is sparking communication and thought because you always have so many comments. Perhaps that negative person was jealous. Your tribe appreciates you 🙂

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  10. I kind of roll with the theory that the older I get, the less I know!

    Also, regarding comments, aside from blatantly obvious rude comments, I’ve noticed that some people might actually mean well when commenting, but what they write in words isn’t exactly what they meant to convey. Some people are just better with words than others. Without seeing people communicate, loads of informing details are just lost.

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    1. I get that!i was emailing a friend the other day, and I said something like how are you, and because of his state of mind, he read all sorts of subtext into that statement….

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  11. I’m just back from a blog hiatus, so I missed that particular post you mentioned and am probably too lazy to go find it. 😉 But as a man (when last I checked anyway), I nearly always enjoy what you write. Many of your posts have been about child-rearing, empty nest issues, etc., and I don’t have kids, so I tend to glance at those and move on. I think you and I once tangled a tiny bit on a political issue, but it certainly didn’t end in an acrimonious way. My bottom line? Keep writing; you can’t please everybody, even me! – Marty

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    1. I never get mad if someone has a different opinion. I may press them, but that’s because I want to really understand the theory behind it. If I understand why someone came to a certain conclusion, I can form my own opinion


  12. Your blogs inevitably make me think. While I was working in the equine industry there was a saying that if you put 10 horsemen in a room and ask them a question you will get 11 answers. Life is like that everyone has their own spin.

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  13. You will always have people that disagree with what you say, but I hope they weren’t too rude with you, for that I don’t like! I really enjoy your job and the thoughts you provoke! So keep it up. keep writing with your heart!
    And there are no words for that incident you described about that teenager! Sickens my heart!


  14. Excellent blog post. It is only in asking questions and inciting debate that we learn of the views of others. Thus enabling us to look at things in a less blinkered way.
    Keep asking questions

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  15. “You don’t know anything.” and “Why does it matter to you?” are not thoughts and opinions. They are an effort to shut down communication, the sharing of ideas. Keep thinking, keep asking and wondering, keep writing, and ignore the mean-spirited. I appreciate your interest in the whys of our society; and frankly, if a topic doesn’t interest me, I know I can just move on with no comment necessary.

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  16. I think that when we stop asking questions, we have lost all interest in the world and are only interested in ourselves. We ask questions to learn things, to expand our knowledge, to solve problems, and to help others.

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    1. You know I ask a lot of questions. And I ask follow ups. I don’t know why people are challenged by that. It’s ok not to have answers…no one really does….

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      1. If I have a position on something, I want to understand why my position is such. I hate having a discussion with someone who can’t actually discuss an issue. My goal is not to change someone’s mind. My goal is to further my knowLedge by fully understanding their position. If you can’t back up why you think something, how can it be your position on a subject? Does that make sense?

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      2. It does. And for that reason, I try to engage with those who hold different views to mine, although that’s something that needs to be done carefully, as so many just go into Attack Dog mode – as I’m sure you know – otherwise I don’t think I learn anything new.

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      3. I try to engage with those as well…but they see it as me trying to change their mind instead of me learning a different viewpoint and explaining why my opinion might not be theirs, but us still vaLid

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  17. I had a (male) friend with whom I had lengthy, often daily, chats. Yes there was some arranging of stuff & giving updates, but most of it was what we called “data mining”. We’d talk about topics of interest, sharing what knowledge we already had, then engaged in “what about?” and “I wonder why? and how, when, where etc … It led to us investigating & seeking information from multiple sources. I found those discussion enjoyable & fascinating as they were carried out (by me anyway) in a spirit of learning & developing. Unfortunately my friend had a drive to be right – about everything – and once he reached a point where he decided he’d enough information to have a firm & fixed stance, he took it & there was no diverting him. Indeed, he became quite aggressive towards those who did not share his stance. He couldn’t understand that there’s limited cases of imperial rightness. Sadly, those chats are long gone. Interesting discussion over the last lot of posts LA.

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  18. The video of the beating was reprehensible and I have other words to use but not here.
    This is your blog, which is supposed to be a reflection of your thoughts and opinions. It’s not a matter of right or wrong. It just is. You started this to express yourself. What difference should it make if 89 people agree or disagree with you as long as you write what you feel is real to you. Nothing else really matters.

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