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Tips & Advice: Readers & Authors – The Importance of Fiction (Guest Post by LA)

Hi All!

As you can see, I’m guest blogging for the marvelous Jay Cudney! Please swing over and give it a read! Jay and I became friends via blogging and it morphed into an IRL friendship. If nothing else, as Jay has seen me in person, he might be able to settle the hotly debated question…”does La look like Susan Sarandon…

25 thoughts on “Tips & Advice: Readers & Authors – The Importance of Fiction (Guest Post by LA)

  1. Great post as usual LA. You’re so right about fiction. It brings so many social/emotional/even spiritual benefits perhaps that you don’t get from textbooks and reference books. Don’t know where I’d be without a good novel to lose myself in.

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  2. Well done LA! I remember reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and still have my mothers copy. Books are a portal to another world and have gotten me through some very stressful times.

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