Hi. I’m La.

Hi LA. 

I have a problem. I don’t like to admit this, but I’m addicted to cords…. I have boxes and drawers filled with charging apparatus that I’m afraid to get rid of because I just might want to pull out the portable DVD player and give it a go…

I made my February 20/20 goal to get rid of 20 things. Those of you who know me now that I am a ruthless purger: I have no problem going into my closet and pulling our things that I haven’t worn and tossing them into the donate pile. I can go through paperwork and weed out the things that are not necessary. I’m not overly sentimental, so my memories boxes are pretty well contained.


Everyone has an Achilles Heel

And mine is/are cords.

For some reason, I have a tough time getting rid of a cord that charges things. I can’t even identify what these cords belong to, if they still even work…yet they are hidden around my house, like a sugar addict hides candy. I have several stashes of cords…

When I began to go through my apartment, I found many things to toss- twenty items came up quickly. I opened every drawer and cabinet and just took things out.

And then I got to my end table…

I opened the two drawers and there nestled inside were cords and battery chargers…

And this was prime real estate- I didn’t need a step ladder to get to them #shortpeopleproblems…

And I had a lightbulb moment…

I hadn’t opened this draw in a long time…

So I just tossed all the cords into the recycle bin (in large NYC apartment building we have a recycle bin for electronics)

And I didn’t look back…

Instead, I looked for all my other stashes…the box hidden way back on the top shelf of my closet, the little pile in the back of my supply drawer…

And like a crazy woman I just got rid of them all….

How do I feel?

Well, I love that I was able to reorganize things so that my storage space functions better…

But in the back of my mind I have visions of scouring ebay for a charger for the one thing I didn’t think about…

But anyway…

I purged about forty cords, so the actual total of things I dumped this month was more like sixty…

And that I feel good about.

Stay tuned for the 20/20 for March which will be trying 20 new recipes…

72 thoughts on “Cut the cord

  1. My weakness is grammar books. I seem to keep them all including all TOEFL books and from places I have taught at: I can’t give away the books without thinking, what if I need to know the reasoning behind the subjunctive “If I were” instead of saying “If I was” …now cords is my husband’s game.

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      1. My husband used to have the sock thing…now, once a year he buys twelve pairs of socks, various colors. And every other sock he owns he brings to the soup kitchen. (Socks are actually the most needed item at shelters) it makes all out lives easier!

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  2. I am with you on the cords, but I have a worse problem…keys. I have keys in a box in my office, which could be put to better use. I know I have keys to houses I no longer live in, cars I don’t own and keys for things I don’t even know what they are. I am afraid to throw them out just in case. They don’t take up that much room.

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  3. I think everyone must have cord collections. Last year I managed to get rid of a hold-all full of various cords and cables. I still have a small cupboard that contains all sorts of cords that I can’t place with an electrical item. Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and just get rid of them all? I clearly haven’t needed them in ages anyway.

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    1. That was my thought…I haven’t needed them, so they go. If you want…put them in a box, seal the box and put a date six months from now. If it’s still sealed you can recycle

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  4. And with the way technology changes all the time, the cords are probably outdated anyway. I, too, have my cord stashes. I did, however, get rid of about 15 old cellphones we had by donating them to the soldiers and to batter women’s shelters. That made me feel really good.

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  5. Getting rid of clutter is a big goal for me this year. But when I read your title I thought of a different cord. When we were expecting our first child, my wife told the doc I wanted to cut the cord. When the actual time came and the doctor signaled to come down to the foot of the bed, and held the scissors. I told me “no thanks” – my wife was understanding, thankfully. (blush)

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  6. Can you come over and help me to purge? I have a ton of clothes that I don’t wear but I keep them for that someday….I really need to get rid of them but I’m lousy at purging because I can think of a million reasons why I should just keep that item in case. I know that for me it’s probably one of those lack mentalities that I have to now work on more than I was.
    Good for you LA! You’ve cut the cords – quite literally and figuratively!

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    1. Ok…here’s my two suggestions. 1) put all the clothes out of your closet and pretend your shopping. Only pick up the things you would pay full price for…or….take the things you don’t wear (besides clothing that has a specific purpose and you haven’t worn because you haven’t had event) and put them in a box. Seal it and put a date six month from now. If you’ve had no reason to open the box, just donate it without reopening


  7. I’m like this when it comes to shredding certain documents that I know I don’t need. Like a house, we sold in 2004. Why do I still all the paperwork? It’s a strange habit that’s hard to break.

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  8. You are very brave. I’m sure when I finally get rid of any cord, someone in my family will be looking for it. I have a box. A clothe gift bag. I should get rid of them. I also have screws that I’m sure we will find out why we have them. I’ll have my husband and son look through the cords. The screws too. This leaves me blameless

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    1. Ahhhh…..I can be philosophical and say that maybe you don’t want to be plugged in? Or I can say that you should just have multiple cords in the places you need them….like I have one on my desk and one next to my bed…


  9. And I thought this was going to be a parenting post. 😂 Yeah, for some reason cords are hard to get rid of. I think it has something to do with my technology inadequacy. I want to be able to solve all my problems with the right cord. 🤷‍♂️🤪

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  10. You know the minute you get rid of that box of cords you’ll find a set of Christmas lights that blasts the Margarena but ONLY if it has the correct power cord to do so. (Don’t kill me)


  11. Proud of you…it’s not easy “cutting the cord.” But think… now you’ll have room to start a whole new collection complete with new technology that will become obsolete in a few days.

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  12. I broke up my cord collection in the last but one move. I still have too much IT related stuff but, as it originated from my day job, I feel it’s not mine to discard, so I have to remember to make sterling efforts to return it whenever I’m in the vicinity of the head office (not that often these days). But it was a great feeling & 5 years down the line there’s only been one cord I needed 😂

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